The Clock at The Clock Tower, Gurugram

The Clock Tower, Gurugram: Gastropub Full of Life

We all work hard to earn well, but it is equally important to relax and unwind; mentally and physically. So, this weekend, we thought to relax back and just visit the famous Gastropub – The Clock Tower in Gurugram.

The Clock Tower Gurugram

The clock Tower, Gurugram located on the golf course road, is the manifestation of concept of some great minds with a huge British style clock representing it. We felt the place is a “life” in itself; as it is not food alone that contributes to the experience, but it’s entire atmosphere and ambiance which makes one happy and this place is a perfect example of it. So, the combination of three words – Ambiance, Staff and Food, defines everything here.

The clock Tower, Gurugram


Loads of green and natural shades at the entrance makes the place look earthy and soothing. The statue at the entrance is an attraction it itself whereas the interiors are infused with the colonial designs. The high ceiling, tall windows, intelligently done wooden work around, plastered walls covered with the souvenirs and old time cartoons, and minimalist lights, makes the place look quite picturesque.

Charlie Chaplin at the entrance of The Clock Tower

Indeed, the mezzanine structure and decor is enough to lift up mood and spirit. The sofas, tall seating’s and table crafted on the old things perfectly gel in the atmosphere.

The Clock at The Clock Tower, Gurugram

The Clock tower Gastropub is divided into three floors and open terrace; with bar on each floor. The whole edifice is like a time machine as it takes you back to the boarding school days. The walls are covered with the memorabilia of India’s old and famous boarding schools.

The wall with souveniors of boarding schools at The Clock tower

And to add to it is the Alumnus corner on one side which has a large table with the comfortable seating to talk and relish the old days.


The dedicated, well-dressed perfectionist staff is what makes the place best and believe us the Clock Tower has it all. On the toes and with a big smile they guide and serve you the best of the menu, making you extremely comfortable.


The extensive Menu of the clock tower, Gurugram serves (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) Indian, Italian, Chinese, Tandoori cuisines. The presentation of the most of the items we ordered was simply gorgeous and appealing. The taste was at par including the serving size.

Chicken at The Clock Tower

We tried few items like Peanut salad, Grilled Fish Tikka,  Dahi Ke kabab, Pork, Dal Makhani Tart and loved all of them. The Peanut Salad was neither spicy nor bland and had a perfect aftertaste.

Dahi Ke Kabab at the Clock Tower, Gurugram

The Chicken was fresh, juicy, well-cooked and presented. The flavors too were a well fit. The Dahi Ke Kabab had a unique taste with a slight sweet tinge.

Fish Tikka at The Clock Tower, Gurugram

The another favorite to our list is Grilled Fish Tikka, which was fresh, soft, well grilled with light flavors added a crunch to the bite. The Dal Makhani Tart something new for us, had a Punjabi Tadka twist to the original Tart.

Dal Makhani Tart at The Clock Tower, Gurugram

In the main course, we ordered Veg Italian Queen Pizza. The thin crust pizza was of apt size, loaded with mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil. A bite and it was like love at first bite.

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream at the clock tower, Gurugram

We were almost full by this time but Chef Siddharth suggested to try the Dessert too. Agreeing to him, we tried Chocolate Cake Brownie with a Vanilla Ice- Cream. The cake was soft, spongy and the dark chocolate on the top made us say wow. Additionally, a choco-vanila ice cream with it, completely won our hearts.


The Clock Tower, Gurugram has an in house brewery serving a variety of freshly brewed beers along with the finest collection of wines, liquor, single malts, cocktail and many more.

The Bar at the Clock Tower, Gurgaon

Starting with the beer, the place offers apple cider beer, German Wheat, Alphonso Mango flavored, strong/ light wheat and Chocolate Beer which are quiet liked by youngsters these days.

The menu also had a collection of classic as well as signature cocktails and mocktails.

Cocktail at The Clock Tower, Gurugram

Just adjacent to the Bars are well defined Smoking Zones. One of the smoking area is open and gives a city views whereas the other one has transparent curtains giving the open feel and is well air conditioned. The dim light here adds a glory to the place.

