The Red Color

Red Color
The Red Color

The first color in the rainbow from the top is an attention seeker. It is color of love, blood and fire.  Red in general  has both positive and negative effects:

Positive – Passion, Love, Seduction, Energy, Excitement, Power

Negative – Aggression, Anger, and Danger.

The captivating color, helps to draws attention towards you. It pumps adrenaline levels and raises excitement. Color also tends to raises blood pressure and respiratory rate. People who like red clothes are considered to be more aggressive, energetic, and intense and release their emotions soon.

Red Apparels & Accessories
Red Apparels & Accessories

Quilted Shoulder Bag – Forever New; Scarves – F5 Company;  Earrings – Voylla; Leather Sandals- Zara; Blazer – Zara; Nail Paint – Color Bar; Shorts – Zara; Dress – H&M

 Apparels & Accessories

  • In India, red color is marked as an auspicious color, so preferred by brides during wedding.
  • It is also a perfect date night color,makes you look hot and sexy. But best when used in small doses. Overdose can make you look like a sex kitten. Instead of choosing whole red dress, try to combine your dress with red accessories like nail paints, lip sticks, clutch, handbags, sandals etc.
  • This color works best when you want to take the charge, not when you are part of team.
  • Reds also makes you look heavier, so choose it wisely.
  • During job interviews, stay away from this color as it can make you aggressive, angry and can convey wrong message to interviewer.

 This color comes in various light and dark shades. Apart from these, red with blue base is known as berry red and one with yellow base is known as tomato red.

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