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My Travel Book for year 2016! Looking for more in 2017

It’s 31st  December the last day of the year 2016. Everybody is busy planning what to do and where to party tonite to welcome the new year 2017 ahead. But look at me. I am sitting and scrolling through my travel book. I want a glance of the memories and photographs I took in the year 2016.

The year 2016 was a real miracle for me. I was a person who loved traveling but never knew how passionate I was for it. My Love Tashi Aggarwal helped me in finding out my hidden talent. I realized every travel place is unique in itself, each road says its own story, there are natural and so beautiful places where poems are written by itself; people don’t need any music to fall in love, and just traveling together can do all the work.

Anyways, the point is 2016 showed me a path of travel blogging, photography and here I am in front of you all.  I did almost 8-10 long road trips, few weekend trips and 2 air trips in 2016.

Here are few of the glimpses of my travel book 2016.

Road Trips – Travel book 2016

The year starts with winters in North India and it was fun experiencing snowfall at Tosh, Himachal Pradesh. The snowfall seems like cotton candies and it always gives me a thrill all over. I can get lost in this white ceramic natural beauty like I did in the beginning of 2016.

At Tosh village, Kasol, Himachal - My Travel Book for year 2016, Looking for more in 2017

The day trip to the UNESCO’S world heritage sites in and around Delhi, especially during winters, is always exciting. It gives me a chance to click a lot of pictures with sunlight falling on them. And one such trip was to Humayun’s Tomb.

 Humayuns Tomb, Delhi- My Travel Book for year 2016,, Looking for more in 2017

Another Day trip was to the World’s finest Wonder Taj Mahal, at Agra. Here is the picture of white Taj across Yamuna river from Mehtab Bagh.

Taj across Yamuna river from Mehtab Bagh - My travel book of 2016! Looking for more in 2017

The hidden gem and UNESCO’s site – Fatehpur Siki has a splendid architecture.

Fatehpur Sikri, My Travel Book for year 2016!looking ahead for more in 2017

The Longest trip of the year was to Spiti valley. The valley opens it the gateway for tourist around April – May. The wind, land, mountains each one in this valley has its own aura and check the innocent traffic jam. I don’t mind waiting here for clearance as got some time to admire the beauty and click pictures.

Traffic jam on the way to Spiti Valley- my travel book for year 2016! looking for more in 2017

And when there so many long weekends in 2016, so how could I skip the single chance. The first one was for Nainital (Always on my weekend getaway list) and I always enjoy staying at the earls Court, Nainital for their hospitality and courteous staff.

The Earls Court Nainital, My travel book for year 2016! looking for more in 2017

And the next nearby weekend getaway from Delhi is Rishikesh. I enjoy spending time at cafes around the Ganges and dipping feet in the water. In the evening this places seems ethereal.

Laxman Jhula at Rishikesh - My travel book for year 2016! looking for more in 2017

The other closest summer weekend getaway is Danaulti, just 30 km from Mussoorie but much more quite and green. These stairs seem like taking you to heaven and actually at the top you get beautiful views.

Dhanaulti - My travel book for year 2016! Looking for more in 2017

And yes there were two adventure trips too – the first one was to the place where Lord Shiva has meditated for years i.e. a  Trek to Hot water Spring, Kheerganga. (Click to read the complete post)

Kheerganga - my travel book for year 2016! looking for more travels in 2017

The second adventure trip was in the woods of deep forest at Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Binsar - My travel book for year 2016! looking for more travels in 2017

Air trips – Travel Book 2016

Who says Monsoon is not the good time to visit Goa. I was there in July and agree the beaches are rough then, but it was awesome too. Everything was vacant, reasonably priced and got the chance to explore Goa without bumping into crowds. Rains make Goa clean, fresh & green and look how beautiful Hacienda De Goa Resort (Near Vagator Beach) has turned in monsoons.

Haciedna De goa Resort, Goa - My travel book for year 2016! looking for more travels ahead

Last but not the least trip during off seasons was to the amazing beaches of Thailand.

Thailand - my travel book for year 2017! looking for more in 2017

My all the trips were a big celebration in themselves, so big cheers to 2016 and looking ahead for more travel with health and happiness, to create a better travel book for the year 2017.

Wishing everyone lots of fun-filled travels in 2017!! Keep reading and enjoying.

List of Trekking Gears for the Himalayas

In addition to the list of trekking accessories, there are some trekking gears which are essential and must carry while you hike the great Himalayas.

Trekking Gears for the Hiamalayas
Source -makaluadventure.com

So, here is the Trekking Gears List

  1. Head Lamp, Torch & some extra batteries

The place where you usually plan or go for a trek doesn’t have a regular power supply. So for regular walk and use of toilet you need a torch or headlamp. Headlamps are better than torch as they light your way and simultaneously keep your hands free. So, it is a must carry trekking gear in your backpack.

