The Indigo Color

Indigo Color
The Indigo Color

Color Indigo is known as color of intuition and perception. It is a color formed by the combination of blue and violet, so holds the attributes for both. This color  activates creative part of the brain along with spatial activity. During stress, this color  acts as a dramatic color making mountain out of a molehill.

Positive – Spiritual, Perception, Intuition, Integration, Authoritative

Negative – Narrow minded, Intolerant, Inflexible, Prejudice, Dramatic

In the era of Queen Elizabeth 1, this color represented power, importance and wealth. Person who loves Indigo works in an organized and inflexible manner. Once the structure is lost, these people go off the balance. It also reflects fairness and impartial nature of the person.

Indigo Apparels & Accessories
Indigo Apparels ; Accessories

Drape Neck Tie Top– Forever New; Scarf  with Tassels– Sole Society; Trench Coat –  Paper London; Drawstring Cape Dress – Forever New;  Nail Paint – L’Oreal; Sunglasses  –  Marni; Dress –  Forever New

 Apparels & Accessories

  • Perfect for those who love rituals and traditions.
  • This color clothing promotes deep concentration and helps to explore the unconscious levels of mind during meditation.
  • Deeper tones  conveys integrity and sincerity.

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