All Gud Things in life which give you happiness and reasons to explore more

All Gud Things in life which give you happiness and reasons to explore more

5 tips before finalising the exclusive honeymoon trip

The wedding is the biggest event in everyone’s life and as soon as the wedding dates are decided we start working on our never-ending to-do list. We start planning for every single event to make it exclusive especially honeymoon trip. It is right to be thoughtful and plan these holidays well with your fiancé as it is surely going to be once in a lifetime trip.

Honeymoon Trip

I still remember when we had to plan ours; my husband asked me to do some research. Then he asked me few questions and my choices, to make it easier for choosing the final place among the shortlisted destinations. All this helped us in short listing and planning our holidays.

Now, these tips along with research can help newly hitched or to be hitched couples in narrowing and deciding  on their honeymoon trip.

  1. Determine how far and how much time you both can spare for your holidays

Discuss with your spouse openly how far you both can travel? How much time you both can spare for honeymoon trip? How many leaves you both have or can avail? Is travelling extensively comfortable with you and your fiancé? A destination like Europe and America require lot many hours of travelling and sometimes connecting flights. Throw in the fact of time zone too, to get mentally prepared to get acclimatised. Some of the places may be your dream destinations. But don’t panic or push on each other for that destination! You can plan a trip to your dream destination some other time.

Apa Villa Thalpe, Sri Lanka- Honeymoon Trip

  1. Choose a theme

Choose with your fiancé what type of trip you both want to take – relaxing, adventurous, romantic, peaceful, road trip, cultural or nature. A romantic relaxing honeymoon trip on the beach resort, getting suntanned and sipping wine can be on many couples list. So, one can consider Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bali, Bora-Bora etc from the long list. Streets of Paris and Gondola ride of Venice; dressed up like a princess are on the list of others. So, one can opt for them too, if looking for romantic, cultural spots.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand, Honeymoon Trip

  1. Fix up your budget

After short listing destinations according to the theme, next is to set up the budget for the decided number of days. This is where you and your partner need to sit and discuss frankly how much you should spend. There is no limit to spending but budgets always help. The other option can be to collect funding through honeymoon wedding registry . Some of the links for honeymoon holidays registry are: (; )

Ranikhet Uttrakhand, India - Honeymoon Trip

  1. Decide on when to leave for honeymoon trip

Sometimes, leaving immediately for honeymoon trip after wedding doesn’t go well with your schedules or with the weather conditions of that place. So, do a quick research to know the weather conditions of the chosen destinations at the time of your travel. Also check for the local festivals, crowds at the time of your travel. For e.g. – If you are travelling to Europe in August, many of the towns are closed for vacations that time and in January, February it will be very cold. So, this all can change your decision. You can also consider travelling during off season to cut off the costs and experience more.

Honeymoon Trip
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  1. Get Bookings done early 

Honeymoon holidays are not the time to experiment. Everything needs to be perfect. Don’t wait till last moment. At last moment, flights, hotels, everything will cost you much more than the actual amount. Look for the honeymoon packages, deals and check the hotel’s reviews and recommendations before booking. Read some travel blogs to get more insights.

Inform hotel about your honeymoon. They may charge you more but you will also get the room with better view and sometimes a complimentary dinner too.

So, planning honeymoon trip in not a big task. Talking everything candidly and planning together will act as a catalyst to your new married life. And I say travel solves every couple’s problem and it can save your marriage.

21 thoughts on “5 tips before finalising the exclusive honeymoon trip”

  • It is always sensible to plan your trips. If it is a honeymoon, this is all the more important as you would not like any snags in your plans. Your tips are really practical and sensible and would ensure a great travel experience with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

  • I am a wedding planner and couldnt agree more with your tips. Especially the budget, I have worked with so many couples who come to blows when they discuss their budget. The suggestion to change when they honeymoon, often much later than just after being married has been very successful.

  • A set of wonderful tips that most to-be-married-couples do not plan well in advance. Out of all tips, i feel that choosing a theme is most important and useful. It’s a honeymoon, you have to have the objectives right, isn’t it?

  • I had to laugh at myself for choosing to read this when I am nowhere near to getting married haha… Still, it’s an interesting read and I could only imagine how much thought (and money) is given to do a honeymoon trip. The most interesting part for me is the theme, didn’t know that even honeymoons have this.

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