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Chanshal Pass: Road less travelled in Himachal Pradesh, India

Undisturbed green meadows bedded with flowers and medicinal plants, where clouds play hide and seek, where cool breeze makes you hide between the rocks, where crow finds tough to take its flight, where you feel on the top of the world is what describes the not so famous Chanshal Pass.

Chanshal Pass: Road Less Travelled in Himachal, India

The temperatures had been continuously soaring in Delhi and we wanted to escape the heat for few days. So, we made a plan to take another road trip to the offbeat place in Himachal i.e. Rohru and Chanshal Pass.

About Rohru and Chanshal Pass or Chanshal Valley

Town Rohru lies 115 Kilometers from Shimla, on the banks of River Pabbar at 5,003 feet. The place is considered as a business hub and is well known for apple farming and trout fishing. Indeed, the Rohru – Hatkoti- Jubbal – Kotkhai belt is known as “Apple Valley” or “Golden belt” of Himachal.

The Chanshal Pass lies 49 kilometers ahead from Rohru at 12,320 feet and is a main connect between town Rohru and twin villages Dodra Kwar in the Shimla district. Whereas the highest Chanshal Peak stands erect at 14,830 feet.

Route from Delhi we took: Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Zirakpur – Shimla – Theog – Kotkhai –Jubbal – Hatkoti- Rohru


Other Route ahead Shimla: Shimla – Theog – Narkanda- Tikkar – Rohru

So, in total, the scenic Chanshal valley lies 489 kilometers from Delhi, 159 kilometers from Shimla, 49 kilometers from Rohru and 169 kilometers from Chakrata in Uttarakhand.

We (AllGudThings), started from Delhi around 12 pm and retired our first day at Chandigarh. Next day we started our journey from Chandigarh around 11 am, reached Rohru at 7 pm and made our base at Hotel Chanshal, Rohru.

Near Theog on the way to Rohru and Chanshal Pass
Near Theog on the way to Rohru and Chanshal Pass

Google Maps were showing the further distance from Rohru to Chanshal Pass 49 kilometers and time 2 hours 30 minutes whereas locals confirmed it will take around 4 hours. Listening this all, we were highly confused but being tired we retired for the day early thinking to explore it tomorrow.

Journey to Chanshal Pass

So, next day after having breakfast at Hotel Chanshal, we started our journey to Chanshal Pass.

Route: Rohru – Samoli – Seema- Magwani – Chirgaon- Sandasu- Tikkri- Larot – Chanshal Paass

From Rohru till Village Chirgaon i.e. for 15 kilometers one drives up and down along the river bed crossing colorful villages. The real journey starts only after Chirgaon.

On the way to Chirgaon - Chanshal Pass

Cross the Chirgaon bridge and the views change drastically. The uphill drive starts with a narrow single lane. Roads are metaled till one point and the maximum speed you can drive is up to 30 kilometers/hour.

Chirgaon Bridge - On the way to Chanshal Pass

Although the drive through the narrow roads is tough but is equally scenic too. If on one side, there are apple orchards then the another side offers breathtaking views of wide valleys with river flowing in between.

On the route to Chansahal pass

Just a few Kilometers ahead stands Village Sandansu. Here, men were soaking in the sun, whereas women looked busy in their households and cattle work. Children were playing cricket on the flattened surface in this beautiful heaven. Everything looked so pure and we were completely lost in their dwellings.

Children playing cricket on the way to chanshal pass

From here ride for some more distance, cross a bridge and the real challenging roads starts for Village Tikkri. The metaled roads become graveled roads and there is a continuous accent with sharp turns. The sky touching deodar trees occupy road on both sides, giving a pleasant woody smell and the variety of flora changes too.

all Deodar Trees on the way to chanshal pass

The other last scenic Village on the way is Larot.  Its first look made us say- it surely is one of the prettiest Himachal village. The village too has a Himachal Pradesh PWD Guest house which can be booked in advance for accommodation. Till Larot, we covered 18 more kilometers in 2 hours; totaling it to 33 kilometers.

