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Chasing Rains at offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India

Since 7:00 am, we both are glued to our chairs in the hotel’s room Balcony with tea mugs in our hand. You know why? Because it has been raining since early morning and we can’t miss gazing at the formation of the raindrops, swaying trees, moving clouds, dancing flowers and that cool misty breeze on the face. You might think, we are crazy. Yes! We are because we love seeing, getting wet and jumping in rains at different places. So, as soon as monsoon set it foot, we start planning a trip to one of the offbeat monsoon destinations in India. Till now, we have covered many monsoon destinations in India and in this post, we will be covering our favorite ones.

Chasing Rains - Offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India

Offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India

With the onset of the rainy season, mother earth wakes up from hibernation and starts rejuvenating. The downpour provides relief to everyone and everything from the scorching heat and the whole nature just turns magical. In hills, the clouds engulf the mountains and landscapes, the dried-up patches turn lush green, waterfalls soar up, and the silent rivers turn ferocious. Not only this the rhythmic rain sound, earthy smell, and misty fragrance further adds fuel to the soul. So, it’s our favorite time of year for traveling.

Vagator Beach - Offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India
Vagator Beach – Offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India

And, if you too are someone like us who wants to enjoy these perils of nature in its purest form, then you must travel in monsoons. So, pack your bag and get ready to explore these offbeat monsoon destinations in India.

Chakrata, Uttarakhand

Chakrata, the cantonment area at an elevation of 7500 feet, in the Garhwal Himalayas in Dehradun district, is a hidden gem of Uttarakhand. The hill station was developed by British rulers as a summer retreat for the high executives, exactly like all other cantonments of India.

Chakrata in Monsoons
Chakrata – Offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India

In monsoons, Chakrata looks extremely dramatic. The roaring, hanging clouds in seconds descend down on the ground, reducing the visibility to zero. You can’t predict when downpour will begin here and if it starts it won’t stop that easily. Rains make the landscapes look crystal clear and lush green. Waterfall howl in full volume during monsoon season and there is a fragrance of fresh air throughout.

Must Visit – Tiger Fall, Deoban, Chilmiri Point, Kanasar and Budher Caves

How to reach Chakrata

Chakrata lies 89 kilometers from Dehradun city and 323 kilometers from Delhi. From Delhi it can be reached by car, bus, train or cab. The nearest airport and railway station is at Dehradun. From there one can hire cab or take a bus to reach Chakrata.


According. to AllGudThings, the best way is to take a self-drive road trip. There are two routes and we opted for route 1 because it is a highway and to avoid heavy traffic at Meerut and Saharanpur.

Route 1: Delhi – Panipat –Karnal – Yamunagar – Ponta Sahib – Chakrata

Route 2: Delhi – Ghaziabad – Meerut – Saharanpur –Dakpathar – Chakrata

Condition of Roads: Excellent, fully graveled highway roads. The steep roads start only after Ponta Sahib

Binsar, Uttarakhand

Binsar, located at 7913 feet is a hidden sleepy place in the Kumaon Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Indeed, it is a less traveled forest, encircled by a vast wildlife sanctuary spreading up to 46km2. And today it is home to many rare animals, birds, and wildflowers.

As soon one enters the Binsar wildlife sanctuary the blanket of green hangs all around. The rocks are covered with unusual moss and ferns, and flowers and shrubs foliage is seen sprouting out of every conceivable nook and corner of the hillside. The entire place looks from a different era. It seems time never touched this place and it has been similar since years. In monsoons, Binsar becomes too exiting. If one moment, there is a heavy rainfall followed by pitter – patter of raindrops than other moment it will be misty with floating clouds in the valley.  Overall the place is adorable throughout and looks super green, fresh, foggy and smells earthy.

Must Visit –  Zero Point, Bineshwar Mahadev Temple, Kasar Devi Temple,

Binsar in Monsoons
Binsar in Monsoons

How to reach Binsar

Binsar lies 95 Kilometers from Nainital, 35 kilometers form Almora, and 423 kilometers from Delhi. It can be reached via air, road or rail. The nearest airport is Pantnagar airport and the nearest railway station is at Kathgodam. Further from both the stations, distance to Binsar can be covered by taxis or buses.

