waterfall on hike to hot water spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh
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Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

Imagine how ethereal the place is – the flat grasslands with hues of blue sky on top, erect never ending mountain slopes with pine trees, 100 feet tall waterfalls singing their own songs and hot water spring in the midst of all.  Lord Shiva meditated here for 3000 long years. Yes! I am talking about the hike to hot water spring Kheerganga in Parvati Valley, located at a height of 13,050 feet.

Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

The hike to hot water spring Kheerganga/ Khirganga (as on Google maps), the temporary village is so picturesque that each tough trail gives you spellbound views of nature. Trek lands you away from the city hustle bustle, into the serene lap of nature, isolated from habitation and technology too could not mark itself. At Kheerganga, still, everything has retained its original shape and form. With every step, you hear the gushing flow of water; feel the aura and fragrance of woods.

The magic of this beauty force me to say – “I wish this place always remain hidden from the rest of the world”.

Water Stream on Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, himachal pradesh

Best time to Hike

The best time to hike to hot water spring of Kheerganga is between May – November.

When and where to start Hike

Start your hike to hot water spring Kheerganga early, around 7 am from the Village Barshaini. Total hike is  12 kilometres and it takes around 5-6 hrs dangling through mountains to reach the Kheerganga cliff. Barshaini is around 22 kilometres from Kasol and 3 km from Tosh.

Barshaini, Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

Villages on the Way to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga

On the way, there are 3-4 small villages with cottages and shacks. You can eat food, snacks and relax in the springs.

  • The Village Pulga – Around 2Kms from the Pulga Dam;

Near Pulga Village, Hike to Hot Water Spring kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

  • The Village Nakthan– 2 Kms from Pulga

Nakthan Village,Hike to Hot Water Spring Khjeerganga, Himachal Prades

  • Rudra Naag Temple – 2 Kms from Nakthan

Rudra Naag Temple, Hike to Hot Water Spring kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

Beyond Rudra Naag, the woods become dense and the trail becomes much steeper. After crossing the bridge at Rudra Naag, 3 kilometres ahead there are 1-2 more Shacks to munch on Maggie and Snacks.

Trail After Rudra Naag bridge, Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, Himachal; Pradesh

The last part of the trek is a tough strenuous climb before you see an entry point to Kheerganga.

Hike to Hot water spring Kheergnaga, Himachal Pradesh

The amazing landscapes, rock patterns, tree formations, waterfalls and the alpine meadows bound you to stop everywhere and photo shoots them.

tree formation, Hike to hot water spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh


On the Kheerganga meadows, there are several lodging and food options at pretty reasonable prices. The cafes offer to stay in tents and large halls too with inbuilt ‘angithis’. The cost per bed varies from INR 100 to INR 200 depending upon the season.

We preferred staying at Lotus Valley. They have small private cozy rooms for two, at a reasonable price of INR 300.

Lotus Valley, Hike to hot water spring Kheerganga, himachal Pradesh

What to do at Kheerganga

The trek is tough and tiring (I wonder how people grade it in easy category) but the mystical and mesmerizing views, take away all your pains.

After reaching,

  • Head towards spring to get yourself immersed in hot water with mountains all around
  • Sip a wonderful coffee with awesome sandwich, admiring how the sun sets at such an altitude
  • Take photos of glowing peaks at sunset

Hike to hot water spring kheerganga, himachal pradesh

  • Get tranquilised with smoke and trance music in the evening
  • Wake up next morning to see sun splashing colors on the mountains

Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, himachal Pradesh

  • Calm yourself and gather your thoughts in the peace

Things to take care of

  1. Hike only during day time (not after 6 pm) and be careful with wildlife
  2. Carry light – Must include a pair of slippers, wind and rain cheater, sun block, an extra pair of t-shirt, lower, a small torch and band aid. Make sure your trekking shoes are not slippery as the weather is completely unpredictable
  3. Keep some dry fruits and energy bars handy – As they act as an instant source of energy
  4. Stay hydrated to avoid muscle cramps
  5. Do not pluck apples on the way – it’s annoying for the locals as well as you will end paying Rs 1000 for a single applewaterfall on hike to hot water spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh
  6. Do not litter here and there. What you carry either dispose it nicely in the bins or bring it back. Hollow Tree barks are used as bins
  7. Avoid Shortcuts unless you are with a guide who knows in and out about the place
  8. Watch your steps at hot water spring as it is very slippery
  9. Never run and be careful with stones – A single wrong step can end up the story so be very cautious while ascent as well as descent.
  10. Landslides – Cross landslides with the help of porters or guides. They can guide you where to place feet and how to cross itlandslide on hike to hot water spring kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh
  11. Do not push yourself – Stop! Take a deep breath and then move ahead calmly.


Do not listen to people for any negative thoughts. You know what is right or wrong for you. If you have a strong will and your goal is clear, you will definitely achieve it with a smile and accomplishment.

This is our view on the hike to hot water spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh. Share your thoughts and pictures.

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36 thoughts on “Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

  1. Such a cute place to hike in the Himalayas. I guess Himachal has quiet a few hot water springs and natural hot water lakes. I remember visiting one where if you keep rice tied in a cloth inside the water for an hour, it gets totally cooked.

  2. I trekked via Kalga… it seems you took the other route, something I need to try again. The entire Parvati Valey is indeed delightful although I wished it was a bit less crowded. Have you ever tried to do it in winter?

    1. Yes I took the other route. You siad right whole Parvati valley is awesome. No, I haven’t tried in winters. I know it will be beautifully white. But there is a friend who did trek in winters. He is a localite and said the tents are closed at Kheerganga so you need to come down same day. I don’t feel I can do that.

  3. This sounds like a great hike. I would want to stay overnight somewhere too, just to break it up some as it it does look like quite a trek. And, that gives you more time surrounded by those beautiful vistas! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. You can do a night stay at village Nakthan. There are some home stays there but I will recommend you to complete trek in a day and stay at kheerganga for at least one day and one night to get those views.

  4. Kheerganga looks so beautiful but isn’t it pretty similar to all the treks in Himachal Pradesh? I myself have been fooled into believing every trek is of simple level when it is quite strenuous for newbie climbers. Good point warning us about the apples 🙂

  5. looks like an interesting hike… and love your descriptions very informative. This is not on my list yet but will consider if ever get there

    1. Honestly first in the middle of trek, i was regretting why i am doing it. But after completing I say its life time experience. You wont get such view anywhere else. One must try trekking at least once in life.

  6. What a great view! I’m not much of a hiker, but it seemed you really enjoyed yourself! I couldn’t imagine spending that long on a hike though haha. Wow, you’re impressive!

  7. The views are breathtaking! I always like to escape my busy city life and commune with nature like this. It just as beautiful. I have interest in going to natural hot springs too and I know how challenging it is sometimes to get to one. But yes, I agree, that as long as you have a clear goal, you reach it and for sure that the nature at the other side of the challenge is worth it!

    1. Yes Prerna This is for sure one of the beautiful hikes. I trekked in August End. That time there was no snow. And it is a complete meadow at the cliff where tents are put up. Snow fall happens in Kheerganga around October end or November starting. In August too it was really cold in the evening,

  8. That looks like such a picturesque trek. So how many hours did you take each way? I didn’t understand why you had to pay Rs1000 for each apple. Yes, I agree you shouldn’t pluck what doesn’t belong to you. But other that?

  9. Hi
    Thanks for all the information. We will be travelling soon. My other companions want to know whether the private rooms in Kheerganga have attached or common washroom. I am unable to get a details accommodation details online.

    1. Hi Soumita. There are no attached washrooms with the private rooms and the rooms are very very basic. The other available option is dormitories. Online you want find any details about the . There are several camps at the cliff and they accommodate you even if they are full.

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