The Village Larot on way to Chanshal Pass

After this starts the last leg of the toughest and most adventurous road trip. The last 16 kilometers here means drive of almost 2 hours. Yes! We are serious not joking. It is a continuous accent and we literally saw Sedan trying to climb but failed. Deodar trees number starts decreasing while climbing and almost became zero at one point. You will be driving continuously along the green mountain reaching almost to its top. If its cloudy on the way, then you will be above the clouds and the views leave you speechless.

On the way to chanshal Pass

From far, we saw the piled up Mani stones and thought we have reached the pass. But it was a recently setup Hotel White Valley, Chanshal (Almost 2 kilometers before the pass). The hotel had 5-6 tents and a shack in front of it. We felt it is a beautiful place to camp but wonder how they will be tackling the supersonic winds there.

Hotel White Valley - Chanshal near Chanshal Pass

We continued our journey further and finally could see some vehicles standing there. This for sure looked like pass and it was – Chanshal Pass.

At Chanshal Pass

As we stepped out from our cars, the winds were blowing at their maximum speeds. Woolens came out in no time and we were dressed to explore it.

Boys performing Natti at Chanshal Pass

Locals had come for picnic; people were doing Natti (Himachal Local Dance). So overall, it looked like a famous spot among locals. Anyways, we started walking towards the pass. People far away were climbing the hilltop. Seeing this even we were curious to reach faster on the top but the landscapes around us were completely irresistible.

Mom Dad at Chanshal Pass

We were almost clicking every minute. The place was no less than a paradise. The mountain slopes were carpeted in green with a topping of pink, blue and yellow flowers.  And at some places the figurine rocks appeared most charming.

Hike to Chanshal Pass

This whole dramatic route tapered to the velvety meadows on the top. From one edge of these open meadows we could see the Pabbar valley and on another side was Dodra Kwar region. What an incredible place it is? We had honestly never seen something as beautiful as this valley.

Chanshal Pass top

Further a bit more hike and you are almost at the top point. Here, some folks were testing their photography skills whereas others were sitting in a peace admiring the colors of nature. But yes, everybody was happy in their own way including us and our parents.

Views from the top of Chanshal Pass

We were there for an hour and in the meantime clouds started roaring and rain drops started pouring. We rushed and headed to the single shack for some maggi and tea. After gulping it, we planned to turn back as it was already 3:00 pm.

Meadows at Chanshal Pass

But some people are crazy like me who can climb and open arms anywhere to breathe. While returning back the views were equally thrilling as they were while going up. The only difference was a thick cover of clouds had captured the whole sky.

Suruchi from AllGudThings at Chanshal Pass

We reached down bit faster and were at Chirgaon by 6:00 pm. For sure, it was the most adventurous journey and a journey to remember forever.

History of Chanshal Pass

The Chanshal Pass and connecting villages Dodra Kwar have real interesting history. Imagine, in the era of road revolution, this area was devoid of a motor able road till 2009. The reason for the same was – Locals’ tribes were against constructing road; as their local Deity didn’t permit them for road building. The Deity finally agreed to the proposal in 2006 and the 92-kilometer-long road was laid down between Rohru – Chanshal Pass – Dodra-Kwar region in 2009. The road construction took 3 years because of the inhospitable terrain, high amount of rain and snow.

Beautiful Building on the way to Chanshal Pass

Best Time to Visit Chanshal Pass

Chanshal Valley and Pass is accessible from May to October. For rest months the roads and pass is completely snow covered.

How to Reach Rohru and Chanshal Pass

Rohru and Chanshal Pass can be reached from Himachal or Uttarakhand.

From Himachal The nearest airport is at Shimla or Kullu whereas the nearest railway station is at Shimla. From there one can hire a cab, travel by bus or drive own vehicle.

Uttarakhand- The nearest airport and railway station is at Dehradun. From there one can there one can hire a cab, travel by bus or drive by his own vehicle. The other considerable option is to do Chakrata– Tuini- Rohru Circuit.

Himachal Bus at Chanshal Pass

Remember: if you are travelling by bus; there is a fixed schedule for bus service while going up and down. We spotted one from Himachal around 3 pm.

