Review: Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

Review: Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

If you are a history freak and looks for a relaxed vacation simultaneously, want to sleep in the private deluxe or seaside cottages with an Olympiad pool around, walk hand in hand watching the sunrise with your loved one on a private beach, then the Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram is the perfect place for you.


Recently, you might have seen our Instagram feed and Facebook feed loaded with lots of beach pictures giving you a perfect clue about our trip to the awesome Chariot property, and the fun we had while doing activities at chariot beach resort, Mahabalipuram. We were invited as guests to the #Chariot Bloggers Retreat.

We, a team of 16 bloggers from Delhi landed at Chennai Airport in the morning and were driven by the Chariot team Chauffer to the Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram. The resort is located at a distance of 60 km from the prime location at the shore. It took around 1:30 hr to reach the resort. As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed by the refreshing traditional South Indian coconut drink and seashell garlands. After a brief introduction and savory filling brunch, we were ushered towards our super deluxe villas.

Welcomed by Coconut Drink and Seashell Garland on arrival at Chariot Beach Resort

About The Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

The Chariot Beach resort is stretched over 42 acres. There are 70 rooms and villas amidst the swaying coconut trees and beach at the end.

Open Lush green areas at Chariot Resort, Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram or earlier known as Mamallapuram is a UNESCO heritage site and has the history dating back to 6th century when Pallavas came from Sri Lanka to rule the place.

The Chariot Beach resort is a perfect destination to soak in the greenness and calm your senses at the beach.

Rooms at Chariot Resort

The resort has in total 70 rooms categorized into standard rooms, deluxe rooms & cottages (24), sea view cottages (4) and sea view suites (4).

The rooms, villas and the suites in the Chariot beach resort are crafted keeping in mind the simple logic Rest & Relaxation (R&R) and the gripping greenery and cold breeze of the ocean are enough to unwind one from its daily chores.

Super Deluxe Cottages at chariot Mahabalipuram
Super Deluxe Cottages

We stayed at Super Deluxe cottages, which is spacious and furnished in a way to house two queen size beds. And the other amenities like working table, Sofa, chairs, LED’s, minibar, coffee maker, weighing scales, washroom, and outdoor shower. The villa is hugged from all sides by tropical gardens and has huge windows for the direct sunlight. The room looks out to the patio which has a perfect sitting arrangement to enjoy some morning and evening filter coffee with the newspaper. The Super Deluxe Villas are apt for the families as well as the couples.

Super Deluxe Cottage Room at Chariot Beach Resort

Amenities in Super Deluxe Cottage of Chariot beach resort

There are few Sea view cottages and suites in the resort too. Everything in these is almost same except that from there patio and rooms, one gets direct views of the sea and its waves. The Sea View Suites too has a separate dining area within their rooms.

Sea View Suites at Chariot Beach Resort
Sea View Suites
Sea View from Sea view Cottages at Chariot Beach Resort
Sea View from Sea View Cottages

Restaurants at Chariot Beach Resort

If you are someone who is the foodie, can go gaga about the food, have strong taste buds and the aroma of the cooked food in restaurants can tease your hunger, then this is the place you should be for your weekend getaways. They offer you a variety of traditional South Indian Cuisine to North Indian food.

There are 3 restaurants and a Bakehouse at Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram.

Kapi serves multi cuisines, a la carte and buffet throughout the day for its guests. There are live counters to try some lip-smacking local delicacies.

Sweet Delicacies at Chariot beach Resort
Sweet Delicacies at Chariot Beach Resort

Panam is a bar to enjoy some good cocktails and mocktails with your family and friends.

Restaurant at Chariot Beach Resort

Coast actually lies on the sea coast with the wonderful sea views and cold breeze. The fresh seafood severed here is palatable and unforgettable. Chariot team too organizes dinner for family, couple and friends on the sea coast.

Coast Restaurant at Chariot Beach Resort

Bake House on the property is enough to keep your sugar and calorie level apt while enjoying the property. The team doesn’t forget to serve you a variety of desserts after every meal.