  1. Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are essential for uphill as well as downhill climb. They not only provide you extra support but only protect your knees from bruising. Most people don’t prefer using them but I am a big fan of trekking poles as a trekking gear. If you are not carrying one, no worries- you can rent a trekking or walking stick from the local markets.

Trekking Gears for the Hiamalayas

  1. Travel Towel

Tents and guest house doesn’t provide you towels for bathing or hand wiping. So, carry your own travel towel which can dry quickly, preferably microfiber type.

  1. Backpack

You will be carrying the whole of the stuff on your shoulders while climbing up and down. So, the size and comfort of the backpack are very important as a trekking gear.  I always recommend a backpack bigger than your essentials (not bigger than #45) but not that big which makes you uncomfortable and pushes you down. Always include a backpack rain cover to protect your backpack from getting wet, if it rains.

Trekking Gears for the Hiamalayas

Also, check the list of Backpack for a weekend getaway.

  1. Sleeping Bag

To experience camping, you need a sleeping bag in your tent. Sleeping bags will keep you warm and cozy at high altitudes. If you don’t want to increase your load, you can rent the same but at the same time, we recommend you to take your own sleeping bag liner. It will be more hygienic and will add extra layer to the bag. I like Wildcraft sleeping bag which is comfortable till 5degree Celsius temperature dip.

  1. Hydration Bladder

Hydration bladder works better than the water bottles as they are kept in the backpack and they supply water through hose even when your hands are preoccupied. I personally avoid buying disposable water bottles in the Himalayas to decrease undue pollution. Camelbak hydration packs are really a wonder.

  1. Sunglasses, Sunscreens, and Hats

In mountains, the sun is brighter and rays are highly powerful. So, always wear hats and good sunscreen with high SPF to protect yourself from harmful UV rays and sunburns. The Sun’s reflection off the snow can also cause permanent damage to eyes, so protect your eyes with good sunglasses. There are categories for sunglasses for different altitudes.  Categories 1-2 are good for sea and 3-5 for bright sun at higher altitudes.

Trekking Gears for the Hiamalayas
Source -www.antarcticaxxi.com
  1. Camera

Don’t forget to carry the camera, if you really want to fulfil your photography passion. You will get to see unexplored, undamaged landscape and scenic beauty. This will help you to document your trip into words with photographs. Also, carry extra battery packs and recharge them wherever you get a chance.

  1. Basic necessities

The basic necessities include toilet roll, soap, wet wipes and certain medicines like painkillers, lozenges, crepe bandage, antiemetic (vomit) and band-aids. You might not need these medicines but if required you will not get anywhere. So, always carry them as a precautionary measure.


Carry and keep handy, some snacks like nuts, granola bars, and chocolate to munch in between the trek. These snacks will help you replenish your lost energy levels immediately.

So, plan your next trek with a list of these trekking gears and accessories and share your pictures for us to experience more.


5 essential trekking accessories for The Himalayas

For some a break from their busy and mundane routine means spending the whole time in their bed, for others, it will be going for a trip to the scenic place where they can relax and chill. But there are few for which the break means adventure, the action – like a trek to the Himalayas. For Himalayan trek apart from physical and mental fitness, you need to backpack with proper trekking accessories and gear to make it a success.

trekking accessories for the himalayas
Source – www.nepal-uncovered.com

So, here we have shortlisted 5 essential trekking accessories to expedite the Himalayas.

  1. Trekking Clothes

In mountains, the weather is notorious. Temperature changes drastically during the course of the day, especially at high altitudes. Suddenly it gets windy and chilly even after being sunny. So, it is better to be equipped and clothed than to get sick. We recommend having certain layers while hiking the Himalayas.

The base layer is which you wear next to your skin. Choose a lightweight thermal “wicking” apparel means those apparels which can wick the sweat and moisture away from your body. In layman terms, these wicking apparels won’t let your clothes get wet, even though you may be sweating. This clothing also keeps you warm during the cold and cools during hot. Avoid cotton clothing as they cling to skin when wet and doesn’t dry out easily.

Mid Layer is one which keeps you warm. Choose fleece tops, vests, %CODE2% and keep them handy so they can be worn whenever required while trekking. Look for the vents in fleece jackets as they help to regulate body temperature. Also, add trekking trousers with pockets to your trekking accessories lots. These trousers act as wind cheaters and they dry quickly when wet. Avoid wearing jeans while trekking as they become heavy and give side rashes when wet.

Trekking Clothes - Trekking Accessories

Top Layer keeps you dry when it rain, and snow. The outer layer is just like a shell that protects you from all the harsh elements. Wear Gore-Tex, jackets/ membranes that are water resistant, dry easily, and breathable. You can choose from brands like North face , Roxy snow etc. Also, make sure that top layer fits well over base and mid layer.

  1. Trekking Shoes & Boots

Shoes are the most important part of your hiking essentials. They either make your trip easy or tough. Long hikes can also result in sore feet and blisters if shoes are uncomfortable. Choose shoes which are waterproof, and dry easily. I personally favour Garmont Nagevi shoes. Preferably one can also look for mid-ankle or high ankle boot as they will support ankle too. Do carry a pair of sandals or flip-flops to wear in the evenings or when you need a break from your shoes.