 Important Tips for Road Trip to Chanshal Pass

  • It is one of the steepest and adventurous trail. So, be really slow and patient while driving
  • Start your day early to spend enough time at the top. Also plan to return timely in the evening
  • Remember you will be ascending from 5,000 feet to 12,000 feet and vice versa. So, there are high chances of AMS (Altitude Sickness) hitting you. Be really cautious. Advice is keep sipping small amount of water and if you feel any of the symptoms worsening, make a decision to descend down
  • Slopes of Chanshal Pass has some medicinal plants. Be cautious, if you are allergic. Especially take care of children who are extremely sensitive
  • Do carry woolens along as the weather changes here abruptly
  • Be sure about your vehicle before ascending and descending. The last motor workshop is at Chirgaon
  • Last Petrol station is at Rohru
  • Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL almost all networks work perfectly till Chirgaon, whereas after that there is continuous up and down or no network
  • Last ATM’s services are available at Rohru
  • The nearest medical facilities are available at Rohru only
  • If you are planning to stay at Larot PWD guest house, make your bookings in advance
  • There is only one shack at the top which serves you maggi, tea, coffee, Rice – Dal etc
  • Also plan to visit Dodra—Kwar village

Chanshal Pass: Road Less Travelled in Himachal, India

Overall Experience at Chanshal Pass

Chanshal Pass looks like a paradise where man is actually a part of nature, where there is a perfect blend of facts and myths, where there are stories of legends and realities, where there is a mix of mountains, orchards and meadows. The roads connecting the hidden villages here is beyond imagination. So, what are you waiting for! Go and explore the Pabbar Valley and Chanshal Pass yourself, before it too becomes touristy.

You can check more picture of Rohru and Chanshal Pass on our Instagram account. And, If you have questions, feel free to type in the comment section. We will be happy to answer them.

The 2017 Travel Stories: Flashback

The year 2018 has already begun and our travel tales and road trips too. But we can’t start the new tales without reviewing the tales of the year 2017.  So, this post is all about the 2017 travel stories, just as we have the travel book for the year 2016.

We started our travel and lifestyle blog AllGudThings in September 2016 without thinking how the things will move for us and will we actually survive in this blogging race. And look today we are surviving and have come this far, writing 2017 travel stories, and are much positive for the year 2018.

2017 Travel Stories

The year 2017 was like a roller coaster for us. We bought our house, reached our dream destinations, did several trips both personal and professional, learned so much new in blogging and on the other side fought with medical issues and lost our dear ones in between. So, it was a year where we saw both highs and lows. But as Lord Buddha quotes “Without rain, nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms of your life”; so we accepted every up and down graciously and kept on moving.

In the year 2017, we never targeted where we wanted to see ALLGUDTHINGS but now we are clearer. We have set up our targets for 2018 to write more strategically, be more social and learn to monetize the blog in a better way. And the travel stories of 2017 are epic, so let’s have a look at them.

January 2017

Snow Trip with Parents to Shimla

Just after welcoming 2017 and shifting to our own place, we took a break and did a personal road trip to beautiful Shimla. The colonial town was painted in white by nature and we saw our parents living their childhood. The rich heritage & culture of Shimla introduced us to a Himachali scarf known as Dhatu or Rahide. Check about Dhatu here: Shimla Trip in style with Dhatu as a fashion accessory.


February – March 2017

Visit to the Highest Dam in India – Tehri Dam

In the last week of February, we visited Koteshwar and Tehri Dam for professional work. The holiday started after work and it continued until the first week of March. From Tehri, we took a detour to visit Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand, which proved to be a lot more than the entrance to the Char Dhams of India. Further, the trip continued to Harsil, Gangotri and ending at Mussorie.


The whole trip was an experience in itself as we visited one of the Char Dhams, saw second time snowfall in a row, learned about Mani stones and for the first time stayed in the hostel. You must check the Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel stay here.


April 2017

An hour of Patriotism at Hussainiwala Border

In April 2017 we visited our home in Punjab and for the first time we, saw the flag retreat ceremony at Hussainiwala Border, Firozpur. It was an hour of Patriotism, filled with deep emotions where just a white line and gate demarcated our country India from Pakistan.


May 2017

Road Trip to Badrinath Dhams and the Last Indian Mana Village

In May 2017, our parents were with us, so we planned another personal road trip to the sacred temple Badrinath Dham. From here itself we further visited the last village near Indo China border Mana Village and checked out the lush green skiing slopes of Auli in summers.