Route to Binsar from Delhi – Delhi- Ghaziabad- Hapur- Moradabad- Kaladungi- Nainital- Almora – Binsar

Condition of Roads- Gaveled single lane tortuous roads and at places expect detours due to landslides

Registration Fee for Binsar Wildlife SanctuaryRs 150 per person and Rs 250 for vehicle

Thanedar, Himachal Pradesh – Offbeat Monsoon Destination in India

Thanedar, a small offbeat town in Himachal Pradesh is located at 7700 feet, near Narkanda. It is well known as the home to the first apple plantations of the country. Along with apple, the fertile land and good climate conditions too helps in cultivation of plums and apricots and today this belt is referred as a Food Bowl of Himachal.

In monsoons, Thanedar and its surroundings look completely heavenly. The whole of the valley is lush green and submerged in clouds. There is pin-drop silence except the chirping of birds and roaring clouds. And when the clouds clear or valley lifts up its veil, one can see the apple trees in full bloom, laden with clusters of pink-tinged white flowers. So, overall this place is enough for a sensory explosion and we time.

Narkanda Thanedar in Monsoons
On the way Narkanda Thanedar – Offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India

Must Visit – Tani Jubber Lake, St. Mary’s Church, Apple Orchards, Sutlej River, Harmony Hall also known as The Samuel Stokes stone house, dedicated to the man who started apple cultivation in this belt and later who changed his name to Satyanand, Stokes Farm and Narkanda

How to reach Thanedar

Thanedar lies at a distance of 445 kilometers from Delhi, 80 kilometers from Shimla and about 15 kilometers from Narkanda. It can be reached via air, road or rail. The nearest airport is the Shimla airport located in Jubbarhatti and the nearest railway station is at Shimla. Further from both the stations, distance to Thanedar can be covered by taxis or buses.

Route to Thanedar from Delhi – Delhi – Karnal- Kurukshetra- Zirakpur- Shimla- Narkanda- Thanedar

Condition of Roads- Highway with fully gavelled roads except few bad places. Also expect jams due to work in progress


Sikkim, is the least populous and second smallest mountainous state in North East India. The state is further divided into North, South, East and West Sikkim. The state has around 28 mountain peaks and also host the highest peak of India i.e. Kanchenjunga. Around 35% part of the entire state is covered by Kanchenjunga National Park & its capital is Gangtok.

Sikkim in Monsoons
Sikkim – Offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India

Sikkim in Monsoons won’t be on anyone’s radar because of the incessant rains area receives. But believe us, if you want to see the beauty of the real nature, then this is the best time. Paths get lined up with ginormous ferns and wildflowers, forests turn green & dense and fog in between make it look mysterious. The river starts flowing in full swing, the waterfalls become exuberant, the blanket of clouds continuously hover over the landscapes and the whole nature smells earthy. Everything looks extremely dreamy and just imagine having that lone house standing grand in the middle of the glistening field, swathed with the layers of mist. Isnt that the best feeling. Also, the place turns to a chirpy heaven and one can even spot the rarest species of the birds at this time.

Must Visit – Gangtok, North Sikkim (Gurudongmar Lake, Lachen, Lachung, Katao), Rumtek Monastery, Zuluk, Pelling, Yuksom, Ravangla, Rabdentse Palace Ruins, Kanchenjunga National Park and waterfall, Khecheopalri Lake

How to reach Sikkim

Sikkim (Gangtok) lies at a distance of 1601 kilometers from Delhi, 671 kilometers from Kolkata, 123 Kilometers from Bagdogra and 30 kilometers from Pakyong. It can be reached via air, road or rail. The nearest airport till 2018 was Bagdogra Airport but now the nearest is Pakyong Airport. The nearest railway station is at Siliguri. Further from here, the distance to Gangtok can be covered by shared or private cabs or buses.

Condition of Roads from Bagdogra Airport- Highway with fully gaveled roads except for a few bad patches.


Goa, the smallest state of India is well known nationally and Internationally for its beaches, parties, sunsets and liberal culture. Just like Old Manali it too is listed under the Banana Pancake trail and is famous not only among the hippies and backpackers but also among the honeymoon couple.