House on Party at the Clock Tower Gurugram

Our View on The Clock Tower, Gurugram

So, whether it’s a solo visit, a date night with your spouse, or a family / friends get together, the Clock Tower Gurugram will set your mood and make you happy with its relaxed ambiance, wonderfully flavorsome food, music and amazing drinks. The place is definitely recommended for a visit, from AllGudThings.

Gurgaon views from the clock tower, Gurugram

If you do visit this place, appreciate its awesomeness and don’t forget to let us know too!

A Special Thanks to Mr. Devki, Ms. Ayushi and Chef Siddharth for taking care of us.

You can book a Table by calling 9599199314/ 9599199315 or Registering here.

16 thoughts on “The Clock Tower, Gurugram: Gastropub Full of Life”

  1. This looks like a cool place to eat – as you said a good combination of ambience, service and food really make the difference between an ok place and a great place! It does remind me of an English pub inside, and that chocolate brownie cake is the finishing touch!

  2. Looks like a really cool gastropub with a great menu and contemporary decor. I passed through Gurgaon once but didn’t really get a chance to check out what was there. I believe there are a lot of new hotels, restaurants and shops that have sprung up over the last few years. Where exactly is Gurugram and is there a lot to do around the area?

  3. I am adding this to my list of places to visit on my next trip back home. My parents live in Delhi and I travel very often and this seems like a good place to meet up with some friends and have a drink. Even the food looks pretty cool! 3 floors of pubs, ambient lighting and the statue outside all add to the lovely ambiance. We live very close to Gurugram so this is going to be easy to get to as well, thanks for the reco!

  4. This does look like a funky place to hang out for a beer and some eats. But the food does look really nice and I would want to have this with a beer. Have bookmarked this page for my India list, hoping to get out there very soon. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. Ahhh! I personally love themed restaurants like this! The Clock Tower’s interior looks pretty amazing and the food very tempting! So cool that they have the Alumnus Corner. A good place to relax and unwind with good food and good music indeed!

  6. I’ve never been in India, but I am not surprised to hear you may find a British atmosphere in some of the places there. After all, India was a British colony. The Clock Tower indeed reminds me of an English pub inside. It seems to be a good place to hang out and enjoy some good food.

  7. The Clock Tower looks like a great place for a meal. I enjoy english-style pubs in any country I visit. The Dal Makhani Tart are such a great idea – I might just steal that for a dinner party!

  8. This looks like a cool place to hang out and relax. I love the blend of cultures. The British architecture and the little touches like the plates of India’s elite boarding schools, and the culturally diverse menu. The food looks amazing, especially the chicken. Truly a great spot worth checking out. Thanks for the introduction to it!!

  9. At the first glance at your photos, I thought you talk about a travel destination (well, it is), a great restaurant, indeed! You put it all everything together for a restaurant review – all we need to know! I want to eat Dahi Ka Kabab now!

  10. I have lived in Gurugram for two years but missed visiting this famous Gastropub. Whenever I drive down the Golf Course Road, the magnificent facade always attracts me. I am sure it offers awesome food. Ambiance looks inviting. Can visit this place for Apple Cider Beer.

  11. This is indeed beautiful. The British influence is definitely noticeable and the statute really stands out. The food is one of the top reasons I would visit the Clock Tower. The grilled fish tikka and the dahi ke kabab looks delicious. I love the fact that you can get Indian, Italian, Chinese and Tandoori dishes at one location.

  12. I love the theme of the Clock Tower. Plus the food looks yummy.. I would love to explore and just look at all the knickknacks they hid around the restaurant. I need to eat here next time I am headed that way.

  13. I haven’t been to Gurugram yet but it seems like an exceptional place to explore and visit. When being there I would definitely go to the Clock Tower and have a drink there. Thanks for the introduction and recommendation. 😉

  14. The Clock Tower seems to be an excellent place to spend the evening. I am really impressed by the entrance and the interiors. It has a feel of vintage England about it. The food too looks like a lavish spread with plenty of choices. In short the promise of a great evening.

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