Review of Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi

Review of Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi

I and my husband love road trips and we just hit the roads by deciding route but never the location. That means no prior bookings for a stay. This is because we have a strong belief that “unplanned trips are the best ones” and we can actually stop anywhere on the way or worst sleep in our car. Anyways, during our last trip to  Tehri in Uttarakhand, we planned to visit Uttarkashi. Now the question was where to stay. So here my Google Baba, I mean Google  Maps (search by area option) helped and it searched out Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi nearest to us.

Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi


Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi

The Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi derives its name from the colorful bird Monal, which is a state bird of Uttrakhand. It is a double storey, handcrafted guest house by a mountain lover and trekking enthusiast Mr. Deependar Panwar.

Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi

The Monal guest house is located at Kot Bungalow Road, on the Uttarkashi-Gangotri Highway. It is almost 2 km away from the Uttarkashi town. The place is amidst by spouting River Ganges on one side and lush green fields on others. The whole environment is peaceful, green, clean and at a walking distance from the Uttarkashi town. The blue color of the sky here shows how this place is unpolluted and is a true nature’s paradise. It truly deserves the title of Land of Gods.

Little History of Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi (MTH)

Mr. Deependar, after graduating from NIM (National Institute of Mountaineering, In Uttarkashi), was working as a porter, instructor and guide with a renowned trekking company. While working in a job he was determined enough to build up his career further in Tourism. Seeing that enthusiasm at such a young age, a father motivated his son to convert their present home to a guest home and here was the result – the beginning of Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi and from there the place never looked back.

Rooms at Monal Tourist Home

There are total 8 rooms; which are divided further into wings A & B. Wing A only houses rooms whereas wing B apart from rooms, also comprises of a restaurant, library, and sitting area.  The 4 rooms have double beds, 2 have 3 beds and other 2 have 4 beds.

During our visit, most of Uttarkashi hotels were without tourist and closed due to off season. So,we were the only guests (should I say masters) in this home stay and had the option to choose our room. We opted for the room in wing B in front of garden and restaurant. Check out the room and the morning view from the window. Isn’t that worth admiring?

View from my room at Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi


The rooms of Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi are not big luxurious rooms. They are small, cozy, clean budgeted rooms with a balcony. The room has a double bed, side table to work and attached washroom with hot water facility. They are equipped with all the basic amenities including geyser, tea and coffee maker which one needs for a comfortable stay and Yes! This actually needs a special mention – There are No Televisions and Intercom services for the room and this is done intentionally, as they consider these as a distraction during a holiday.  The prime aim here is to make the guests feel the pristine peace, coolness, and beauty of Uttarkashi.

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On the top of the rooms, there is a wide terrace where you can sit, relax and spend some time soaking your eyes with the wonderful views of snow-capped mountains, Ganges, and surrounding fields. Tariff for all the rooms varies between INR 700 – INR 2000 and for our room it was around Rs. 1600/-.

On the top of the rooms, there is a wide terrace where you can sit, relax and spend some time soaking your eyes with the wonderful views of snow-capped mountains, Ganges, and surrounding fields. Tariff for all the rooms varies between INR 700 – INR 2000 and for our room it was around Rs. 1600/-.

View from Terrace at Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi

Food at Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi

The Monal guest house serves really delicious food, but only on prior requests. Timings for the breakfast are from 7 am -10 am and for dinner are 8 pm -9 pm. In seasons you may not face the problem of the prior request, but in off season make sure to inform them for all the meals. They serve meals only in the restaurants and do provide tea and snacks in the rooms.

Restaurant at Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi


As the owner himself is an advanced trekker so a small talk with him can supplement you with all the hiking and trekking trails nearby. He also helps in organizing various walks, treks, hikes, mountain cycling, biking and angling tours. Additionally, you can try your hands on some traditional cookery and mud work art classes.



I didn’t get the chance to explore the trails and do activities with Monal Tourist Home but yes the property is surely worth staying and relaxing. In short, it is more than Value for money. Comfort is one, but the views you get from Monal Tourist home, Uttarkashi are incomparable. They are just like tranquilizers which make you long for more and you realize the power and beauty of nature.


I personally rate this Monal Tourist home,  Uttarkashi (4.5 out of 5). The number is really high because of its location; away from the city rush and mind blowing views from its terrace and garden.

Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi

Some Additional Info about Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi:

  1. They provide pick and drop service to Uttarkashi town, but only on prior requests.
  2. One needs to climb few stairs to reach the guest house.
  3. Laundry and Lunch services are only available on request.
  4. For prior information and bookings you can speak to Mr. Deependar on these numbers 91-9412984183, or 91-1374-222270 and their email id is Mr. Deependar prefers pre-booking for Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi because he likes meetings his guests personally and treating them with the best hospitality services. I was really impressed by his attitude; he waited for us till 11 pm, just to meet and greet us.
  5. From Uttarkashi town, you get the sharing cabs till guest house and nearby tourist spots.

This is not a sponsored post and it is written purely based on my own views, stay and after a talk with Mr. Deependar. I didn’t  mention to him that I will be talking about  Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi on my blog postFor more details, you can refer to their website here.


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Review of Monal Tourist Home Uttarkashi

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  • The surroundings of the hotel are very beautiful and I can imagine that the stay here can be very relaxing. The rooms, even if basic, look cosy and welcoming and the price is definitely very good value for money.

  • The hotel looks awesome! The view is great! Its an excellent idea that the rooms don’t have TV & phones. Good to know that they also organize treks & hikes! The prices are incredibly economical!!!

  • I felt dreamy seeing your photographs and they are beautiful. I don’t care for the television and intercom.. I can live it even for week, as long as i have my camera and a good book withe me. Indeed, this is a perfect vacation.

  • What a beautiful place, the views from the windows are spectacular. So green and perfect. As someone said above, why would you care about TV in such an amazing place! It’s a crime to watch TV or spend time surfing a web in this kind of surroundings 😉

  • Your post made me wish to go there right now! The landscapes are really beautiful and look really peaceful 🙂 However I think it would be difficult for me to be off the Internet… but it’s a good thing in the end!

  • Wow you and your husband are very brave. Its impressive how you don’t plan trips in advance but I do agree that the best trips are the ones that are unplanned. The views from the home are amazing!

  • I have traveled in Uttarakhand but never stayed in Uttarkashi. I loved the simplicity of this place and the host who seems to be so warm. Will add this place to my list for my next trip. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Monal Tourist home looks like a lovely place to stay in Uttarkashi. What I like about it the most is the fact that it has such an awesome location. The views are really breathtaking. The fact that it is so spacious and bright sure ensures a cheerful stay for guests.

  • When visiting the hills, my first preference for the accommodation is a hotel or home stay that can give a superb view of the surroundings. it would be so nice to sit on that terrace and just stare at the views around..isn’t it? I would agree with your score totally!!

  • Love the location of Monal Guest house and the views from his lovely homestay. I like the fact that there are trekking trails around which would be so much fun to explore.. Interestingly, your google baba is google rani in our household 🙂

  • What a lovely place to stay and traipsing my feet here will be sound great. The place seemed to be really quite and peaceful, the tress and the scenic views are just so refreshing. I like how you included the history of the place which seemed to be really inspiring, at least we also get to know a little background of the place. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  • I have always loved impromptu trips but of late tend to pre book our stay because we take our son along on our trips. After a day long tiring journey what mostly matters is a comfortable bed to sleep. having a telephone or TV are all extra luxuries that I consider not important. Monal tourist home seems like the right place with basic needs taken care of and I wouldnt ask for anything more. And the views from the hotel will make up for the absence of all the luxuries for sure.

  • This tourist home looks nice and cozy.This sounds like a place where you can be away from all the technological distractions and come there to discover yourself and enjoy the lil things in life

  • Funny that I read this because just recently, I began to entertain thoughts of having my own hostel. Well I don’t have a house like Deependar that I can turn into a guest home, but I still find myself inspired by this to fulfill my dream.

    Anyway, the biggest selling point of Monal in my opinion really is the view. How amazing to wake up in the morning with that spectacular view to look forward to. If I were having a vacation there, that alone would reinvigorate me.

  • Wow! Monal Home Uttarkashi is so wonderful. I am a mountain-lover and seeing your pictures bring joy to my heart, I love the feeling of staying inside a home with views of the mountain in the window with cool fresh air ventilating the interiors. I agree with their NO TV and INTERCOM policy. Yes they are all distractions and it’s ideal to disconnect in the digital world so we can further appreciate the beauty of the place.

  • It was really nice to read about your experience at Monal. I help Deependar maintain his web presence, and I’d love to add this as one of the testimonials! Thanks a lot!