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The Sangla Valley, Kinnaur: In Photos

Sangla Valley or Baspa Valley in Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh is a land of the Himalayan villages with beautiful landscapes and the gushing river Baspa. The valley starts from the village Karcham and ends at Chitkul. In fact, the village Chitkul is the last inhabited village at the Indo – Tibet/ China Border.

The Sangla Valley, Kinnaur: In Photos

The Sangla valley is surrounded by forested slopes, plunging gorges between tall snow-capped mountains, and has thick vegetation of apple orchards, apricot, walnuts, and cedar trees. The valley is home to kinnauris and it welcomes tourist only for 6 months and for rest months it is covered with snow. That is the main reason for its enchanting beauty. Oh, Wait! Here are the few of the photos and glimpses from my last trip, which speak for themselves because my words will be really short to explain the beauty of Sangla Valley.

  1. The enchanting morning views of Sangla Valley, Kinnaur

I love staying at Kinner Camps in Sangla because the huts are located in between the snow-clad mountains, Baspa river, and apple orchards. With the first ray of sunlight, the snow shines and the whole area becomes so picturesque.

The Sangla Valley, Kinnaur
The Sangla Valley, Kinnaur


  1. The changing color of Landscape in single shot at Chitkul

Chitkul, the last inhabited village near Indo-China Border is just 22 km ahead of Sangla. The roads are narrow and bumpy but the landscapes ahead are breathtaking. The amazing part is snow capped peaks and glaciers; semi-arid mountains; lush green mountains, Baspa River, Blue sky and floating clouds, all are here in one frame.


Chitkul, Sangla Valley, Kinnaur
Views at Chitkul
  1. The Tranquil Life in these Himalayan Villages

The people in these villages are simply dressed and they live a simple life. They usually do farming and own apple orchards. When I got to know this, I asked my hotel owner to get me a deal for planting 5-10 apple trees in Kinnaur. He laughed endlessly saying “Madam, even the poorest man here has at least 100 apple trees and you are talking about 5-10.” Now tell me, who is poor – we or people of Kinnaur, who live a tranquil life.

Apple orchards in Sangla Valley, kinnaur, Himachal
Apple orchards in Sangla Valley
  1. The colored tents and wooden houses

The wooden houses with the slanting slopes and the colored tents gel up so well in the up and down landscapes. They look in deep combination with the deep blue sky and the surroundings around, giving a complete feel of being in the lap of nature.

Rakcham Village in Sangla Valley at Kinnaur
Rakcham Village


Colored Huts in Sangla Valley, Kinnaur, Himachal

  1. The valley bowls walled by the snow covered peaks in Sangla Valley, Kinnaur

In between the way from Sangla to Chitkul, there are several valley bowls surrounded by tall peaks on sides and blue sky on the top. One might find a walking companion on the way.

Sangla Valley bowls in kinnaur, Himachal
Sangla Valley bowl in Kinnaur
  1. Unlimited water and fun with the waterfalls

Even my Scorpio needed a bath, so why not it has some fun with the waterfall. I will say the coolest way to clean your car.

Car Wash at Sangla Valley, Kinnaur, Himachal

  1. The Baspa River in Sangla Valley

The gurgling and gushing river Baspa; flow with a pride, protecting the valley and enriching the soil. The land here is favorable for apples, apricots, potatoes and other fruits.


Baspa River in Sangla Valley, Kinnaur
Baspa River in Sangla Valley
  1. The trails leading to villages on another side of mountains

Explore and hike on the trails explored by Shepherds. The Shepherds bring their cattle down for grazing and also carry supplies for the army men, guarding at the border areas.

Hiking Trails in Sangla Valley, Kinnaur, Himachal

  1. The Floating Clouds in deep blue sky at Sangla valley, Kinnaur

If you are someone like me, who likes searching figures in the sky and clouds then this is the perfect location for it.

Hiking Trails in Sangla Valley, Kinnaur, Himachal

These are my impressions of Sangla valley, Kinnaur. What are yours?