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What all I learnt traveling around the world

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” 

– Saint Augustine

Wow! What a quote on travel. Saint Augustine said everything in a phrase for which I need paragraphs to explain. Travel is my life and it is beyond everything. I had been traveling around the world not for a break to relax my mind but to explore and learn what I couldn’t learn through my books or under the guidance and to spend the qualitative time with my husband.

Traveling Around the world

Travel has polished and enriched me in every sense from being kind, patient and philosophical. I see the whole world with a different perspective and vision. So, now my life philosophy has changed and I repeatedly say “Invest in a book called – Travel. Get as many stamps in your passport as you can. Build up your own catalog of pictures and memories. Tomorrow there should be no regret of missing on anything”.

There is no end to what traveling around the world gave and taught me. I still want to quit rest and learn more. So, I have listed few lessons which travel around the world had already taught me so far.

  1. You explore new things what you haven’t done till today

Travel compels you to come out of your comfort zone and experience what is real life. It makes you realize that grass is not always green on the other side and sometimes it is the most challenging role to perform. The conversations with locals tell you how different lives can be with the common shared commonalities. Travel also makes you learn how you have to manage each penny when you have budgeted amounts.

Traveling Around the World

  1. Learn about new culture

While traveling around the world, you explore small towns, villages and of course big cities.  You meet different people; see different things, foods, different cultures, and traditions from yours. All this can’t be explored on the internet or taught by anyone but  all this can only be experienced. Might be some of the cuisines or cultures becomes your favorite and you imbibe that in yourself.

Thailand - Traveling Around the world

  1. The whole World is not that advance and every Human just wants to be happy

Traveling around the world will make you realize that the whole world is not that advanced as you think.  Every child is not spending time playing Xbox or teenager is not going to club. Still, children play in the puddles and enjoy making toys with the waste. But they are happy. They have cultivated their happiness in their surroundings. So, happiness is immaterial and comes from inside and thoughts. One can be happy in mountains, beaches, mansions, villas or just in a small house. But the prime goal for all human in all countries everywhere in the globe is just Happiness.

Happy Humans- Traveling Around the world

  1. Travel gives a new perspective to life

I stated in the second point that you learn about new cultures, new people, new cuisines etc. But in depth, all of these are some or more related. All the humans have same needs and same desires. It is just in the name of religion and politics people and countries are pulled apart. Still, there is a feeling of brotherhood and kindness for tourists and travelers.

Your family, your friends, and your job everything is important but there is much more in life. You learn to prioritize what is important and what is not. Travel around the world really helps you to broaden your horizons and think out of the box.

Jaipur - Traveling around the world

  1. Talking to strangers is not always bad

During travel, conversation with a stranger especially locals help you in learning more about that place. They guide you on what needs to be explored and what cannot be missed on. Locals actually help you to experience and live in that culture. And your fellow travelers on the move can help you with their travel guides and tips. Simultaneously you will have a new bunch of friends to go on the adventures together.

  1. You don’t need to plan everything in your life

Sometimes unplanned things and destinations lead you to beautiful experiences. I agree that planning is good but sometimes it can make you miss the awesome things you could have experienced otherwise. So, let the things go with their own flow especially with travel. You might fall in love with the place and want to embrace their culture and traditions. It is cool to get lost in unknown places to experience the most random and amazing things.

Sr Lanka - Traveling Around the world

  1. Certain things cannot be changed

There is no point of taking stress about the certain small things like missed bus or hotel booking or flight. Breathe with the situation and accept it. Instead, stress will dampen your morale and ruin your day. Traveling is all about fun, learning, exploring and seeing new good things. Learn from every mistake and situation so you organize the things better next time.

Overall traveling around the world had made me much more patient, knowledgeable and kind. And these are just a few lessons which I have learned till today. There is so much more to learn and explore. Life is short so enjoy and live every moment, whatever makes you happy.