Goa in Monsoons
Goa in Monsoons

During Monsoons, Goa looks extremely different and special. There is a feeling of romance, refreshment and magic. The whole place turns lush green, Palm trees dance and sway to the tune of the winds, the quaint lanes get clean and cleared by the continuous rains, thick grey clouds rule the sky, colorful houses shine bright among the landscapes and waves swirl and bash hard at the shore of the beaches.

Most of the Shacks in Goa gets packed up during Monsoons. Only the permanent structures survive the harsh downpour. So, to enjoy the action and party scenes during monsoons, prefer staying in North Goa over South Goa as most of the Shacks are operational here.

Views of Vagator Beach from Shalai The Cliff resort
Views of Vagator Beach from Shalai The Cliff resort

Must VisitDudhsagar waterfall, North Goa Beaches (Candolim, Calangute, Vagator, Baga. Anjuna, Morjim), Chapora Fort, Old Goa Tour, Divar Island, Spice Plantations around Ponda, Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Panjim and Casinos. Also, check for the local Monsoon festivals like Soao Jao (celebrated in June) and Bonderam flag festival (celebrated in August).

How to reach Goa

Goa lie at a distance of 1902 kilometers from Delhi, 603 kilometers from Mumbai, 572Kilometers from Bangalore and 44 kilometers from Dabolim. It can be reached via air, road or rail. The nearest airport is Dabolim Airport whereas the nearest railway station is at Madgaon and Vasco – Da- Gama. Further from here, the distance to Panjim can be covered by shared or private cabs or local buses.

Condition of Roads from Dabolim Airport- Fully gaveled roads with potholes. Also, expect slow traffic due to work in progress.


Tips for Traveling in Monsoons

Remember the itinerary you planned cannot be completely followed during monsoons. Half of the time you will be just sitting in your room balcony, sipping tea, enjoying the rain or you might get stuck at a place for hours. So, keep a buffer day or two in your itinerary. Also, remember to be slow and go with the flow during the rainy season.

  • Rain-proof your entire luggage and your electronic devices
  • Carry an umbrella, raincoat, first aid box, extra pair of clothes, non-slippery floaters and slippers with you
  • Do keep windcheater, light jacket and a pair of socks as the weather gets cool after rains at all these places except Goa
  • Carry torch, mosquito repellants and some packaged food
  • Keep your ID proofs and photographs with you for the permits and a visit to North and East Sikkim
  • Make sure to keep your power banks charged as there are high chances of power failure or cut in monsoons
  • Travel safely as there are chances of landslides in hilly areas
  • Don’t go out if there is an alert by Metrological Department
  • Avoid going to the waterlogged areas
  • Stop if there are a heavy downpour and thunderstorm
  • Keep yourself hydrated and avoid exposing yourself to direct winds
  • In Goa, don’t go into the beach, as the high tides are really dangerous and can push you down hard
  • Don’t run in the hills as monsoons make the trails highly slippery and there are high chances of getting slipped and injured
  • Don’t opt for water activities, although you will see companies advertising and selling them in Goa
Chasing Rains - Offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India

Tips for Road Trips to Offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India

  • Get your car wipers, headlights, brakes and tires inspected before you leave. Prefer having the anti-skid suspension tires
  • Avoid taking unknown routes and prefer the highways. Also be prepared for the detours because of the landslides
  • Start early and take the break when showers are over powering and visibility is highly reduced
  • Watch your speed and be really gentle on the curves

Why we love monsoon road trips to the Hills

Finally, nature is at its best in North India and the first downpour has brought a big relief from the scorching summer heat. The moving clouds, thunderstorm, lightning; the changing skyline from orange, gray to dark makes the whole sky look so mystic. In fact, it seems that nature has finally used its magic wand to bless everyone. The fragrance of wet earth, the rain drops on leaves, cleansing of trees & shrubs, hazy misty weather, a breeze with rain drops caressing your face is what defines the perfect monsoon for us. And if there is a chance for the road trip during the rainy season, then it is exactly like frosting on the cake. Yes! We are talking about the monsoon road trips.

