9 Essential Health Supplements for Travel

9 Essential Health Supplements for Travel

“To travel is to live”- Hans Christian

We love this quote! Just the ideas, thought and feel of traveling to a new destination, and even to the same place give us the motivation to stay healthy and #livewell. In today’s world, it’s not only me or you who love’s travel. Indeed, everybody loves to travel but traveling is fun and less tiring only when done in a healthy way, without getting sick. But today’s scenario is such that while traveling we often forget our meals, mid meals, daily nutrient requirement and munch on whatever is available at the time and place. Hence, it creates a big gap between proper meals and nutrient deficiency takes place in our body, which we do not realize. So, here comes the role of essential health supplements for travel.

Supplements for Travel

This means that by taking some simple precautions and adding health and dietary supplements for travel in our diet, we can increase our energy levels, decrease fatigue, minimize jet lags, reduce the risk of traveler’s diarrhea and increase our immunity to fight against the unfamiliar germs.

So, in this post, we will be listing and categorizing the supplements for travel- as general traveler supplements and international traveler supplements.

Note: We have enlisted the health supplements of travel below, according to our knowledge and experience. You can pick and choose according to your own body requirements, only after consultation with your nutritionist or doctor.

Basic Supplements for all Travellers

  1. Vitamin C

The Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. It keeps the immune system strong, perky and also aids in wound healing. So, while traveling when our body gets exposed to the unfamiliar environment, the Ascorbic acid assists our immune system and helps us to fight against diseases. So, a traveler can always keep a bottle of GNC Vitamin C tablets with him/her.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a pivot for healthy bones and joints. It is a steroid hormone that impacts every cell of the body, helps one to stay active and strengthens the immune system.

Acc. to the recent studies, 70% of the population in India has Vitamin D deficiency. That means high chances of brittle bones, fracture, Lethargy, and weakness. And travel is no fun if you are not active and feels fatigue even after a small walk. So, start taking Vitamin D supplements, after proper consultation and diagnosis, to be fit every day.

Note: If you are traveling to places with a warm climate and will be spending lots of time catching rays, their vitamin D supplements probably isn’t necessary. However, if you will be staying mostly indoors, or heading to a cooler climate than consider packing vitamin D supplements to increase immunity.

GNC Products- Health Supplements for Travel
GNC India -Health Supplements for Travel
  1. Magnesium

Constipation and stubborn irritable bowels are the common occurrences in travel. Along with it come a headache, anxiety, fatigue, muscle cramps, nausea, weakness, and sleep deprivation especially when you are on the run and have meetings scheduled throughout day and night. The main reason for all of these effects is low magnesium intake as compared to the body’s requirement. So, frequent travelers do pack Magnesium supplements.

Magnesium is a supernatural relaxant. It overall relaxes body muscles including the intestinal muscles, hence treats constipation. It also helps in the production of brain calming relaxant hence no headache, anxiety, and insomnia.

Note: Take Magnesium Glycinate to fulfill daily body’s nutrient requirement and for relaxation. Whereas Magnesium Citrate for a comfortable bowel movement

  1. Probiotics

This is the most important supplement and we recommended it for every traveler to avoid digestive disorders and Traveller’s Diarrhoea.

We are sure nobody would like sitting in the washroom, when on a vacation. Acc to the CDC study, 30-70% of travelers suffer from traveler’s diarrhea, due to poor hygienic preparations in local restaurants.

So, the probiotics are effective in treating constipation, irritable bowel syndrome. And they also bolster the immune system, so prevents traveler’s diarrhea. They also keep gut healthy during a course of antibiotics.

Personally, we recommend GNC Probiotics, as they are enriched with Vitamin C, Vitamin D. and they provide digestive and immune system support

Leh Town: One needs to be fit while travelling, so here are few recommended health supplements for travel

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng is an adaptogenic and immune booster. So, during travels, if you are planning for unusual activities, it will help your body build stamina, adjust to unusual physical exertion and stress.

You can check GNC Ginseng dietary supplement here.

  1. Multivitamins

During travel, there are no fixed meal times. Indeed, many times we skip our meals due to strange foods or not having proper access to fresh fruits, vegetables. So, here comes the role of Multivitamins.

One multivitamin daily during your trip can support your enforced change of diet and counter any lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

Health Supplements for International travelers

While traveling internationally, jet lag disrupts our sleeping pattern and hence, affecting our digestive system as well as appetite. So, along with some basic supplements, we need some more here.

