The Green Color

Green color
The Green Color

The middle color of rainbow is also the color of spring. It symbolizes nature and environment depicting life, growth, renewal, fertility. Associated with money and wealth. This color is considered as most relaxing, refreshing color. It cools down the situation so has calming effect. Green rooms have green painted walls to give the calming, relaxing environment to the performers. Similarly hospitals use green to give calming, relaxing effect to the patients.

Positive – Fertility, Growth, Freshness, Nature, Healing, Hope, Stability, Generosity, Success

Negative – Boredom, Stagnation, Inexperience

People who like greens are considered to be more social and have lots of friends. They love environment and are balanced.

Green Apparels & Accessories
Green Apparels & Accessories

Sunglasses- D&G; Frill Dress- Zara; Shoulder Bag- Gucci; Earrings- Voylla; Lace Dress – Zara; Makeup Bag- H&M; Vest Top – H&M; Nail Paint – ColorBar; Mini Skirt- Zara

 Apparels & Accessories

  • It is a cool color, so good for relaxation. But when in overdose can result in depression.
  • It also works well when you have to gain trust, or show your ambitious nature.
  • Comes in various shades. Emerald greens and dark greens look great in winters whereas olive green and lighter shades of green look great in autumn.
  • It’s not the color of choice if you want to stand out in the crowd.
  • Bluish green is a good color to wear during business for women, depicting self esteem and confidence.

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