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Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay

Hostel Stay! They are definitely cheaper than hotel or Homestay. But what else should you expect from them? I say don’t expect anything and just come with an open head. In the hostel, you will definitely get a roommate or travel friends but on the other hand, you will have to share your space too. And if you have a nick for Luxury and comfort- then forget Hostel stay. The term Luxury and Comfort are only dedicated to Hotels and Homestay.

Last week, I traveled to Tehri Dam in Uttrakhand, India and planned to stay in the hostel. It was my first hostel stay experience as a traveler and I will say, not a pleasant one. I found that even the small things were compromised.  The only good part was that I had to share my room only with dear husband.

Koteshwar Dam on the way to THDC hostel - Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay

The hostel was situated on the hill top and seemed good from outside. After seeing the room I was like why I didn’t go through some of the posts on must carry essentials for Hostel stay. Anyways as we all know, one learns from his/her personal experience and this was a learning phase for me. I learned after staying; that you have to be mentally as well as physically prepared for sharing room, washroom, dining area and sometimes toiletries too. And there are certain essentials which one must carry to avoid discomfort.


So, here I am compiling the list of must carry essentials for Hostel Stay. I prefer traveling light so all the recommendations are written; keeping that in mind.

  1. Toilet kit & Toiletries

This one goes to the most important category for hostel stay. Make for yourself or buy readily available travel kit with a hanging hook; as many times hostel washrooms or rooms lack shelves.

The essential for the kit should beToiletry Kit - Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Bathing soap
  • Hand wash / Hand Sanitizer
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Small hand towel
  • Comb/ Hairbrush
  • Earbuds
  • Shaving cream & razor
  • Sanitary Napkins

Rest one can add to this list according to his usage.

2. Bed Sheet/ Bed Liner

Carry a light single or double bed liner to avoid sleeping on semi cleaned or unclean bed sheets. Cotton ones look and are good but they occupy a lot of space too. So, if you are backpacking choose microfiber travel sheets. They roll well and fit easily in small space.Microfiber Travel Bed Sheet - Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay

3. Towel

Hostels usually don’t provide bathing or hand towels and if they do, they are semi clean. Some even charge separately for them.  So always, remember to carry a decent size towel for yourself. Microfiber travel towels are good for backpackers as well as regular travelers. These are made up of highly absorbent material so dries you well as well as dry up quickly. Further, these towels come in various sizes like medium, large and extra large.

Microfiber Travel Towel - Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay

4. Flip Flops

Washrooms and shower of Hostels are never clean. To avoid getting your feet dirty with those bacteria’s; always bath or use washroom wearing flip flops.Flip Flops - Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay


5. Padlocks / Locks

Always carry one or two robust metal locks to keep your valuables safe in the hostel wardrobes or lockers. I personally feel the combination locks are much better than the key locks as chances of losing key is zero and your valuables are safe till the time you remember the combination.Travel Blue Padlock- Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay

6. Travel Adapter

Buy yourself a Universal adapter which can work with all your gadgets. This will help you to avoid carrying and misplacing multiple chargers. Also while purchasing check that your adapter acts as a converter and surge protector to avoid blowing a fuse in your valuable gadgets.

Travel Adapter - Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay

7. Torch or Head Lamp

A Torch or Head Lamp is required on your list to avoid turning the light on when your sharing buddies are in deep sleep in your room. It too helps you out for reading a book if you a night book lover.

Head Lamp - Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay

8. Snacks and Eateries

Don’t expect that you can order anything at any time and it will be served to you. There is a fixed menu and timings for each meal. So, it is better to carry few snacks and eateries for munching in between. Also keep a pack of ready to cook noodles, tea bags and coffee sachets for the in between hunger cramps and skipped meals.

9. First Aid Kit

This is what I recommend and should be must for each traveler; whether you are staying in hostel, hotel or Homestay. The basic first aid kit (in small size) should containFirst Aid kit - Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay

  • saline
  • 2-3 band aids
  • Bandage
  • sprain ointment
  • bandage
  • Dettol
  • Alcohol swab
  • Cotton
  • Gloves
  • Scissor

Additionally, you can also add to it basic medicine for pain, vomit, and diarrhea.

10. Ear Plugs and Eye Mask

These ear plugs will help and save you from listening to snoring melodious singers to cacophonous when you share your room with multiple roomies.

Ear Plugs & Eye Mask - Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel Stay

Eye Mask will help in blocking the day as well as night light into your eyes if you like sleeping in a pitch dark.

11. Your Hobby

There is nothing much to do except long chats and walks. So always carry your book, laptop, cards, camera or anything you like spending time with.

This is what I could gather and learn from my experience. If anything else you feel is missing, please comment below.

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Backpackers Must carry Essentials for a Hostel Stay

 And the most important is functional travel backpack, required for packing all these items. So choose the one which fits for you.