  1. Melatonin

This supplement is never a must but only in extreme scenarios. We advise, first, let your body clock gets adjusted to the changed time zone. If it doesn’t work and still you feel a lot of stressed, un-comfortableness, and sleep deprived, then go for melatonin supplements.

  1. Digestive Enzymes and Herbs

While traveling, digestion slows down, leading to fullness, bloating and gas. So, to counter that inconvenience GNC offers a deep cleaning formula, a perfect blend of digestive enzymes, fibers, and acidophilus.

Health Supplements for Travel - GIC India
GNC India -#FillingTheGap Campaign
  1. Oil of Oregano

It is a natural antibiotic and can treat various infections like viral flu, cold, stomach infections etc.

Health Supplements for travel – How to carry them

Look at that list. It means you need to haul a separate bag for health supplements for travels but the answer is complete no. Just take a medicine organizer and add your supplements to it for the no of days you will be traveling. This won’t occupy much space in your baggage.

For International Travels: Check with the doctor at travel clinic the medicines and the quantities that are allowed in transit

Apart from all these health supplements, do carry some energy bars, and nuts with you, to avoid junk food. Are you taking any of these health supplements for travels? If yes! Do let us know by commenting below.

Health Supplements for Travel


This article has been written in association with GNC India. We attended their event as Bloggers at Indian Habitat center, for the campaign #fillingthegap. The event was attended by celebrities like Nishwin Parikh, Manjot Kalra, Mrs. Anita Jatiana and Dr. Mukesh Goyal.   

If you buy any of the products mentioned above, we won’t be paid for it.

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29 thoughts on “9 Essential Health Supplements for Travel”

  • we can’t technically buy melatonin here – but I find it really useful to rebalance my body clock after a long haul flight. I always carry aloe vera and tea tree oil too, for sun burn and as an antiseptic – and citronella as anti mosquito

  • hm..! Well I can say I don’t need most of these -as my diet gives me plenty (Vitamin C) and sun (Vitamin D) and I also sleep very well-but I certainly need to look up these Digestive enzymes and the ginseng for future trips. Those area areas I need to bulk up and where I need help. Thanks for the reminder-I start getting lazy and then I don’t realize why I’m feling the way I’m feeling but of course most things can be helped with precautions

  • I’m shocked that such a high percentage of Indians in India are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency as you have so much more sunlight there… I guess too much time spent inside. I am in UK and have to take Vitamin D throughout the year as my levels weer low, and have indeed caused some bone issues. They are now back up to normal. I can also recommend the probiotics for a traveller, really helps to create healthy gut bacteria which in turn protects somewhat against stomach upsets.

  • There’s been a lot of talk about Vitamin D deficiency for us in the UK and we are surprised that such a large number of the Indian population are lacking Vitamin D as well. Melatonin is not available in the UK over the counter, it has to be prescribed, so Mrs W bought some when we were last in the USA.

  • Vitamin D deficiency is a big problem in Canada too. This is a good reminder for me to travel with at least a daily multivitamin. There are a lot of days when I don’t really get great nutrition when I travel (I’m looking at you, airport food!) and this would help out a bit 😉

  • Some great recommendations here. I haven’t taken Ginseng but building stamina sounds excellent. So glad that I found Probiotics too and I use the Gusto To Go packets when I’m traveling. That’s really helped me to stay healthy in new places. I take most of the others regularly already.

  • I never really thought about taking supplements. Being from Australia I probably don’t need to worry about getting enough Vitamin D, but may look into some of the others to boost my immune system during my travels. Thanks

  • A good set of health supplement suggestions. We too make sure we are staying healthy when we travel. For Vitamin C, we add an EmergenC package to water. It gives us a mega dose of Vitamin C and a series of other vitamins. And makes the water taste great. I discovered that probiotics will help keep my stomach healthy and reduce the chance of getting travellers belly. For jet lag, we go with a naturopathic tablet which seems to work well.

  • I regularly take vitamin c and d and a probiotic, but not the other things. You need to be careful with ginseng if you have heart problems, as it can alter your heart’s rhythm. (this from my son’s cardiologist) Also, as we age, our bodies don’t absorb the vitamin d in our diets as well as when we are young. That’s why so many people are low. (this from my doctor before she put me on a super dose of vitamin d) Great information here. It’s a bummer to get sick on vacation.

  • I sometimes forget to pack health supplements when we travel, but when I do it’s probiotics and vitamin C. After reading your article, I think I should start packing some others too! A multivitamin certainly can’t hurt and magnesium looks like a great supplement for bowel problems and the associated effects.

