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Three days at Patong Town, Phuket Thailand

Beach: Best Escape Anyone Can Have – is what it stands for. Yes, and this is true for me too. I love beaches, not only for their vivid colors, views or waves but they help me get back to “me”. I can sit for hours, admiring and getting lost in the waves. Each coming wave tells me to come out of my comfort shell, expand the horizon and not to get tied away. They tell me that let the worries drift away and think deep. Beaches make me feel heaven is much closer. Ya Ya! A lot of philosophies. Let’s come straight to Patong town & the beaches in Phuket Thailand.


Patong town is the center of attraction of Phuket and is famous for tourist nightlife and shopping. In fact, people often describe Patong town as a quiet relaxing place during the day which becomes a huge party town during nights. So, here in this post, I have listed the activities to do during day and night, which I explored recently.

Activities during Daytime at Patong Town

  1. Hop over to Beaches

I explored that in and around Patong Village there are many beaches. In fact, the whole of the Patong village is built around beaches. So you can spend days relaxing, sunbathing, taking views and enjoying water sports at beaches. The nearby ones are Patong beach, Freedom Beach, Kalim Beach etc.

The Patong beach is widest of all the beaches here. It spreads over 3 km with a wide strip of golden sand around it.  At the beach, one can explore parasailing, speed boating, cable skiing, target shooting etc and on the other side of the road, there are lots of vibrant shops which lure you to shop and restaurants to chill out.

Patong town, Phuket, Thailand
Patong Beach

Just next, to the Patong beach is the Kalim beach. It is an extension of the Patong beach and is rockier and surrounded by hills. No water sports or activities happen on Kalim beach. You can just take awesome views from here.

Freedom Beach at Patong Town , Phuket Thailand
Source – www.phuket101.net; Freedom beach

The freedom beach lies on Phuket’s west coast. It is difficult to access and is very quiet as compared to other beaches. There is hardly any noise except that of long tail boats. One can enjoy beach soccer, beach volleyball, and snorkeling here.

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  1. Ride till Kathu Waterfall

Phuket is rich in waterfalls too. Few of them are Bang Pae, Tonsai, Layan Bay and Kathu Waterfall. I suggest you ride to Kathu Waterfall as it is near to Patong town. From Patong head towards Phuket town, then turn left at the traffic lights next to the Caltex gas station, pass the local Kathu market and you will reach the road following Kathu waterfall. There is a climb before you get to see the magnificent views. But I am sure, once you reach and see the view you will forget everything and will say it is worth climbing.

Kathu waterfall at Patong Town, Phuket, Thailand

  1. Explore Historic Old Phuket Town

Explore the 18th century old Phuket town on foot to take an authentic feel. Here, click pictures and admire lots of colorful buildings influenced by Sino- Portuguese architecture. Many of the old buildings have now been converted to hotels, restaurants, coffee shops etc. Besides this, you can explore nearby Chinese temple. The vegetarian festival  happens in September – October. During this festival, people refrain themselves from meat and other stimulants to obtain good health and peace of mind. Meat dishes are replaced by soya and protein substitutes.

Old Phuket Town; Patong Town, Phuket, Thailand

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  1. Get yourself massaged with Thai massage

Thailand trip is incomplete without Thai massage and Patong is a hub for the same. There are many small and large establishments offering various types of massage package which eases your aching foot and relax the body, mind, and soul. If you get a chance, also try an ancient massage at Temples such as at Wat Pho in Bangkok. (You can read my post on Bangkok here – 10 places not to miss during Bangkok trip).

 Activities during Night time at Patong Town

  1. Bangla Road/ Walking Street

The Bangla Road is the lifeline of Patong and it gets a life when the sun goes down. I mean it’s quiet and just like a normal road during the daytime and the actual activities come into action only during the evening. The road on both sides gets packed with bars, restaurants, clubs, and shops. The walking street gets colorful and flashy. Late night bars pump out music at full volumes and many places host live music. The touts are seen everywhere selling services of ping pong and strip shows. Strip poles are placed on the club edge and many pole dancers are seen dancing on the road itself. The best part of this place is – it is safe and you can hop to a party any time at night.

Bangla Road, Patong town; Phuket, Thailand

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  1. Muay Thai Boxing

Boxing is a famous sport of Thailand. You will find many small and big fight rings in the town. But for a real experience, see Muay Thai Boxing at Bangla Boxing Stadium. There is a huge advertisement for the fight through loudspeakers and sometimes fighters themselves promote the event. The fight happens thrice a week from 9:00 pm – 11:30 pm on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Ticket for the boxing is priced between 1700 THB – 2500 THB.

Phuket Muay Thai Boxing, Patong Town, Phuket, Thailand
Source: www.phuketstag.com
  1. Simon Cabaret Show

The Simon Cabaret located around the Patong beach hosts most respected and famous Lady Boy cabaret show in Phuket. The show hosts spectacular musical floor with impressive sets and ladyboys dressed in beautiful costumes. All the performances are well choreographed and songs are in Thai, Japanese, and Korean. The show has fixed timings and it happens for 70 minutes. The ticket costs for Simon Cabaret costs around 800 THB – 1000 THB. After the show members of cabaret pose outside for a photograph with the audience for a fee.

