Safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve: Call of the wild

Safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve: Call of the wild

The alarm had already rung thrice but the warmth of quilts and pin drop silence was not letting us step out of our beds.  At the back of mind, I imagined black and yellow striped big cat crossing in real and that excitement finally pushed me out of bed. I pulled the curtain to see out, it was still pitch dark, mist was hiding the dense beauty of jungle and there was hardly anything visible beyond 1 meter. There; I woke Tashi up and asked, are you sure we are going for Jeep Safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve. I doubt they will take us in so much fog and we will see the ferocious beautiful big cat – Tiger.

Jungle Safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve

Without further discussion we stepped out to buy the safari tickets. The counter opened at 6:00 am and we were the first ones at window counter. Jeeps and canters were already lined up for 7:00 am Safari, with their engines on; and the guides were sipping tea gathered around the bonfires. Next 5 minutes we got our tickets with guide name Mr. Ramesh mentioned on it. We met him there and he directed us to be ready, outside our Hotel The Tiger Den.

Jeep Safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve

By 7:00am, darkness had already lifted; and an open jeep was standing at our gate. We jumped in with the excitement each occupying the corner seats as the whole gypsy belonged to us but then got to know three more members had to fit in from our Hotel itself. Like a child, I asked Ramesh, will we see tiger today. He turned, glared at me and with a small smile answered – Hanji, mam jaroor dikahega (Yes! Mam for sure you will see it). That raised my hopes and I crossed my fingers. We left in next 5 minutes and reached Gate No.1. After getting our tickets checked, we entered the Sariska Tiger Reserve.

The Jungle appeared much darker and quite inside. Dusty trails had the tires prints marked on it and some animal paws prints too. The sun rays started filtering out from the leaves shading the sky and jungle in the golden hues. Peacock started chanting and came out from the bushes on the trail.

Peacock at Sariska Tiger Reserve - National Park, India

I shouted with the excitement, whereas everyone’s camera’s started making a “click” “click” noise. Not one but group of peacock and peahen crossed the trail completely nonchalantly, after all it was her territory and we were the aliens.

Quail at Sariska National Park- Sariska Tiger Reserve

On the other side, we saw Quail, sitting together in a group of four, guessing the way to fight winters and stay warm. Nilgai / Blue Bull a bit far was raising her neck to find some food over the branches, but coexisted beautifully in the surrounding. After the continuous up and down trail, we saw a huge pond in the middle of the trail which used to be tiger shooting spot by kings, which made us clear the reserve area was never free from human settlements.

Bird in the Pond used by Royals to hunt Tiger at Sariska Tiger reserve

Few meters ahead, we saw spotted deer/ Chital, hovering over the bushes and a herd of Sambhar moving in line towards the another pond for some morning drink. The dusky sky with sun-rays plunging from it was making the Sariska Tiger reserve look extraordinary. Seeing all the natural habitat I actually forgot about the tiger.

Spotted Deer at Sariska National Park - Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sambar moving towards water body at Sariska Tiger Reserve

And it was already half time, we had reached the check post diverging into three ways one from where we entered and the other to Tehla and Pandu Pul/ Pandupol. The check post inside was more of a devastated museum, with some skulls on the display. Seeing the gypsies sanding there, we realized it’s not only us, but several jungle lovers are on the go. And none of them had spotted the big cat till now.

Checkpost at Sariska Tiger Reserve

In the mean-time folk of Rufous Treepie, the cousin of Magpie had already found its branches on the jeep. We must say they are one of the super friendly beautiful birds.

From there, we hopped back to the jeep and started towards another pond or Kankwari lake. On the way we observed the activities of Langurs, Wild Boars, and Rhesus Monkeys. The Kankwari lake just beneath the Kankwari Fort, situated on the hilltop. Half of the pond had dried up and the rest had some Stork birds, peacock and crocodiles were quenching their thirst.

Stork Birds at Sariska Tiger Reserve

Till now, we couldn’t spot the Tiger! which had woken and pushed us out of the bed. But still the experience was thrilling and 3.5 hrs passed away like an hour. Apart from the above birds and animals, Sariska Tiger reserve area is rich in Leopards, jackals, Hyenas, Civets etc. The sanctuary has more than 200 species of birds. So, is a paradise for avid birdwatchers too.