This was another remarkable and memorable trip of the year.

June 2017

June was the one month when we were actually at home and were fiddling with the ups and downs around.

July – August 2017

Dream Trip to Leh Ladakh

After a lot of stress, we really needed a long break. So, we did a 13 day long Leh Ladakh road trip from Delhi. Ladakh is also known as the land of high Passes. We took the circuit road trip at our own pace without rushing to the destinations. We checked the attractions on Srinagar Leh highway, explored hidden Leh Ladakh palaces, walked and talked with the soldier at Kargil War Memorial, got lost in the Leh Palace and tranquilized in the serenity of Hemis Monastery.


We saw Bactrian Camels and reflection of the Himalayas in the Nubra valley, did off-roading and slept in tents near high altitude lakes like Tso Kar, Pangong Tso, and Tso Moriri.


Do remember, you need Inner Line Permit for entering the sensitive zones in Leh Ladakh.

September 2017

Heritage Walk in the Historical Town, Mahabalipuram

After a year of blogging, we did our first FAM trip to Chariot Beach resort and explored Mahabalipuram, in Tamil Nadu to its best. The UNESCO monuments, monolithic structures, and caves, shore temple left us completely stunned with its beauty.


October 2017

October the month of festivals in India, we decided to take a break from travels and celebrate each one of them at our new place, with our parents.

November 2017

Road trip to the colonial town: Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand

In November 2017, we did another FAM trip with Club Ten Pine Lodge to the colonial Mukteshwar town in Uttarakhand. We got lost in the beauty of Himalayan peaks during sunrise and sunsets; & trekked to explore the hidden gem – Bhalu Gaad waterfall.


December 2017

Road Trip to Kasauli & Rajasthan

The last month of the year is always special as it is Tashi‘s birthday and we celebrated it in the hills of Kasauli. The last month also put us into the thoughts of our activities and achievements for the previous year. But simultaneously we also start deciding the place to celebrate the coming New Year. And, this year we decided to end 2017 and welcome 2018, in Rajasthan exploring the Sariska Tiger Reserve and one of the most haunted places in India – Bhangarh Fort. The stories are yet to come, so tuned.


Conclusion: 2017 Travel Stories

That was our 2017 travel stories. It seems like a year was dedicated to the road trips especially to the hills traversing Himachal, Uttarakhand and Leh Ladakh. Overall, we did 9 trips, including personal, professional and FAM trips extending from 4 days to 15 days covering multiple destinations. We are really grateful as we got good health & the opportunity to make these trips and write 2017 travel stories. We wish to travel more and continue the travel stories in 2018.

Thanks for taking out the time to read our travel stories. Have the wonderful year 2018 ahead…
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Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall – in Photos

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is a colorful story in itself.  Any season you travel there you can capture the same location in different colors and hue through your lens.  I recently planned a road trip from Pinjore to Shimla – Kufri – Chail with my family to capture few glimpses of snow white towns.  And, luckily I witnessed snowfall and saw Shimla turning white. The whole scene was like a fairyland.

Here I am sharing what Shimla looks like after snowfall in pictures and videos captured by me and Tashi.

It was early morning, the environment was quite. There was no rain, no lightning only clouds and temperature almost freezing. In minutes the snowflakes started falling and covering everything. Check in the video how tiny and beautiful they are.


In no time, the moto world in Navbahar, Shimla turned so picturesque.

Motor world at Navbahar Shimla - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

The Navbahar roads got painted in the contrast of white, black, green and red.

Navbahar Shimla - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

The Shimla ridge became so bright, clear and beautiful after hours of snowfall.  A happy joyful flock of tourists appeared on the ridge to play with the snow.

Shimla Ridge - Beautiful Shimla after snowfall

In the afternoon we headed towards Kufri and on the way, I captured Sanjauli town. The houses or I should say lego blocks were painted in white by nature.

Sanjauli - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

We couldn’t reach Kufri as the roads were closed that afternoon due to heavy snowfall, so we turned to Mashobra. It had always been on my list but could never visit it.

Mashobra near Shimla - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

On the way to Mashobra, I got excited seeing standing road roller and thought of having some adventure with it.

Road Roller on way to Mashobra - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

Next day, we started our day for Kufri again. The roads were open and the way was drawn in a combination of lush white and green.