Phuket Simon Cabaret; Patong Town; Phuket; Thailand
Source: www.phuket-simoncabaret.com/
  1. Opt between Phuket Fantasea and Siam Niramit

Opt between Phuket Fantasea and Siam Niramit if you are on a family trip. The two are almost similar.

Phuket Fantasea is a night theme park complex which features circus performers and a large number of animals to depict the traditional Thai story. Space encompasses games, shopping village, bird cave and floating village. The dinner buffet is served before the show. The show happens for 1 -1:30 hrs and costs around 188 THB.

Phuket Fantasea Show; Patong town, Phuket, Thailand
Source: www.phuketthailandtrip.com

Siam Niramit also hosts another spectacular show on the world’s highest stage. The whole show is a delightful picture of Thai culture and beliefs mixed with humor, dazzling costumes, and spirituality. There are lots of incredible dancers giving their best.  Here also enjoy Thai buffet dinner is served before the show.  The show timings are from 5 pm – 10 pm and ticket costs between 1500- 2350 THB.

Siam Niramit, Patong town, Phuket, Thailand
Source: www.phuket.com

So, let us know which one of these you included in your Patong town, Phuket trip.

Apart from these options, there are many beautiful Islands around Phuket Town which can be explored taking a day trip. Do read the day trip to Khao phing kan James bond island here.

5 astonishing beach pictures of Sri Lanka

Beaches in Sri Lanka offer a treat to eyes for everyone. The mesmerising hues seen in the skies reflect the vivid colors in the clean beach sand below the feet. The serenity is further enhanced by the fact that these beaches are so un-crowded that anyone visiting would feel alone with nature, if not lonely. The below 5 astonishing beach pictures of Sri Lanka will make you go “wow”.

[huge_it_gallery id=”4″]

Sri Lanka South Coast – where the sea sings its own song

South coast of Sri Lanka is undoubtedly beautiful and the most rewarding place to visit. The island is a small world in itself with gorgeous beaches, colonial townscapes, UNESCO heritage buildings, wildlife parks, fishing pyramids, Buddhist Shrines, temples, and lots of good cafes to munch on. There is a never-ending list to do and see things around the south coast Sri Lanka despite the piecemeal development in the area.

South Coast Sri Lanka

The place has maintained its charm and delicacy. There are several comatose villages nested in the shadow of the palm trees. Galle, a Dutch colonial town located on the south cost of Sri Lanka, offers you beautiful resorts and villas for slothful days and evenings.

How to reach?

From Colombo, Galle is about 120 kilometers. There are regular buses, trains and cabs to reach south coast of Sri Lanka.  Trains are bit crowded and buses are slow. Recently they have started with expressway service or you can hire a direct personal cab. There are two main ways to reach Galle by road – using the highway or riding through the small hidden villages. The former is faster and take almost 3 hours, while the latter will take a bit longer but the scenic views of this ride will be always memorable.

South Coast Sri Lanka

Where to stay?

If you want to take long strolls and explore Galle fort on foot then make a stay inside the Galle Fort. Because of the few accommodation spaces within the walled fort and high tourist demand, prices are doubled then outside.

South Coast Sri Lanka Apa Villa Illuketia

To experience bliss and essence, you can stay outside the fort. One of the historical and luxuries villas to stay is Apa Villa Illuketia. It offers you a mix of modernization while retaining the ancient flavor. They also have another beachside property Apa Villa Thalpe which too is a must visit.

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What to do on the south coast of Sri Lanka?

There is a lot to do and experience on the south coast of Sri Lanka.

    • Walk and admire the architectural beauty of colonial buildings, Church, Temples, and Mosque at Galle Fort. Also, check out the picturesque cricket stadium and lighthouse anchoring the Galle city. Read also, how to spend a complete day on the cobbled stone streets of Galle, Sri Lanka.


  • Hire a bike and ride it along the shores to feel the cool and earthy spicy smell of breeze.

South Coast Sri Lanka

    • Drive to the Japanese Peace Pagoda and get fascinated with 360-degree views – the town on one side and eternal ocean on the other


    • Explore the golden sandy beaches and party in the nearby sea towns at Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna


  • Watch corals and sun taking a dip in the sea

South Coast Sri Lanka

    • Do Scuba diving and snorkeling in the fresh turquoise water of the ocean


    • Snack on fresh seafood along with great cocktails and mocktails at shacks


    • Cycle till the nearby sleepy villages


    • Watch magnificent night fire shows at night at the beaches


  • Hop over to the nearby 300 yr old tea factory and delve into the traditional mechanism used for producing green and white tea

Sri Lanka is full of adventures. So, don’t forget to read what to expect on a Sri Lankan Safari.

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