Langurs on the way to Pandupol in Sariska Tiger Reserve

The Sariska Tiger Reserve spread in 866 square kilometers is a hidden treasure. The dry deciduous forest along with Rocky landscapes, shrubs and hilly cliffs in the Aravalli range, makes the topography look completely stunning. Although Sariska Forest is dry deciduous but is equally rich with lakes and water-bodies. The low lying forest is lined by Salai, Ber, Khair trees whereas the upper hills have a canopy of Dhok trees. In monsoons the whole land turns to lush green, giving an ethereal feel.

AllGudThings at Sariska Tiger Reserve

History of Sariska Tiger Reserve

The Sariska Sanctuary is believed to have mythological as well Historic significance.

Mythologically: It is the place where strongest Pandava Bhishma was defeated by Lord Hanuman. So, there is a shrine dedicated to Lord Hanuman at Pandupol which means “gateway of the Pandavas”. The Shrine is visited by thousands of devotes on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Historically: The beauty of the place was under the eye of royals too. The Kankwri Fort was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II. The Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb imprisoned his elder brother Dara Shikoh here.

And before 1955, it was used as a private hunting ground by Maharaja of Alwar, to entertain himself, his guests and royals.

Post used by royals for Tiger Hunting at Sariska Tiger Reserve

How to Reach Sariska

Sariska lies 200 kilometers from Delhi, 120 kilometers from Jaipur and 35 kilometers from Alwar in Rajasthan. The nearest airport is at Jaipur whereas the nearest railway is at Alwar. From Alwar, there are several operational cabs and buses till Sariska. Having good transport connectivity, we say it is a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi, Jaipur and Alwar.

Route from Delhi for Road trip:

Delhi – Gurugram – Bhiwadi – Chikani – Alwar- Sariska

Best Season to Visit

The best season to visit Sariska Tiger Reserve is from November to April. After that the temperature starts soaring in Rajasthan; going between 45 to 50 degree Celsius. The Park closes down in monsoon from July to September.

Timings and Cost for Jeep Safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve

At Sariska National Park, Jungle Safari takes place twice a day.

Summers:  Morning Shift from 6:00 am to 9:30am and Evening Shift from 3:00 pm -6:30 pm

Winters: Morning Shift from 7:00 am to 10:30 am and Evening Shift from 2:30 pm -6:00 pm

The cost for jeep Safari is Rs. 762/- per person and additional Rs. 600 /- for videography camera. (You don’t need to pay for DSLR cameras, as we did a blunder) whereas for canter it is Rs. 400/-.

Ideally, canter is more economical but there are 20 people in one canter whereas in Jeep there are 4 to 6 people. Moreover the jeep has more maneuverability on narrow trails.

Pandupol Temple in Sariska Tiger Reserve

The best is, that on Tuesdays and Saturdays one can drive inside the Sariska Tiger Reserve, till Pandupol by his/her own vehicle by just paying Rs. 250/- at Sariska Gate or Tehla Gate. We did another trip around 12 in our vehicle and took exit through Tehla Gate, further heading to haunted Bhangarh Fort.

Tehla Gate - Sariska Tiger Reserve

How to Book Sariska Tiger Reserve Safari

The Safari can be booked online at or the ticket can be purchased at the window counter. We recommend to book it online to avoid Queue as well unnecessary hassles. Even after online booking, you need to go to the window counter to get a hard copy and to know your vehicle and guide.

While Booking online there are Routes option, select Rout 1 and 3 as the probability of spotting a tiger is bit high in these areas. We selected Route 1, still couldn’t spot it.


There are multiple stay options in Sariska Tiger Reserve ranging from guest houses, tents, government guest houses to luxurious hotels.

We stayed at Hotel Tiger Den, the government property managed by RTDC (Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation).  It lies just 500 meters from the Sariska Tiger Reserve entry gate and costs around Rs.3500/- per night including food.  You can book it from here.

The Tiger Den Hotel - Sariska Tiger Reserve

Overall Experience of Safari at  Sariska Tiger Reserve

The Sariska Tiger Reserve is a perfect weekend getaway for wildlife & bird lovers and nature enthusiast. We  feel it is more of a wildlife reserve than the Tiger Reserve. Although, we couldn’t see the striped beast there but the overall experience was amazing.

Interesting Fact: At Sariska Tiger Reserve, there are only 14 tigers and more than 1 Lakh Peacock.

Our advice is – Don’t go with expectation to spot Tiger only. It’s a rare chance to spot the beast. People/ Wildlife photographers either might have been too lucky or must have spent many days there to capture them.