Scenic view on the way to kufri - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

Kufri, 18 km from Shimla is just half an hour drive but we reached in 2 hrs because of the scenic views and numerous stoppages on the way admiring nature.

Kufri near Shimla - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

Seeing so much snow around, my parents turned to Kids. They were more happy and thrilled than us. Dad was excited and busy playing with snow.

At Kufri -Beautiful Shimla after snowfall

Next was Chail on our list but the roads were again closed. So, we headed to Fagu- Theog and saw how mesmerizing the landscaped looked.

Fagu - Theog - Near Shimla after snowfall

I never felt that lost but I was completely lost in the beauty of nature and its colors.

On the way from Kufri - beautiful Shimla after snowfall

Snowfall in and around Shimla gets exciting and is always welcomed by tourists, travelers, hoteliers, and locals. Initially, it gets smiles to everyone’s faces but it also makes life tough for locals because of water and electricity shortage. Even the local transportation too is impacted. Snowfall in Shimla gets mixed emotions from locals, but tourists and travelers are always happy.

5 winter destinations to see snowfall in Himachal

I don’t know how special the falling snowflakes are to you but for me, that whole moment is extremely thrilling. I love witnessing and capturing how the whole colored town gets painted in white color in minutes. It looks so heavenly. I can sit and gaze at the snowfall for hours. They seem like cotton candies of various sizes. Anyways, if you too feel the same and want to experience the live snowfall, then January and February are the right months to rush to satisfy your eyes and soul. And here are the five winter destinations to experience snowfall in Himachal.


  1. Shimla – Kufri – Chail

Shimla, the queen of Himachal is a colonial town. In winters the slanting roofs of buildings get covered in snow sheets and dancing deodars around it give a Paradise feel. The whole scene is a perfect postcard picture. Kufri a small hill town lies 18 km ahead and it is a famous skiing hotspot in winters. Chail known for its quietness and birds lies further 27 km to Kufri. In winters during snowfall, there is only snow, greenery and the misty surroundings engulfing the whole environment.

Shimla Ridge - Snowfall in Himachal
Source: skymetweather.com

Distance from Delhi to Shimla: 350 km

Route: Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurukshetra -Ambala – Zirakpur- Pinjore – Solan – Shimla

Expected Lowest Temperature: -2 to 0 degree Celsius

What to do: Play and walk-in snowfall, build snowmen, enjoy snow games like skating, skiing, and party with bonfires

Difficulties you may face: Water shortage, power trips, road blocks, traffic jams

Special: Winter Sports festival happens around February in Kufri


  1. Manali – Solang Valley

The Manali town is surrounded by snow clad mountains on one side and Beas River on the other It is beautiful during all the months and imagines how beautiful it will be in extreme winters (December, January, and February) when there is fresh snow with a fluffy texture. Everything gets white, more beautiful, and picturesque. The landscapes get more enhanced and are clearly demarcated.

Manali - Snowfall in himachal
Source – www.snow-forecast.com

The Solang valley lies 14 km ahead of Manali and is famous among tourists and travelers for ice skating, skiing, and zorbing. The cable car from Solang valley is a beautiful ride and it takes you to the snow point.

Distance to Manali from Delhi: 543 km

Route: Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurukshetra – Ambala – Rupnagar – Bilaspur – Sundernagar – Mandi – Bhuntar – Kullu – Manali

Expected Lowest Temperature: -6 to -8degree Celsius

What to do: Enjoy snow games, click lots of pictures, visit old Manali restaurants and party all night

Difficulties you may face during snowfall in Himachal: Water shortage, power trips, roadblocks, traffic jams and high chances of slipping on ice. So carry snowshoes or you can rent it from there.

Solang Valley - Snowfall in Himachal
Source – www.tourism-of-india.com
  1. Haripur Dhar

Haripur Dhar is a small town situated on a ridge overlooking deep valley in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. It is quiet, serene and not a common tourist destination. The temperature during summers in Haripur Dhar varies from 0 to 5 degree Celsius and in winters it is completely snowing. There are awesome views of snow clad mountains from the ridge top.