Monsoon road trips

As the June end’s or first week of July starts, we start thinking when and where to head for the monsoon road trips. Where never gets answered but we start chasing rains in North India, especially toward Hills of Himachal and Uttarakhand. The roads, trails, and nature start smiling with the showers and get a new life.

Here are few of the reasons why we say monsoon road trips are the best ones.

  1. Umbrella Love

The rain is nature’s art and umbrella is my art. When I walk with it in the rains, I walk with a super art. I feel free to jump in the puddles and have some Chapak! Chapak moments!

With Umbrella - The Monsoon road trips to the hillsIt was raining and the car was sailing on the curvy roads to Kasauli from Chandigarh. But who could stop me and my smile from getting clicked with the colorful umbrella?


I never wanted this storm to pass like that, I wanted to get wet, feel the droplets and breeze. The way to Ranikhet in Uttarakhand was becoming so sensational.
  1. Roads and Trails During Monsoon Road trips

The roads get washed and get a make over whereas the trails smell wonderful in the rainy days.

Roads in Uttarakhand- Monsoon road trips to HillsWe would love to walk and drive endlessly on the clean roads in the rains.
Misty Weather - Monsoon Road trip to the hillsThere were light mist & cool air, I opened up my arms for both to fondle.
Trails of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary: monsoon road trips to the HillsHe said follow me as we walked up this trail and I did because he is worthy and the trail looks awesome – take me to the wonderland. This image was taken at Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  1. The valleys and Himalayan Villages look exceptional

The Village Kalpa: Monsoon Road trip to the HillsThe Himalayan Village, Kalpa is a heavenly abode and I think my words can’t do any justice to this image.
On the way to Ranikhet: monsoon road trips to the hillsOver every mountain, there is a path and it passes silently without disturbing the mountains.  The image was clicked on the way back from Valley View Homestay Ranikhet.
  1. Trees get refreshed, flowers bloom and the Fragrance of pine and woods open up your senses.

Flowers: monsoon road trips to the hillsRains only let the flowers bloom.
Lush Green Meadows after rains: monsoon road trips to the hillsThe lush green meadows turn greener and they act as real tranquilizers. The picture is taken near the Mahadev Temple in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  1. Spot a rainbow
    Rainbow along with rains: monsoon road trips to the hillsRainbow is always special but if you see a double rainbow along with the rains, it is astounding. See how it turns adults into kids. The very special moment captured by a fellow blogger Jitaditya Narzary; of  The Travellingslacker at Manali.
  2.  Raindrops and Photography.

    Monsoon Road trips to the HillsThe colors and raindrops make your pictures look different and perfect. Isn’t it?
  3. The rivers start gurgling and sometimes you can spot an amazing sun peaking through the clouds on the banks of rivers, giving sky it’s own shading.

River Paravti in Kasol: monsoon road trips to the HillsRiver Parvati flowing at its best during monsoons in Kasol.
  1. The seasonal waterfalls are equally charming as the all time waterfalls.

.waterfall: monsoon road trips to the hillsDuring rainy days, water is the real boss and landscapes, mountainscapes just have to obey. The picture was taken on the way to Kheerganga

We are sure these wonderful reasons and pictures might have lured you for the monsoon road trips but always remember the monsoon road trips are equally dangerous and need to be done with special cautions. You can also check the related posts  5 offbeat monsoon weekend getaways from Delhi and  5 places not to miss for monsoon road trip.

Do read the monsoon destinations in India, which should top your list.

Some precautions before taking Monsoon Road Trips

  1. The driving person needs to be fully attentive. His focus should be just on the road with both hands on the steering. Clicking photographs while driving should be a real No!
  2. Get your vehicle properly inspected before hitting the roads. If your tires have gone bald, get them replaced. Check for wipers too and get them changed if they have become brittle.
  3. Use headlights and taillights to get a clear view as well as to make your car visible to others.
  4. There are more chances of skidding on wet roads. So, drive slowly and maintain distance from the vehicles in front.
  5. Drive along the center of the road and preferably follow the vehicle going ahead.
  6. Park your vehicle away from trees as there is a chance of electrocution of trees during lightning which in turn can damage your own vehicle.
  7. If the weather condition and storm worsens, don’t try to push yourself and your vehicle. Stop your car on the side.
  8. Flooding can occur on the highways and other streets within minutes of downpour. Don’t try to drive through the flooded areas.
  9. Rainwater moistens the brake drums so the braking efficiency gets lowered. It is advisable to use the brake on and often. Also, keep the brakes well moistened.
  10. Avoid driving at night during rains.

