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34 best things of life, I am grateful for on turning 34

Gosh!! I didn’t realize it’s my 34th birthday. Am I too old or getting younger? Honestly, the feeling is getting younger and the countdown has started in the reverse order after 30. That means I am 26 now. Isn’t that cool? It is because I have the best things of life with me! I feel that I still have the same youth and happiness as that of the twenties and my friends and family too compliment me on that.34th Birthday - Best things of life on turning 3434th Birthday - Best things of life on turning 34

34th birthday might sound like big responsibilities, big bills, big talks, big work and so much more. But I purely believe it is up to you how to take your life and your responsibilities.  Times do slip out but it’s only you who can decide whether you have missed something or learned more. 34 years have slipped for me too, but I don’t regret anything.  I just look back to know what all I have gained, learned and gather as the best things of life.

At times even I do get the feeling that I am almost half way or more than that done with my life journey but what relevance that thought has. Nothing fruitful! Who exactly knows how much way it is? So why should I worry? The simple philosophy now is to cherish what I have today and make my present as the best years of life. I live and want to live each day in a celebration.

So, today in this post, I will be listing my 34 best things of life which I really cherish and I am grateful for.

34 Best Things of Life

  1. The greatest gift life has given me – my soul mate Tashi, who has accepted me with my 100 defects.34 best things of life on turning 34
  2. My parents who happily helped and supported me in every nick and corner of the world.
  3. My siblings with whom I can talk any bull shit and they will pamper to say a Good Job. Keep rocking sis.
  4. Being married in a great family where In-Laws is just a word.
  5. Being born in a country like India, where there is so much cultural variation but still an utmost feeling of love and brotherhood.
  6. To be born as women who can bear all the pains and still bring a smile to others face.
  7. Having amazing friends, who bring happiness and belly hurting laughter into my life.
  8. Meeting awesome staff that respected me and made me learned every day new.
  9. Learning the real photography to capture all the memories.
  10. Meeting Mridula Dwivedi – the known travel blogger who introduced me to the term travel blogging.
  11. For realizing my passion i.e. Travel! Travel!34 best things of life on turning 34
  12. For doing what I love doing. I know many of us don’t get the opportunity to follow our passions but that is what my mate helped me in doing.
  13. Being surrounded by people who share the common interest of travel.
  14. For traveling around the world and meeting amazing people and seeing their cultures that I had barely imagined.
  15. Good health that helps me to travel, explore and reach my milestones.
  16. To Tashi for motivating me to start my own blog – AllGudthings – where I share my thoughts, ideas independently and connect with the lovely people of similar niche.
  17. Having a know-how of digital world, social Medias and the marketing tools that remove the physical distance helps to stay connected and up to date.
  18. My blogging friends, many of whom I have never met but have formed bonds on the Internet.
  19. For the motivation, I get through comments and likes on my blog, although being busy in our daily routines.
  20. My travel bucket list which motivates me to save and travel more.
  21. For the ability to trek and see the most unexplored and untouched amazing trails of the world.
  22. Seeing and experiencing the changing colors of sunsets and sunrises at the beaches and mountains.34 best things of life on turning 34
  23. Gazing at the starry night in the mountains.
  24. Being part of travel communities and groups which make me feel I am on the road always and they do give me ideas on how to grow my blog.
  25. For starting my own venture that gave me a freedom of individuality.
  26. For all the ups and downs in life which have turned me into a more strong human.
  27. The freedom I enjoy because of my family, husband and important credit is to the people who protect my country.
  28. For a wonderful Coffee, that turns my bad day to a Good Day.34 best things of life on turning 34
  29. Being unequivocally happy and contented
  30. Seeing 34 and still thinking that I am 26.
  31. For having a baby heart which still cries and feels the pain of others.
  32. Parties, festivals, and Laughter with family and friends.34 best things of life on turning 34
  33. For all the hugs, smiles and wishes of loved ones.
  34. Last but not the least, for being myself, a unique God’s human.

I raise the glass for my 34th birthday and look ahead for more birthdays to gather best things of life and travel to see the world and make memories.

Spiti Valley, in photos, which made me mad for Travel

The “Spiti” means the middle land; that lies between India and Tibet.

The Spiti Valley journey brings you close to never ending landscapes, ancient world monasteries, gushing wide rivers, crystal clear blue lakes, snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and clear blue skies. In the valley, each carved mountain, treacherous roads, and innocent villagers have their own story to tell. The travelers like us (me and Tashi) get mesmerized to become a storyteller, photographer and travel blogger.

