Sri Lanka South Coast – where the sea sings its own song

South coast of Sri Lanka is undoubtedly beautiful and the most rewarding place to visit. The island is a small world in itself with gorgeous beaches, colonial townscapes, UNESCO heritage buildings, wildlife parks, fishing pyramids, Buddhist Shrines, temples, and lots of good cafes to munch on. There is a never-ending list to do and see things around the south coast Sri Lanka despite the piecemeal development in the area.

South Coast Sri Lanka

The place has maintained its charm and delicacy. There are several comatose villages nested in the shadow of the palm trees. Galle, a Dutch colonial town located on the south cost of Sri Lanka, offers you beautiful resorts and villas for slothful days and evenings.

How to reach?

From Colombo, Galle is about 120 kilometers. There are regular buses, trains and cabs to reach south coast of Sri Lanka.  Trains are bit crowded and buses are slow. Recently they have started with expressway service or you can hire a direct personal cab. There are two main ways to reach Galle by road – using the highway or riding through the small hidden villages. The former is faster and take almost 3 hours, while the latter will take a bit longer but the scenic views of this ride will be always memorable.

South Coast Sri Lanka

Where to stay?

If you want to take long strolls and explore Galle fort on foot then make a stay inside the Galle Fort. Because of the few accommodation spaces within the walled fort and high tourist demand, prices are doubled then outside.

South Coast Sri Lanka Apa Villa Illuketia

To experience bliss and essence, you can stay outside the fort. One of the historical and luxuries villas to stay is Apa Villa Illuketia. It offers you a mix of modernization while retaining the ancient flavor. They also have another beachside property Apa Villa Thalpe which too is a must visit.

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What to do on the south coast of Sri Lanka?

There is a lot to do and experience on the south coast of Sri Lanka.

    • Walk and admire the architectural beauty of colonial buildings, Church, Temples, and Mosque at Galle Fort. Also, check out the picturesque cricket stadium and lighthouse anchoring the Galle city. Read also, how to spend a complete day on the cobbled stone streets of Galle, Sri Lanka.


  • Hire a bike and ride it along the shores to feel the cool and earthy spicy smell of breeze.

South Coast Sri Lanka

    • Drive to the Japanese Peace Pagoda and get fascinated with 360-degree views – the town on one side and eternal ocean on the other


    • Explore the golden sandy beaches and party in the nearby sea towns at Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna


  • Watch corals and sun taking a dip in the sea

South Coast Sri Lanka

    • Do Scuba diving and snorkeling in the fresh turquoise water of the ocean


    • Snack on fresh seafood along with great cocktails and mocktails at shacks


    • Cycle till the nearby sleepy villages


    • Watch magnificent night fire shows at night at the beaches


  • Hop over to the nearby 300 yr old tea factory and delve into the traditional mechanism used for producing green and white tea

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36 thoughts on “Sri Lanka South Coast – where the sea sings its own song”

  • Thank you for the tips. I am definitely not going to miss galle when I travel to Sri Lanka. As you told here, and your pictures reconfirm the same – that it is one of the most beautiful parts of Sri Lanka

  • I love how green Sri Lanka is and how you can be sure to have a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature if you choose this country as your trip destination. I love that there are so many options of activities in Galle. I would definitely go snorkeling as I love watching the fish swimming below me

  • Hiring a bike seems to be a good option to me. And fish food is something I will go in for first. 🙂
    Great tour this. For long Sri Lanka has been in my list ti strike off. Making a note of the stay options given.

  • This neighboring country has always been on my list for all the positives I have heard about the place from fellow travelers. All the more, after this post, im definitely starting to plan a trip there soon.

  • Srilanka is right atop my wishlist! I really hope to visit the country soon!!! I’m always fascinated by how that tiny island has such a diverse places to see and things to do! Biking around sounds perfect!

  • My God, such beautiful views .. I live about 20kms from the Belgian Coast and I’ve never seen such beautiful sunsets. Hope to see this one day in real life ..

  • Sri Lanka is a beautiful place. Lucky that us Filipinos don’t need a visa here to visit! I’m sure it does have a lot to offer like these ones that you’ve written down. Snack on fresh sea food and ride a bicycle to explore more of the vicinity can always be a great choice that would never fail. x

  • Nice post, I visited Sri Lanka two years ago and really enjoyed the South Coast. Fresh seafood was delicious! Galle is a really interesting place to explore too, although I didn’t stay there!

  • I am so sold on Sri Lanka! I would love to go diving there and the beaches look incredible. I love the clouds in the images…I’m such a sunset/ sunrise junky!

  • The south coast of Sri Lanka looks really exotic. It would be lovely to walk or ride along the coast. Our Sri Lanka adventure till now has been limited to Colombo for a day during transit. We hope to explore the interiors of this beautiful island some day soon.

  • Ahhh, the south coast of Sri Lanka! We loved it sooo much! Galle is an amazing place, but you are right about the journey, it is a long one on a bus! Happy travels

  • Sri Lanka is one of my dream destinations after hearing so much about it from a friend. She said that it’s third world but way better when it comes to cleanliness compared with our country, the Philippines. One of the things that she mentioned is that Sri Lankas have a tea culture. So when you mentioned about visiting a tea factory, I was like, oh yeah, they like tea indeed. Would love to go there.

  • Sri Lanka is so close and yet I haven’t seen this country till date. The things to list amazes me!
    Definitely worth investing money and time for a trip there.

  • I have heard that Galle is a perfect beach paradise Suruchi. And I am eager to explore this part of Sri Lanka. Your post will be highly useful for me as I plan my trip. What time of the year will be suitable for visiting here?

  • I would love to visit the 300 year old tea factory to learn the mechanism of green and white tea production. Also it is very hard to say no to 360 degree unobstructed view of ocean on one side and township on the other side. I will definitely add this destination in my bucket list!

  • Galle is really beautiful. I missed it on my last visit. It was a choice between Bentota and this as I could not manage both. Though Bentota was beautiful, I still wish I had done Galle, especially after I see this post. Cheers to your trip.

  • Sri Lanka has always charmed me mainly because of its proximity and apparently similarity to India. I have never met anybody who has been to Sri Lanka and didn’t like the experience.

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