If you like it please share it and let us know where are you heading next.

Monsoon road trips to the hills

5 Offbeat Monsoon Weekend Getaways from Delhi

As the sky pours some showers in Delhi, it becomes a nightmare. Humidity soars and roads get packed with traffic jams. But not to worry when the weekend getaways from Delhi are around only. The idyllic monsoons of Himachal invite you to get hypnotized by nature.

So, here are the top 5 monsoon weekend getaways from Delhi, that will make you fall in love with rain showers.


  1. Garli Pragpur (Heritage Village), Himachal Pradesh

Distance form Delhi – 411 Kms

RouteDelhi- Panipat – Karnal – Kurkushetra – Ambala – Kharar –Rupnagar – Anandpur Sahib – Nangal – Amb – Pragpur

Garli Pragpur - weekend getaways from Delhi
Garli Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh (Source -www.oddroad.com)

In & Around – Pragpur Taal surrounded by heritage properties, Haripur Guler- The Kangra School of Painting, The Kangra Fort, Dada Siba Temple, The Judges Court,  pilgrimage places – Chintpurni, Jawalji, Chanunda Devi, Orchards of Lemon, Mango

 Not to miss – Narrow gauged train track; Village walk watching cobbled street, Rahat water tank and slate roofed houses; local craft, Kangra style paintings, treks, bird watching.

  1. Chindi, Himachal Pradesh

 Distance form Delhi – 419 Kms

RouteDelhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurkushetra – Ambala – Zirakpur – Pinjore– Dharampur – Arki – Tatapani – Alsindi – Chindi

Chindi - Weekend getaways from Delhi
Chindi, Karsog Valley (Source –devilonwheels.com)

In & Around – Bhima rock, Churag temple, Mamleshwara Mahadev, Kamakshya Mata, Sulphur springs at Tattapani

Not to miss– Eat, sleep, and relax, orchards of apples, dense woods of deodar and pine


  1. Matiana, Himachal Pradesh

 Distance form Delhi – 387 Kms

RouteDelhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurkushetra – Ambala – Zirakpur –Kasauli – Solan – Shimla– Kufri – Matiana

Matiana- Weekend getaways from Delhi
Matiana, Himachal Pradesh (Source: www.youtube.com)

In & Around – Shiva Temple, Apple Orchards, Flower fields, Day trip to Narkanda, Hatu Peak

Not to miss– Nature walks, trekking, bird watching, from the hill top winding Hindustan Tibet Road

  1. Thanedar, (Birthplace of Himachali Apple) Himachal Pradesh

Distance form Delhi – 418 Kms

RouteDelhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurkushetra – Ambala – Zirakpur – Dharampur – Solan – Shimla – Matiana – Narkand – Thanedar

Thanedar - Weekend Getaway from Delhi
Thanedar, Himachal Pradesh (Source -www.tripzuki.com)

In & Around – Nag Devta Temple, Tani – Jubbar Lake, Hattu Peak, St. Mary’s Church, Parmjyotir Temple

 Not to miss – Sweet smell of apple orchards, Saroga forest walk, Himalayan walk, treks and adventures

  1. Kangojodi, Himachal Pradesh

 Distance form Delhi – 387 Kms

RouteDelhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurkushetra – Shahbaad –Mullana –Nahan –Camp-Roxx Adventure Camp (Kangojodi)

Kangojodi - Weekend getaways from Delhi
Kangojodi, Himachal Pradesh (Source: www.vicinito.com)

In & AroundThick canopy of pine & Deodar trees, Natural Water Spring, River,  day activities like rope balancing, rappelling, flying fox, river crossing organised by Roxx Adventure Camp, Nahan, Renuka Lake, Suketi Fossil Park

Not to miss – Camping, trekking, relaxing, rejuvenating, bird watching and water splashing

So, which one are you choosing for the coming weekend getaways. Comment and let us know!



