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Save your marriage using only Travel

You don’t have time for me. You are completely in to your work. You don’t know what is happening around. I can feed myself and work for my own needs. Blah Blah.. Don’t you think these are the common arguments happening after marriage in every house? The number of divorces because of these arguments are increasing. Hindustan times report says that from past five years these numbers are continuously shooting up. Before any decision listen to us and just travel with your spouse. Travel will not only save your marriage but will do wonders to bring you two together.

Save your marriage using only travel

Here we list down some advantages of travelling together as couple.

  1. Partners reveals themselves

    Moving away from comfort zone, gives one a chance to look deeper into their spouse. True discoveries and long talks about his/her past, long term goals, fondness and limitations for stuff happens, when one is travelling. Actually travelling reveals ugly truths too. Challenges to tackle the hurdles and acceptance of these ugly truths not only get you close but will result in much stronger bond.

  2. Learn about each other

    During travel, couples get to know strengths and weakness of each other. They find out ways to complement on those roles to reach common destination. They learn to trust and rely on each other.

  3. See things which you can’t see as solo travele

    Planning trips together is like compromising for each other and working in harmony. For e.g.- Your husband want to see museum and you want to go boating. In such situation both partners need to find a compromise that pleases both of you. It might mean skipping both, choosing the third or doing both the things on different days and different timings.

  4. Naturalize how he/she treats others

    By others I mean waiters, flight attendants, and other staff. Cultural differences and globetrotting can help you discover his inner hidden traits and personality.

  5. Increases Intimacy

    Travelling together cuts down the workload as well as stress, enough to spark romance. Studies have too proved that couples who travel have better sexual relationship.

  6. Gets to know what you need to do alone and what together

    You don’t need to cling to him/her all the time. It gives you a sense that you are together. He / She just needs a space for himself to get enthralled or relax in the nature.

  7. Build long term memories

    Spending this alone time with spouse is like writing a history. The more you enjoy doing activities with each other, the more stronger connection you build. In future, whenever you will look back at them these memories will always cherish you.

Travel helps to build trust, friendship and respect for each other and these are the most important ingredients for happy married life. So, whatever wherever you are. Start creating memories. That is the only thing going to last with you forever. Cheers!