Trekking Shoes & Boots - Trekking accessories

For Blister prevention

  • Make sure your shoes fit properly
  • Wear double layer of socks and inner layer should be one which wicks moisture from the feet
  1. Trekking Socks

Inner Layer – Invest in good liner socks. Liner socks are thin socks made up of wool, silk or synthetic. Say complete no to cotton socks as they retain moisture rather than wicking and doesn’t dry completely.

Outer layer – Wear thick socks (woollen or synthetic) that provide insulation and cushion. For summer hikes, wear thin hiking socks; thicker when your feet need more cushion and super thick mountaineering socks when its snow mountain hiking.

Trekking Accessories

  1. Headband or Cap

Wear headband or cap to protect your face and neck from scorching sun heat. Also, carry a woollen cap to protect yourself from the cold.

  1. Gloves

Carry a pair of gloves which can keep you warm in dipped temperatures and which too act as wind cheaters when it’s windy and chilly.

Read ahead my next post for Trekking Gears.

7 life lessons Himalayan trek taught me

For the first time in my life, I tried doing something which I thought was not achievable by me. Yes! I did a 2-day trek each 6-7 hrs without the porter and with my soul mate to reach the hot water spring of Kheerganga . It was a simple adventure when I started walking through zigzag roads seeing waterfalls and clouds kissing mountains. Just 6 km ahead and it was no more adventure for me- the slopes turned to climbing mountains and crossing landslides. This Himalayan trek changed my vision towards life. It brought the best and worst out of me. It taught me how you need to push yourself when the destination is away and when your inner self- keeps on telling you that the Himalayas are calling you.

7 life lessons which Himalayan Trek taught me

Here are the 7 life lessons Himalayan trek taught me.

  1. Keep moving till you reach your destination

No matter how slow or fast you are from your fellow members; you all have the same destination. Remember it is not a sprint or race. Slow and steady always win. So, just keep moving. If you feel exhausted take rest and enjoy the vistas you have just seen in others pictures.

Keep moving till you reach your destination - Himalayan trek

If the thought of going back comes in your mind, remember all the ups and downs you crossed to reach this point. Going back is as demanding as going up. So, be slow and calm and head patiently towards your destination. There is no looking back in life, similarly, there is no looking back while trekking.

  1. Believe in power of self-motivation and optimism

Optimism is a key to success. There is nothing impossible. The strong determination and desire help you achieve your goals. Himalayan Trek, an adventure chosen by you needs a lot of self-motivation. So, keep tricking your brain that something great, unexplored and untouched is waiting for you at the top. You will definitely get a push to step ahead and explore the unexplored Himalayan sagas.

  1. A single tough day doesn’t mean the end of world

    Single tough day doesn't mean end of the world - Himalayan Trek

While trekking the Himalayas, you cross rough surfaces, boulders, stones, waterfalls, gravel, and grass. You need to concentrate at every point. The moment you think something else, you might slip, fall and get hurt. In those tough times, you need to get up, balance and make your own way to reach the final destination. So, a single bad moment or tough day in your life shouldn’t stop you from attaining your goals.

  1. There is a bigger world outside where you can connect with yourself

7 life lessons Himalayan trek taught me

In our fast-paced urban lives, we hardly have any time for ourselves. We have forgotten that there are outdoor games which are better than games on tablets and laptops. Going for a Himalayan trek gives you fresh air, natural earthy smell, sunlight. No mobile networks give you more time to connect with yourself and your hiking mates.

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  1. Single turn can change your life

 Sometimes while hiking the Himalayas, curiosity in you may push to chose less trodden path instead of properly marked trail even before knowing what you may be venturing too. Choosing unexplored path may land you to slippery road, lying among grazing mountain goats or somewhere near Buddhist monasteries. The lesson is – take risks and turns only when you are prepared for both expected and unexpected situations.

  1. Love and Humanity still exists

    7 life lesson which Himalayan trek taught me

While Himalayan trek you will find people who hold your hand and make you cross bridges, steps, and landslides; without knowing your name and caste. When the most experienced and prepared trekkers get lost during harsh weather conditions, it’s the kindness and gratitude of locals which offer them the roof and the warm meal to comfort.

  1. Success doesn’t come overnight

Snowy peaks, clear skies can’t be seen by walking just a few miles. You need to walk for a day/ days to get those fascinating views. Similarly, in life, you need to get your hands dirty every day. You may have to climb multiple stairs each moment to reach mountain top and accomplish your goals.

7 life lessons which Himalayan trek taught me

Himalayan trek was a life changing the experience for me. You realize how beautiful life is. Problems are artificial and they are just for a matter of time. How humanity and kindness makes someone smile. Most importantly accomplishing steep slopes and mountains is like rewarding yourself and learning lessons.