  • To be honest, I don’t bring health supplements during travels. Instead, I bring natural and processed foods such as energy bars, nuts, fruits, bread and cookies. These had helped me and my family in good stead and we never fell ill. For Vitamin D, there’s always the sun.

  • I always rely on probiotics wen I travel, all the new food, travelling and weather changes can really play havoc on my tummy and feeling centred. I don’t take Vitamin D as a rule, but I might be persuaded now as I think it could help with my energy levels. I do take a regular iron supplement though!

  • I’m so familiar with ginseng and some herbs and our body greatly deserves them especially like us, travelers. We need so much energy and health supplements. Although I must say I don’t take any health essentials, it’s probably time to consider after reading this. As for vitamin C, eating fruits that contain vitamin C can be good enough? But yes, I do take bars and nuts! I always have them in my bag!

  • These are great tips! I’m always telling myself that I need to be better about being good to my body when I’m traveling. Probiotics sound like something I definitely need to bring with me on my next trip.

  • I know of a lot of travelers who take these supplements and it definitely helps them. Vitamin D for me comes so naturally with all the sun that I soak in but there was this one time in Europe where the sun refused to come out for days and I could feel the way my joints stiffened up. Did not realize it then but when I got back, a doc suggested that the next time I should carry some of those Vit. D supplements. Good to know that these are now available here readily. Well enumerated.

  • Nice informative post. I don’t know about 70% deficiency, but I know that people in the cities spend more time indoors , in the bus, in the train , in the bus and so on. and most do have Vit D deficiency. This is true for US too. During travels I buy lots of fruits like apple which will stay for a few days. 🙂

  • This is great, because it’s easy to get into a routine of healthy eating when we’re home, but traveling does take it’s toll on your body and food habits. I travel with Vitamin C supplements because it’s so essential for maintaining proper health, and probiotics to keep the immune system strong, which is especially important when you’re exposing yourself to new and foreign bugs and viruses.

  • Staying healthy and getting the right nutrients is always important. But it assumes all the more significance when you are travelling and especially long distance. With the approach of summer, this becomes all the more vital. Vitamin C is something that we always carry on long trips.

  • When I think of it… I have never though too much about my health over the years of rough travelling. Yes, it takes a toll. Glad to see a post like this. I should take it seriously to elongate my travelling life.

    And great phtograph of you (is that Leh)?

  • When I think of it… I have never though too much about my health over the years of rough travelling. Yes, it takes a toll. Glad to see a post like this. I should take it seriously to elongate my travelling life.

    And great photograph of you (is that Leh)?

  • I have actually never considered taking any health supplements while travelling. I also did not know that Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in 70% of the Indians. It is true even for the people in Dubai (where I live) mostly because people prefer to stay indoors, it is so hot outside, 6 months of the year. I, however, enjoy a lot of sun when I travel so I doubt if I will need to take Vitamin D supplements. I do agree with taking Vitamin C supplements (or natural foods) to increase your immunity towards flu and related infections.

  • I agree with you that nutrition is extra important when you are traveling. We try to eat healthy and take supplements because let’s face it, when you are exploring somewhere new is not the time to get sick. Great list of what to take, thanks for sharing it.

  • Good information on some of the vitamin deficiencies. In India, we seem to think that just because we live in a tropical country, we get enough sun! We don’t. But can I add a word of caution – I would advise consulting your regular GP before starting these supplements. Also, we have different requirements, so an annual health check-up is good to get done and then take steps accordingly.

  • I have a different POV on this. I have been traveling long term. And, I am a fan of natural things over supplements. I keep my diet right, walk a lot, sleep on time and don’t over indulge in harmful things. So far I have been doing well. I truly believe in the power of nature over anything else. Although, I do carry medicines with me, i have hardly ever needed them.

  • This is super interesting, I didn’t realise people took supplements when they travelled! I’m a vegetarian so am personally always on top of my diet and making sure I get the right balance of nutrients. I’ll have to keep my eye out for these supplements when I’m travelling, though, and maybe pick up some.

  • I think it’s very easy to let our health slip when we’re traveling because we get so caught up with running around and trying to see as much as we can. Early mornings and late nights! So taking supplements is definitely a good idea. I think it’s important to try and do some exercise too, even if its just push ups and sit ups in your hotel room.

  • Excellent guide. I’m big on Vitamin C especially in the lead up to a trip to get the body fighting fit. Also – can’t stress how important probiotics are! It’s just too easy to get upset stomachs so it’s crucial to keep those bacteria in the gut well balanced and working properly!