Haripur Dhar - 5 winter destinations to see snowfall in Himachal
Source – www.flickr.com

Distance to Haripur Dhar from Delhi: 337 Km

Route: Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurukshetra – Shahbad – Mullana – Nahan- Renukaji – Haripur Dhar

Expected Lowest Temperature: less than 0 and can go up to -6 degree Celsius

What to do: Leisure walks, photo shoot mesmerizing views and visit Maa Bhangayani Temple

Difficulties you may face: roadblocks due to excessive snowfall, extreme cold, power cuts and water shortage


  1. Dharamshala – Mcleodganj

The Mcleodganj located at an altitude of 1700 meters is a home to Dalai Lamas and has a jumbled mix of shops, restaurants, hotels, and cafes strewn along the steep winding alleyway. It lies in the Dauladhar range, 10 km ahead of Dharamshala. Mcleodganj receives a good amount of snowfall in Himachal during winters in January and February. The environment is chilling with the cold breeze and is flocked by couples especially honeymooners.  The whole place is blessed, romantic and a tranquilizer in itself, quite different from summers.

Source – www.365hops.com

Distance to Dharamshala from Delhi: 476 km

Route: Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurukshetra – Ambala – Rupnagar – Anandpur Sahib – Nangal- Una – Amb- Kangra – Dharamshala- Mcleodganj

Expected Lowest Temperature: 0 to -2degree Celsius

What to do: Visit Bhagsu Waterfall, climb to Shiva Cafe, roam around the local colorful market, Buy local wood and metal artwork, enjoy Tibetan food

Difficulties you may face: Traffic jams, Parking problem, water shortage, extreme cold

  1. Dalhousie- Khajjiar

Dalhousie, a quiet colonial Hill station is named after British General Lord Dalhousie. It is a tourist destination throughout all seasons but in winters during January and February snowfall adds an extra charm and cream to its picturesque landscapes. The white sheet makes the combination of white and green nature more enchanting and beautiful.

Dalhousie - 5 winter destinations to see snowfall in Himachal
Source – www.traveltriangle.com

The Khajjiar town lies 21 km from Dalhousie and is known as Switzerland of India.  In winters its huge green meadows get covered with snow sheets and pine trees in backdrop look so poetic and it is like a dream come true.

Distance to Dalhousie from Delhi: 565 km

Route: Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurukshetra – Ambala – Ludhiana – Jalandhar – Pathankot – Dalhousie

Expected Lowest Temperature: 0 to -7 degree Celsius

What to do: Visit potato field, Dainkund Peak, Bakrota Hills, leisure walk at Cantonment area and Tibetan market, click pictures of snow clad mountains, and shop at Gandhi chowk

Difficulties you may face: Roadblocks and traffic jams, power cuts, carry extra clothing and take precautions for elderly and children

Khajjiar - 5 winter destinations to see snowfall in Himachal
Source – www.holidfy.com

Word of Caution while traveling to see snowfall in Himachal

  1. Pack well with enough of clothes, gloves, caps, food, and medication. Carry an extra blanket for an emergency
  2. If you are snowbound, stay in your vehicle. It will be easy for locals to locate you and don’t walk out in snow storm
  3. Drive slowly. Accelerating, stopping, turning all takes time on snow covered roads as compared to dry roads
  4. Make sure your vehicle and its tires are in peak operating condition
  5. Keep your gasoline tanks at least half full
  6. Clear snow from windows and lights and check your vehicle’s exhaust pipe is never clogged with snow or ice
  7. If your vehicle gets stuck, don’t overexert to dig it out from snow. Tie a colored cloth to the antenna to make your vehicle visible to rescuers
  8. Apply brakes carefully. As there are more chances of vehicle slipping during snowfall in Himachal
  9. Keep fog lights on and maintain some distance from the vehicles moving ahead of you
  10. Equip your vehicle with basic winter driving equipment like small shovel, tow chain, jumper cables etc when traveling to see snowfall in Himachal
  11. Always keep locals no and your cell phone handy, to call in distress situation
  12. Check the weather forecast before leaving if you don’t want to be struck
  13. Most important is – Don’t panic if you are struck. Calm down and think how to handle the situation.

5 Winter Destinations to See Snowfall in Himachal

You can also check the places to experience snowfall in Uttarakhand near Delhi.