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Bhuttico Kullu Shawls & Accessories: The Gift of Valley

Kullu Manali is the most famous and favorite holiday spot among tourists or travelers to Himachal. The Kullu valley’s natural beauty binds one with its peace and aura. The views, temples, parks, trek, apple orchards, snow-capped mountains in the valley are picturesque and represent a true picture of tranquillity. Apart from this one can experience and be part of the handicraft paradise too. Yes! I am talking about BHUTTICO Kullu shawls and accessories.

Bhuttico Kullu Shwals & Accessories - gift of Kullu valley

What is Bhuttico?

Bhuttico stands for Bhutti weavers Cooperative Society Ltd of Kullu. It was set up in 1944 in the remote village of beautiful Himalayas by 12 weavers from Bhutti village. Bhuttico cooperative society is the one cooperation with its own weaving shed and housing colony. The colony is equipped with all facilities for its workers and the workplace provides the best benefits to its workers including pension, gratuity.

Bhuttico Kullu Store
Source – www. http://wikimapia.org/

The Bhuttico cooperation has more than 700 weavers on its rolls.  It  maintains all the quality parameters while manufacturing and testing. Bhuttico stores are present both nationally and internationally and they sell their  product under the name and trademark of Bhuttico.

This society is an inspiration; as it focuses on weaver’s welfare along with safeguarding the local artistic craft.

Bhuttico Kullu Shawls & Accessories

There is an extensive range of neutral as well as colorful handmade and loom weaved Bhuttico garments. The first one and most famous is-

Kullu shawls & Stoles

The variety of shawls at Bhuttico store ranged from traditional Kullvi to modern designs. They were available in Pashmina, angora, merino and local sheep wool. The pure Pashmina shawls were in light shades ranging from Rs. 4500 – Rs 6000; whereas all other varieties of Kullu shawls and stoles were available in bright, dark, light colors as well as embroidered patterns. The price ranged from Rs. 600 – Rs 1500. I personally liked the stoles for their colors, designs, and material. They were soft, light as well as warm and I ended up buying 4 -5 pieces.

Bhuttico Kullu Shawl Variety
Bhuttico Kullu Shawls

Kullu Doru & Pattu

These are the local traditional Himachali dresses awesomely colorful. Tourists often get themselves dressed in these for pictures.

Kullu Caps, gloves & woolen socks 

Kullu caps is the another attraction. The variety include Kullvi, Lahauli, Kinnauri, and Malana. I could make out the slight difference in all these caps categories but all of them were super colorful and warm. The price for all caps ranged from Rs 200 –Rs 350/-. The woolen socks and gloves too available were colorful, handmade and loom weaved. The price for these ranged from Rs 150 – Rs 200 (I am not joking).

Bhuttico Kullu Woolen Caps, gloves

Kullu Ties, Mufflers & Scarves

The ties available at Kullu Bhuttico showroom were in a solid color, wool material, and self-prints. The other option was in typical Kullvi design. On average, the price ranged between Rs 200 – Rs 350/-. Mufflers for men and scarves for women also were also available in different varieties of wool and designs. The price for these scarves and mufflers varied from Rs 200 – Rs 1000/.

Bhuttico Kullu Shawls
My Bhuttico Collection

Kullu Pullas

Pullas are the grass slippers used by Himachali women in Kitchen. The base is made with the fiber procured from the bark of a bush called cannabis (Bhang) and the upper part with goat hair which is further decorated with colorful threads. They are considered to be warm and comfortable. I loved them and brought these. Price for the same ranges from Rs 100 – 150/-.

Kullu Pullas
Source – http://www.bhutticoshawl.com/

Sleeveless Nehru Jacket & Woolen Shirts

The other garments included sleeveless Nehru jacket and woolen shirts available in different sizes and colors. The pure wool fabric for stitching can also be brought and I brought a piece for a shirt.


The other small but awesome collection was of handbags and clutches in wool fabric and Himachali patti designs. This simple clutch with any attire will give it is a fashion blend and the price for same ranged from Rs 500 – 1000/-.

Bhuttico Kullu Accessories
Source – www.bhutticoshawl.com

Where to Shop Bhuttico Kullu Shawls and accessories

Bhuttico Kullu garments and accessories can be purchased both from online and offline stores. There are in total 31 offline stores and the majority of them are in Himachal. For online shopping, one can buy here.

What to consider before shopping Kullu Shawls and accessories

To purchase authentic Bhuttico Kullu products, check the “Handloom mark” as well as the GI patent tag. Check these marks here in the picture.

Bhuttico Kullu Shawl Trademark
Source: http://farbound.net/

So, it is worth treating yourself, your friends and relatives with these warm gifts from Kullu valley.

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