5 astonishing beach pictures of Sri Lanka

5 astonishing beach pictures of Sri Lanka

Beaches in Sri Lanka offer a treat to eyes for everyone. The mesmerising hues seen in the skies reflect the vivid colors in the clean beach sand below the feet. The serenity is further enhanced by the fact that these beaches are so un-crowded that anyone visiting would feel alone with nature, if not lonely. The below 5 astonishing beach pictures of Sri Lanka will make you go “wow”.

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8 thoughts on “5 astonishing beach pictures of Sri Lanka”

  • My love for beaches keeps increasing every time I see more pictures of it. Everytime I feel the waves on my feet I fall in ,love with beaches even more. The hues in the sky are beautiful. Exotic purple and the Midas touch in the sky is breathtaking.

  • I’ve been to the Midigama, located on the southwestern side of Sri Lanka about two months ago, and I could say that it is so much better during peak season and is more affordable than other surf spots on the island! And btw, your beach photos are equally beautiful! Xx

  • Wow! I am totally loving these captures. Those sunsets are amazing. I been to Maldives which are similar sunsets but never been to Sri Lanka and I cant wait to get out there one day.

  • I am totally falling in love with beaches in this part of the world. I been to nearby Maldives which I thought was fantastic but the looks of these beaches and the amazing sunsets you have captured through the lens looks amazing. Sri Lanka I havent been to yet but I think very soon I will be there.