5 places not to miss for Monsoon Road trip

If you are a rain lover and a tough soul, who enjoys water puddles, umbrellas, damp roads and aroma of wet soil, then monsoons is the best time for you to invade the offbeat areas of India by road trip. These places will gives you the real feel of Incredible India with cool winds, floating clouds and raindrops.

Here is the list of five places shortlisted by us for a monsoon road trip. For detailed information of the route before or during your road trip, you can check with one of the leading travel and highway enthusiast forum – HV Kumar.


  1. Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Distance from Mumbai – 933 Kms

Route Mumbai – Surat – Vadodra   – Ahmedabad –Bhuj – Kutch

Kutch during monsoon road trip
Kutch during Monsoon (Source: goindia.about.com)

In & Around- Enormous stretch of white salt marshes, appearing as white desert whereas in monsoons becomes a shallow fishing ground for fishermen. Not to missMoon light camel safari, the highest point Kala Dunger , Dattatreya Temple and hours glazing at stars in the clear sky both at night if you are lucky.

  1. Kausani , Uttrakhand

Distance from Delhi – 427 kms Route – Delhi – Noida –Rampur- Nainital-Almora- Kausani

Himalayas view from Kausani on road trip
Himalayas view from Kausani, Uttrakhand (Source- www.trodly.com)

In & Around- Baijnath group of temples, Bageshwar, Anashakti Ashram, Lakshmi Ashram and Pant Museum Not to missBreathtaking beauty, Panaromic View of Himalayan peaks like Trishul, Nanda Devi, Tea gardens and factory, Rudradhari Caves and Waterfalls %CODE1%

  1. Pachmarhi, Madhya Pardesh

Distance from Bhopal – 191kms Route – Bhopal-Hoshangabad-Sohagpur-Pipriya-Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi road during monsoon road trip
Pachmarhi road during monsoon (Source –betterphotography.in)

In & Around- Caves, Rock paintings, Waterfalls, Lake, Valleys, Narrow gorges, Mountain peaks and ancient temples  Not to miss Apsara Vihar, Bee Falls, Pandav caves, Duchess Falls, Jata Shankar, Handhi Khoh, Bison lodge, Reech garh, Dhoopgarh, Irene Pool and Rajat Pratap.

  1. Munnar, Kerala

Distance from Bangalore– 476 kms Route –Bangalore- Hosur- Dharmapuri-Salem-Erode-Trippur-Munnar

Munnar views during monsoon road trip
Munnar during Monsoon (Source: www.munnar.com)

In & Around- Lush green foliage, Matupetty Dam, Sita Devi Lake, Kolukkumalai tea estate, The Dolmens of Marayoor Not to missTea estates, Attukad falls, Athirapally falls, trek to Anamudi highest peak in South India and Bird watching

  1. Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Distance from Delhi– 767 kms Route – Delhi – Neemrana- Jaipur-Ajmer- Beawar- Pali- Sirohi- MountAbu

Road to Mount Abu during monsoon roadtrip
Road to Mount Abu, Rajasthan (Source – www.gluebomb.com)

In & Around- Dilwara Jain Temple, Nakki Lake, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Trek to Guru Shikhar, Trevors Tank, Achalgarh, Sunset point Not to missScenic strolls, Mouth watering Rabri and local market at Abu road Caution: Though road trips are thrilling which rush your adrenaline, but you need to be cautious too at the same time. You never know when rain drops turns into cloud burst. So be careful and take some precautions while driving.

  • Before leaving, ensure your vehicle is in a healthy condition. Check your lights, tyres, brake and windshield
  • Preferably use wet weather tyres during monsoon road trip to avoid slippage
  • Roads especially fly-over’s can be slippery during rain, so be careful
  • Be considerate to two wheeler’s and pedestrians. During rainy season pedestrians are hard to spot whereas two wheeler’s don’t have enough control over their brakes
  • Avoid driving when there is heavy rain and zero visibility
  • Don’t leave your vehicles on the road. Park them in a clean safe parking lot away from rodents
  • Make sure you have spare Tyre, tool kit, jack etc in good condition
  • Carry first aid kit, umbrella and keep a torch handy