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42 thoughts on “What all I learnt traveling around the world”

  1. Some people think that travelling is a waste of time and money, whereas we as travellers know that you can learn a lot from your travel experiences, right? 🙂 I agree with most of your points here, especially #4. I’ve met so many interesting people from all walks of life while travelling, and they have given me so many new ways to think about life 🙂

  2. When I travel I just go with a flow like water lilies, and enjoy every moments of it. I seldom list down my itineraries because being spontaneous is who i am

  3. Your post is great and it gives to the people a new perspective to travel around the world! Tips and useful information that is not easy to find! Anyway I do agree with most of your points, the #1 is my Travel Muse: I just think something simple where it’s not tied to take a flight or take a long bus: Once a year, go someplace you have never been before! 😀 thanks for sharing this post, 😀

  4. So many truths! Travelling has changed my life completely and the way I see things in general. There’s no better way to learn about history, culture and people than travelling and living different experiences. That was a great read!

  5. So true all points 🙂 the last one particularly. One must stop cribbing at unexpected events . Accept and move on only then we can enjoy travel. I would have added local cuisines to this list. 😛 🙂

  6. You have learnt so many great things! and that’s the point! that’s what travel does to our lives! just teach you new things everyday and make your life better!

  7. Travel is indeed one of the catalyst that reengineers the self. It teaches and transforms you. One other thing which travel does is makes you realize, that no matter where you, at the core people are the same with the same emotions.

  8. Bravo. We totally agree with you. We were just talking about another lesson that we learned from travel. That things pass away too quickly, so you can’t take special places for granted because if you put off going they may disappear. Like in Nepal, the recent earthquake destroyed 5 of 7 UNESCO world heritage sites. We can’t see it all, but we can’t take magical places in the world for granted.

  9. Travel is so empowering and I agree with your points. It is both an humbling and invigorating experience, it is so personal and strong it is so hard to put into words. It includes all the contradictions of the world and thus its beauty.

  10. People can learn a lot about themselves and about others through traveling. I agree with all of your points, especially the last one ‘Certain things cannot be changed.’ They are definitely things that we wished we could’ve done or didn’t do, but through traveling we are forced to move one and learn from it.

  11. I agree with all of your thoughts. People travel for different reasons and with different purposes. But these are the things that travel teaches all of us, whether we know it or not, whether we notice it or not!

  12. Beautiful thoughts. It’s really so true how many benefits travel has and how many things it teaches us. For me, if you ask me to flash back on my life and tell you stories, most of them will come out of travel. Because those are the days when I am the most alive, I cherish every single moment and enjoy every single second of life..I am sure it’s the same with you

  13. I love how you whole-heartedly listed your learning experiences! I can attest to some of your thoughts in here especially sixth point, “You don’t need to plan everything in your life.” You are amazing, Suruchi!! Xx

  14. Travel is indeed one of the best things being alive! We don’t live when we don’t travel! And indeed, we don’t need to plan everything in life. Some unplanned things are the greatest! Keep traveling! Xx

  15. Every traveler will be able to relate to this post. Traveling is not a luxury, it is my way to teach myself about new things. It is a way for me to step out of my comfort zone and explore the places I haven’t been to.

  16. Thank you for this list! I feel the same with most of these points and of course, LOVE the quote by St. Augustine! I love how you touched on that traveling for you isn’t a break to just relax and veg, but to learn and satisfy your curiosity about other people and places!

  17. I agree with everything especially #5. I used to be so wary of strangers, and I would only talk to them when I need to ask for directions. Now, when I’m feeling sociable, I do talk to strangers and I find it to be quite an empowering thing to do (for someone who is socially awkward like me). I love learning about them, what they do, what they think, what they believe in. It’s such a good way to win new friends and to learn something new at the same time.

  18. I will tell the same things than you, just can see myself in your post.
    So true about speak with strangers it is not bad, not at all, to be honest, I love the local people everywhere… and the whole world just want to be happy, so true, it is a shame that a small part of the world doesn’t let everyone just be happy!!

    I always follow the idea of not planning everything also 😀

  19. Fantastic post to read. I have to admit, if traveling for a while then you do get to learn more about yourself, what your inner strengths and weaknesses are. It can also open up to new paths and I always say you learn more when you are on the road than in school. 😀

  20. This is so true! Love this post. Especially point 3. No matter where you go, people are just trying to be happy. In different ways, to reach the same conclusion. We have also learned to be flexible after travelling. Sometimes the weather gods just refuse to cooperate. It makes sense to change plans and do what is possible and reiterate point 3, be happy!

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