My Travel Tattoo Butterfly and its tale

Shall I get Inked? Will this tattoo look good? Will it stay forever? Won’t I get bored of it seeing every day? Not only these, but many other questions poured up when I had to get myself tattooed. Is that true with you too? The only thing clear to me was that I wanted a travel tattoo. The travel tattoo which could depict my lust and hunger to see the world; the soul which want to be free but equally connected to nature. So it could not be- compass, suitcase, map, globe, the trajectory with a paper plane or passport stamps. But then what it should be? After scrolling on hundred images, I stopped at a gift of nature – Butterfly. Yes, this is what I want but not a regular dark one, something different in a gradient look! And this is how it looks.

My travel Tattoo Butterfly and its tale

According to me, a tattoo is not just an artwork. It is a souvenir which one wants to embed on his or her skin as a special remembrance forever. Tattoos are drawn superficially but they carry a very deep meaning inside. They tell a lot about the self-expression and personality of a wearer.

Travel Tattoo is just one type of all the tattoos. They are mostly adorned by travel lovers. These tattoos depict the desire of one to travel the world, to follow the dreams and some even represent the unforgettable memories of the place or trip.

My Souvenir – Butterfly Travel Tattoo

My travel tattoo might be a simple butterfly to an eye; but to me, it means much more. It depicts me as being feminist, my nature as well as it pushes me to follow my travel dreams.

My travel tattoo butterfly and its tale

It represents me as:

  • A woman who is graceful, delicate and gentle like a butterfly but is independent too.
  • As the soul who has the freedom to spread her own wings with the wind.
  • Who is wanderlust, unstable and wants to see the whole world just like a butterfly that goes from flower to flower collecting food
  • Who can accept the changes and is ready to undergo transformations of any kind
  • One connected to the universe and nature around
  • Who has emerged from the shell and has retained its inner beautyMy travel tattoo butterfly and its tale

I say, getting a tattoo done is purely one’s own decision. Never listen to others for it. Go for the one which you like and which you feel meets your personality. For me, the tattoos are great memorials and self-characters. This one is my unique travel tattoo and its tale. What is yours? I would love to see and hear about yours. Do share and pin it if you like it.

My Travel tattoo butterfly and its tale

42 thoughts on “My Travel Tattoo Butterfly and its tale”

  • I don’t have any tattoos, but have often thought about getting one. Totally agree that it is a visual representation of the person who is wearing it, so it’s great you have one that, among other things, exemplifies your passion for travel 🙂 Me, I would need to think long and hard about what to get – but would want it to be something that reflects this passion also!

  • What a beautiful tattoo! I’ve always wanted to get a travel tattoo, but I can’t seem to commit to one or think of the perfect thing for me. Clearly the butterfly is a perfect fit for you! Maybe I will just have to travel a little more to figure out what’s the right fit for me 🙂

  • I love that you included this on your represents list “Who can accept the changes and is ready to undergo transformations of any kind.” We all need to be more aware of this and how that sentiment is such a positive force in your life. Beautiful tattoo.

  • The tattoos are beautiful. They represent so many ideas. I loved the one with the quotes. The butterfly is indeed a great symbol of myriad qualities and you made the right decision in getting the tattoo with a butterfly.

  • I’ve always wanted to get a travel tattoo!! This one is gorgeous and even more so because of the story behind it. I think once I finally find one I like then I will get one for travel as well!!

  • We love tattoos and I have one for my zodiac and my hubby has got inked twice. I agree tattoo does represent a person’s personality. Your tattoo of the butterfly is gorgeous. The way you have linked to a travel blogger in you is interesting too. A wanderlust connected with nature emerged from a shell of comfort zone to explores new world around. Thanks for these wonderful thoughts.

  • This certainly looks interesting. Congratulations for taking the plunged and getting inked…you are now a part of a large and growing family 🙂 Hope your butterfly inspires you to travel more and more…

  • Cute tattoo. And it is like a souvenir you are carrying with you all the time, where ever you go. Hope it keeps awakening the wanderlust in you and makes you travel even more 🙂

  • My first tattoo was a half-resting butterfly, because I am a person who never stays at one place for too long. Loved this post dedicated to your tattoo and the tattoo dedicated to travel. More travel to you! <3

  • I was thinking for a while to get myself a tattoo as well but I never had the courage because of the pain involved. However, I do understand your reason for getting it. After I finished a 2 months long trip through land, from Europe all the way to South East Asia, I decided to get a souvenir. So I’ve made a piercing on my last day in Malaysia. I remember being with a Brazilian girl I’ve met on an island, she hold my hand while the needle pierced my eyebrow. It was a symbol of what I achieved. 🙂

  • I love how you find the meaning of your travel tattoo. I have always wanted one but I am just too scared to get one. Butterfly does speak of independence and from one independent woman to another, I love it.

  • I have two tattoos- one inspired by travel and one not. I have another one in mind, but it’s a bit more expensive. Your butterfly is pretty though. How long did it take?

  • What a wonderful tattoo! I just got one the other day in Korean, signifying the effect the country has had on my life in such a short time. Tattoos are so meaningful to the person who wears them, and i’m glad you got something that means so much to you! It’s beautiful as well :).

  • Nice story. Butterfly does represent the spirit of travel pretty well, I think it represents someone who is constantly travelling. I have never tried it though. Find those needles somewhat scary.

  • I have two small tattoos that I got done by a good friend. I don’t think I would have them if it had not been a friend doing it because they mean a little bit more to me. But like you said it is a completely personal choice. My parents hated them but they are both on my upper thigh so no one can ever really see them haha. Mine is actually a little surfer guy on a deserted island with perfect waves in the background haha

    • Wow! I loved the idea of your tattoo. Interesting. Even my family never wanted me to get it done except my hubby. So, I got it done while I was traveling with him and now all of them have started liking it.

  • A beautiful tattoo indeed . I dont have any and dont intend getting any. Not brave enough for one I guess. 🙂 But I always admire it on others. Agreed that butterflies are just amazing as tattoos.

  • Looks very pretty and I love the symbolism behind it 🙂 I was thinking about getting a travel tattoo too.. but I wouldn’t be able to decide what and where.. such a tough decision!

  • I got my first tattoo late in life (meaning late 20s) so I think I was already at an age when I know exactly what I want and that I was not just being rebellious or curious. So I didn’t really have the thoughts that you had. But it’s good that you put so much thought on the meaning of your tattoo, I think it’s quite important that people really find a design that has some relevance to their lives because tattoos are commitment and you really have to be sure before you get it. Your butterfly tattoo looks pretty.

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