National Park- Sariska Tiger Reserve

Important Tips

  • Carry a shawl/ scarf, hat/ cap and googles as the trails are really dusty. These accessories will protect you from cold in the winters and from heat in the summers.
  • Do carry a water bottle
  • Please do not feed birds and animals on the way
  • Do not get out of your vehicle without your guide’s permission
  • Follow the rules and guidelines mentioned on the pass
  • Click pictures without disturbing the animals in their habitat
  • While driving by your own vehicle, remember to maintain a slow speed, not more than 30-40 km/ hour
  • If you find a wildlife animal crossing the trail on your way, stop your vehicle and give them the way first
  • And most important don’t litter in the Jungle. Please bring back your bottles and wrappers. This will be helpful for the animals as well environment

 Jungle Safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve

26 thoughts on “Safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve: Call of the wild”

  • So you did not spot the tiger either! We went to Ranthambhor last year and had the exactly same experience – it was all wonderful and great, spotted monkeys and deer, lots of birds and wildlife but NOT the tiger and I was personally VERY disappointed because all other widlife is easy to spot in many other places but the highlight of the safari, the big cat, was nowhere to be found. You’re right in your advice about not to just go with that one expectation. You can be left disappointed – like I was!

  • Sariska looks absolutely wonderful – reminded me of my visits to the National Parks in MP a while back. It’s pretty amazing how life changes once you enter the forest. Also, how there is so much more wildlife in the forests beyond the Tiger…I love it all 🙂

  • So perfectly described! I feel like I was there with you, enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of this place. I always dreamed about going on a Safari, but it didn’t happen yet. I would love to see some giraffes and elephants rather than tigers though.

  • I didn’t spot any single tiger too when I was doing a safari in South Africa. But just like you, I’ve me many other beautiful animal like giraffe, elephant, lions and else which made me equally happy. I agree with you that on a safari we shouldn’t set our expectation too high. We can’t control nature after all. Sariska Tiger Reserve seems like a place I’d really enjoy at. I’ve bookmarked your detailed article here. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Oooh, I went to a different park when I was in India but this particular reserve in Rajasthan looks amazing! You’ve definitely sighted a lot of amazing things while you were there. It makes me want to visit!

  • I was going to be amazed if you had actually seen a tiger, especially with so many vehicles searching! But with all the other wildlife you encountered, the visit to the Sariska Tiger Reserve certainly still looks like it was worth it. Especially for that shot of the deer walking into the mist!

  • We don’t generally like to go with huge groups but I see yours was smaller so that’d be still fine! Thanks for all the tips on the best season to visit!

  • I’ve never been to a Safari trip but I always wanted it. It’s like being in a movie and a real adventure! It must be an amazing experience to see the wild.

  • Interesting how much you have been looking forward to see a tiger, but then in the park you forgot the tiger.

    The same goes with life: we often want something badly, but then we find beauty and happiness unexpectedly in something else.

  • The quail is so well camouflaged, what an amazing shot. You were lucky to see it. I think that seeing a tiger in the wild is a privilege and a rarity these days, but the rest of the wildlife seems to be plentiful.

  • Seeing a tiger in the wild must be an incredible experience, so to even have a chance to see one is thrilling! I’m sorry you didn’t get to see one, but as you say it is quite rare – at least you had plenty of other wildlife to see along the way. It still sounds like it is worthwhile to do the safari, and just hope for the best!

  • A visit to a wildlife sanctuary is always an exciting affair. I can see the same excitement seeping through at Sariska. Never mind if you did not see the big cat, the experience itself would have been worth it. Though I must admit it would have been a tad bit disappointing. But I like the whole experience in itself, as you move through the forests, your attention is riveted on the slightest moment with anticipation. Tigers are difficult to spot and again it is always a matter of luck.

  • You didn’t spot a tiger…but you spotted so much more amazing wildlife! Beautiful photos. I’m glad that you had a great safari even if you didn’t see the tiger – so much beautiful nature to see! I guess it’s all the luck of the draw if certain animals will appear.

  • Tiger or no, there is so much more to see here. Those flamingoes tint birds, deer and more importantly the pristine forests. These can just be so calming and nice. Glad you too enjoyed those. Loved your pics. Cheers

  • I would like to do this safari some day. You got really good sightings, all framed so well. The info on booking the safari is really helpful.

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