7 life lessons which Himalayan Trek taught me

7 life lessons Himalayan trek taught me

For the first time in my life, I tried doing something which I thought was not achievable by me. Yes! I did a 2-day trek each 6-7 hrs without the porter and with my soul mate to reach the hot water spring of Kheerganga . It was a simple adventure when I started walking through zigzag roads seeing waterfalls and clouds kissing mountains. Just 6 km ahead and it was no more adventure for me- the slopes turned to climbing mountains and crossing landslides. This Himalayan trek changed my vision towards life. It brought the best and worst out of me. It taught me how you need to push yourself when the destination is away and when your inner self- keeps on telling you that the Himalayas are calling you.

7 life lessons which Himalayan Trek taught me

Here are the 7 life lessons Himalayan trek taught me.

  1. Keep moving till you reach your destination

No matter how slow or fast you are from your fellow members; you all have the same destination. Remember it is not a sprint or race. Slow and steady always win. So, just keep moving. If you feel exhausted take rest and enjoy the vistas you have just seen in others pictures.

Keep moving till you reach your destination - Himalayan trek

If the thought of going back comes in your mind, remember all the ups and downs you crossed to reach this point. Going back is as demanding as going up. So, be slow and calm and head patiently towards your destination. There is no looking back in life, similarly, there is no looking back while trekking.

  1. Believe in power of self-motivation and optimism

Optimism is a key to success. There is nothing impossible. The strong determination and desire help you achieve your goals. Himalayan Trek, an adventure chosen by you needs a lot of self-motivation. So, keep tricking your brain that something great, unexplored and untouched is waiting for you at the top. You will definitely get a push to step ahead and explore the unexplored Himalayan sagas.

  1. A single tough day doesn’t mean the end of world

    Single tough day doesn't mean end of the world - Himalayan Trek

While trekking the Himalayas, you cross rough surfaces, boulders, stones, waterfalls, gravel, and grass. You need to concentrate at every point. The moment you think something else, you might slip, fall and get hurt. In those tough times, you need to get up, balance and make your own way to reach the final destination. So, a single bad moment or tough day in your life shouldn’t stop you from attaining your goals.

  1. There is a bigger world outside where you can connect with yourself

7 life lessons Himalayan trek taught me

In our fast-paced urban lives, we hardly have any time for ourselves. We have forgotten that there are outdoor games which are better than games on tablets and laptops. Going for a Himalayan trek gives you fresh air, natural earthy smell, sunlight. No mobile networks give you more time to connect with yourself and your hiking mates.

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  1. Single turn can change your life

 Sometimes while hiking the Himalayas, curiosity in you may push to chose less trodden path instead of properly marked trail even before knowing what you may be venturing too. Choosing unexplored path may land you to slippery road, lying among grazing mountain goats or somewhere near Buddhist monasteries. The lesson is – take risks and turns only when you are prepared for both expected and unexpected situations.

  1. Love and Humanity still exists

    7 life lesson which Himalayan trek taught me

While Himalayan trek you will find people who hold your hand and make you cross bridges, steps, and landslides; without knowing your name and caste. When the most experienced and prepared trekkers get lost during harsh weather conditions, it’s the kindness and gratitude of locals which offer them the roof and the warm meal to comfort.

  1. Success doesn’t come overnight

Snowy peaks, clear skies can’t be seen by walking just a few miles. You need to walk for a day/ days to get those fascinating views. Similarly, in life, you need to get your hands dirty every day. You may have to climb multiple stairs each moment to reach mountain top and accomplish your goals.

7 life lessons which Himalayan trek taught me

Himalayan trek was a life changing the experience for me. You realize how beautiful life is. Problems are artificial and they are just for a matter of time. How humanity and kindness makes someone smile. Most importantly accomplishing steep slopes and mountains is like rewarding yourself and learning lessons.