Apart from this, there are various shakes and juices to enjoy the day.

Activities at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

There are a plethora of activities to choose from and enjoy within the premises of chariot Beach resort. There is a separate 5 acres neighborhood activity zone to rush your adrenaline levels. To name few others there is Zip lining, Burma Bridge, ATV ride, Cricket zone, Table tennis, Olympiad size swimming pool, private beach, Catamaran ride and Ayurvedic Spa zone.  You can read about these in detail here.

Watching Sunrise on private beach of Chariot Beach Resort
Watching Sunrise on private beach at Chariot Beach Resort


The Chariot beach resort, Mahabalipuram has three Banquet Halls named as Orchid, Marigold, and Frangi Pani. These can house 60 to 400 people during conferences and other events.

Besides, this the Chariot Team organizes personal as well as corporate parties at their Rock garden, pool, and private beach, only on prior request.

Bar in rock garden of Beach Resort
Bar in rock garden at Chariot Beach Resort

Walking/ Cycling at Chariot Beach Resort

Disregard all this, walk or cycle around the whole property in the early morning. There is silence, soothing birds chirping and a whiff of cool fresh ocean air brushing against your skin and soothing your inner soul.

Our Experience at Chariot Beach Resort

So, from all this review you can clearly make out that the Chariot Beach resort has some or other thing for everyone. We could relax and rejuvenate here, away from the mundane city life. The place is a perfect example of peace and tranquillity. One can calm down and detox himself/herself in the perfect environment here.

Sea Views at Chariot Beach Resort

Other must-visit Attractions in Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO heritage site dating back to 6th-7th century, so make sure to dwell yourself on the history of Pallavas dynasty. The Chariot Beach resort organizes a half day walking heritage tour of the Mahabalipuram city on prior request. The places which are must see and included in the tour are – Shore temple, part of submerged shore Temple, Krishna’s Butterball, Arjuna’s Penance, Old and New Lighthouse, 5 Ratha’s, and Seashell Museum. We will be covering all the details about these in our next post.

How to reach here

The Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram is just 60 km from Chennai. It takes around 1hr 30 minutes, maximum to reach.

Address: Five Raths Road, Behind Five Raths Monument, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 603104



AllGudThings was invited as a guest for the Chariot Bloggers Retreat, 2017, but the views expressed here in the post are completely ours. Special Thanks to Mr. Anand Chandershekar, for arranging everything so nicely and taking good care of all the bloggers.

If you are convinced and liked it, please share this weekend getaway with your friends and family.

Chariot Beach Resort

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  • The Chariot Beach Resort looks like a great place to get away from the din of Urbania. The fact that it is situated right next to the beach makes it an ideal place to relax. Also what is great for us is the fact that it is near some of the most historic and exquisite temples of India, the temples of Mahabalipuram. This is really a very good weekend getaway to rejuvenate in body, mind, and soul.

  • What a stunning looking place. I think I could happily settle in for a while! The scenery is gorgeous and the room look so pretty and comfy. I’d love to visit the UNESCO heritage site but would find it hard to leave that beautiful resort!

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  • I love that there is so much history in this area – the fact that it dates back to the 6th century is wonderful. Bake House sounds like my kind of place to eat! It sounds like this area has something for everyone with its adrenalin activities to relaxing catamaran rides. A great place to refresh, unwind and have fun!

  • Wow, that beach looks lovely and pristine — great to hear the resort invited you to visit! 🙂 It’s definitely my kind of place too — since you not only did you get to hang out at the beach, you also got to visit an amazing UNESCO World Heritage site! Even better that the resort arranges the tour for you by request. 🙂

  • Looks like a really amazingly relaxing resort to stay in after the adrenaline activities to get you through the day. Unfortunately I’m on the shoestring budget side of traveling so this may be out of my range, Love the history of the place and how they recognize it.

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    Loved that penultimate photograph that looks like a Komodo. Was that taken from the new lighthouse?

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