Visit to the Highest Dam of India – Tehri Dam Uttarakhand

Last week, we had to visit Tehri dam Uttarakhand officially and the first thing which struck my mind was – is this the same place where there is the highest dam of India with a unique architecture, which took more than 35years for completion and was in the limelight for protests by the locals and environmental activists. Yes! it was same and also a good chance for me to explore the unknown facts about dam from local along with work.


Route to Tehri Dam from Delhi: Delhi – Ghaziabad – Roorkee – Haridwar – Rishikesh – Chamba – Tehri

Distance from Delhi: 324 Km

Time to reach Tehri from Delhi: 10 -11 hrs

Places to Halt in between : Haridwar, Rishikesh, Chamba

Little Introduction to Tehri Dam Uttarakhand

Tehri Dam Uttarakhand is the highest dam of India, second highest in Asia and 8th in the world. It is 855 feet high and is located on the river bed of sacred River Bhagirathi. The Dam generates 1000 MW hydroelectricity and further has an additional 1000 MW capacity of storing pumped hydroelectricity.


Interesting is that the preliminary investigation of Tehri dam started in 1961 and the construction completed in 2006. That means just or long 45 years for completion. I was too anxious too find out; was there something unique or different about it and what exactly took so long for its completion?

So, here is the answer. The main reason for so long construction span and the delay was protests by locals and environmental activist – Sundarlal Bhauguna (You might have heard about Tehri Dam Andolan).  

Bridge on the way to Tehri Dam Uttarakhand

The detailed issues raised before and during construction of Tehri Dam Uttarakhand were:

  • Building a dam on the Himalayan foothills which is extremely a weak ecosystem can lead to an imbalance in the whole environment of that belt.
  • Old Tehri village was on the banks of river Bhagirathi. So, constructing a dam on the bank means relocating more than 1, 00,000 people to some newly constructed area with proper resettlement facilities.
  • The Tehri belt of Garhwal district falls in seismic zone 5, so very much prone to earthquakes of high magnitudes which can be 8 or more. And earthquake of such high magnitude means loss of not only Tehri village but other nearby villages too.
  • The sacred belief of Hindus – that Bhagirathi is a sacred river and nothing should be constructed on it.

Tehri Dam Uttarakhand

So, there were on and off going protests and strikes at the Tehri Village. The Tehri Dam, Uttarakhand first construction started in 1978.  And it was halted again due to political instabilities. In 1986 USSR provided technical and financial assistance. In 1988 THDC (Tehri Hydro Development Corporation) was formed to take this project ahead. And finally, the construction was completed in 2006 considering all the issues raised by locals and environmental activist.


Here are the interesting facts about the Tehri dam Uttarakhand.

  • The dam is unique in its architecture as it is a rock and earth – fill embankment dam.
  • The whole of the old Tehri village was relocated to hill top which is now known as New Tehri.
  • The dam can sustain an earthquake of magnitude more than 8.4, without causing any destruction. (Cool for the region which comes in seismic zone 5).
  • Hindus believe is retained and Bhagirathi River flows as such, just that the water levels have dipped because of the water storage in the reservoirs.

Few Attractions near Tehri Dam Uttarakhand

  1. Tehri Lake

Tehri Lake came into existence only with the construction of Tehri Dam. The Lake offers a lot of adventurous water sports like boating, rafting, Kayaking. There are too plans to increase the list by adding more water and aerial sports like water zorbing, canoeing, scuba diving,  paragliding and hot air balloon.  The Uttarakhand Tourism Board holds an Asia’s largest lake Adventure festival at Tehri Lake.

Tehri Lake near Tehri Dam in uttarakhand

  1. Koteshwar Dam

The Koteshwar Dam is a gravity dam located 22 km ahead of Tehri Dam. It is a part of Tehri Hydropower complex and generates 400 MW Hydroelectricity. Different is there is a beautiful replica of Kedarnath temple on one of the tunnels face, known as Shakti Dawar. Look out the detailing in the picture and this detailing was carved by a single mason in 2 months, just after a single visit to Kedarnath. One needs a special permission to experience all this. (Luckily, I had one this time)

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  1. Koteshwar Mahadev Temple

The Koteshwar Mahadev Temple is in the form of the cave and is located on the bank of river Alaknanda. Legends believe that Lord Shiva stayed and meditated here for certain time when devil Bhasmasur tried to kill him. The interesting here is Gange’s garland the temple and flow around it.

Koteshwar Mahadev Temple, Tehri Dam, Uttarakhand
Source: www.uttarakhandnews1.com

This is what I experienced and loved at Tehri Dam Uttrakhand. If you want to experience the same or planning a tour to Tehri Dam Uttarakhand; click here for information.


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