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AllGudThings in life which gives us happiness and reasons to explore more

AllGudThings, a Travel, and Lifestyle blog is the brainchild of a couple duos (Suruchi & Tashi), who are opposite to each other, in every way but aspire to see the whole world together in one small life. They too want others to get inspired, and come out of their comfort zone to experience what is more worthy.

Suruchi &Tashi (AllGudThings) - Travel & Lifestyle Blog

The opposite attracts, is what exactly follows among them. If one says mountains, other says beaches and ultimately it settles down somewhere in-between with road trips, vacations, craziness, and togetherness.


Suruchi (AllGudThings) - Travel and Lifestyle Blog

I am a dentist and hospital administrator by qualification who was badly bitten by the travel bug long back but there was no time to explore and fulfill my dreams. Tashi the counselor, friend, teacher, and husband (package of all) brainstormed and made me realize what I should do. He opened up the world of Travel and taught me the actual meaning of it. I couldn’t resist and grab the whole of the packet and now it has changed up my orientation and thinking.

Apart from this, I have a keen eye for the upcoming fashion, and lifestyle trends. I love attending fashion events and exhibitions. I read, review and experiment with the materials before putting them creatively into my writings. And yes! I love dressing up every day in a new outfit.

Tashi Aggarwal (AllGudThings)- Travel & Lifestyle Blog


I am an electrical engineer by qualification and a lighting design & controls professional who loves to illuminate every space creatively and beautifully. I have a strong affinity for my companion, my love, my road mate Black Scorpio. I wish to travel the whole world with it, wherever possible.




“We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.”

The simple philosophy of our life is: Travel! Travel! Travel!! We want to travel together and capture the whole world in our memories and photographs. We want to see all offbeat, untouched places and talk endlessly on our road trips. Photography was just a Click! Click! for Suruchi but for Tashi it is a complete technical subject and his all time passion.

We love to learn and grab new things and update our knowledge, whatever shows us the direction to succeed and move ahead. We see every day as a new challenge and fight with the courage to win it. Carpe Diem!!

Suruchi & Tashi (AllGudThings)- Travel & Lifestyle Blog

We haven’t seen much of the world, countries till day but hopefully, will make up to the whole world some day.

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Our website AllGudThings is a mere presence of our love and togetherness. We click and write, to sum up, everything we admired. Ultimately the goal is to live together each day and build a book of memories and experiences to relish.

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