The famous story writer Joseph Rudyard Kipling said: “Spiti Valley is a land of god and this place is no place for men. Here the mountains peaks are high enough from the feet and silence has beaten this place” – I completely agree, there is no human/vehicular noise, no pollution, no over development, no industrialization. How silent and ethereal the place is Only wind and water sing their own songs.

The Spiti Valley has its own crazy aura which binds you to sit quietly and get lost in nature. You start planning to stay back,  instead of going. Here in few pictures from our lens, I will describe how the beauty of this “Land of God” turned us to a passionate photographer and travel blogger.

Journey to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Our journey started from Rohtang Pass, also known as Pass of the Corpses. This pass connects Kullu valley with the Lahaul and Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Journey started from rohtang pass for Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

We were heading towards Chandratal Lake but each mountain on the way stopped me for a click. I wonder how beautiful each peak is carved naturally. The mountains call me to reach the heights and explore the most unexplored paths.

Heading to Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

Before reaching the mesmerizing Lake of the moon, on the way, there are so many crazy valleys. Each valley is covered in hues of golden sand, rocky mountains peaks covered in snow, glaciers, and river flowing in the center of the valley. Such views make me think nothing  else is more beautiful than this place.

on the way to chandratal lake, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

The complete semi-arid dessert, Spiti valley is a world in itself. There are hardly any humans. The wind, water, and nature have  written their own stories on each wall.

In semi arid dessert, Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

The valleys are so wide and mountains peaks are so high; that I and this huge vehicle; Mahindra – Scorpio seems to be like ants in this panoramic view.

In the Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Driving just next to the river bed, and again mountains have changed their colors. I wish I could count the color hues of mountains in this valley.

At the river bed in Spiti valley, himachal pradesh

Here comes this master place for which the whole journey started. The Chandratal Lake, located at an altitude of 14,100 feet where each mountain changes its color every hour. It is so clean, so quiet and so beautiful. We spent here one day and night. For details check my blog post on Chandratal click here.

At Chandratal lake, Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

The best view- I could spot so many yaks grazing together (Check those black dots)

Yaks grazing in spiti valley at Himachal Pradesh

The Kunzum pass located at 15,600 feet is a high mountain pass that connects Kullu Valley and Lahaul valley to the Spiti valley. The fluttering prayer flags have Buddhist mantras and prayers displayed on them produce a spiritual vibration that is activated and carried by the wind across the countryside. Here the wind was at full speed and check my Scorpio has turned gray from Black.

Kunzum Pass, Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

The Gateway to Spiti valley (Where Gram Panchayat of Losar village welcomes you)

Gateway to Spiti Valley at Losar Village, Himachal Pradesh

My next stop was at Kaza the capital of Spiti Valley. The Hotel Deyzor, Kaza is an awesome property, where this wonderful caption and calligraphy pulled me to click. Hotel Deyzor represents a true spirit of Spiti Valley for any traveler with a comfortable stay & good Dining Menu. The way in which it has been constructed at such a remote location is really applaudable.

Hotel Deyzor, Kaza, Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh


Next day we started our journey from lush green Dhankar village; an abode in heaven. Dhankar is the old capital of Spiti and lies between Kaza and Tabo. It is built at an altitude of 12,774 feet.  The village seems as a spur or bluff which stands out into the main valley and ends in a precipice.

Dhankar Village, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Ahead Kaza, we stopped at Tabo. The  Tabo Monastery lies at the bottom of the valley, unlike the other monasteries perched on the top. The monastery offers you a stay at a mere amount of Rs 500 per person. The rooms have mud lining on the walls and ceiling and are super cozy and comfortable.

Tabo monastery, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Oh! Not to be missed! On the way, there is 550 years old mummy of Saint Sangha Tenzin in sitting position at Gue Village. The locals believe that she gave up her life while meditating.

Gue Village, Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

Heading towards Kinnaur Valley, at Khab there is a confluence of two rivers –the Satluj and Spiti River. Check whole scene is so picturesque.

Confluence of river Spiti and Satluj at Khab in Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

Last but not the least; when roads were that adventurous and nature had so much to show, we got transformed to a writer, poet, travel blogger, storyteller, and photographer.

We say travel to this terrain, even you will explore and get to know more about yourself.

5 astonishing beach pictures of Sri Lanka

Beaches in Sri Lanka offer a treat to eyes for everyone. The mesmerising hues seen in the skies reflect the vivid colors in the clean beach sand below the feet. The serenity is further enhanced by the fact that these beaches are so un-crowded that anyone visiting would feel alone with nature, if not lonely. The below 5 astonishing beach pictures of Sri Lanka will make you go “wow”.

[huge_it_gallery id=”4″]