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Things to do at Mandrem Beach, North Goa

Goa – “Go and come back again”. You must be thinking but why again? Simply, to explore the places, left out in the previous Goa trip. And yes, this time I was off to explore the left out beaches like Mandrem Beach in North Goa.

Mandrem Beach Goa

Mandrem is a coastal village in the North Goa, located 29km away from the capital city Panaji. And the Mandrem Beach is tucked between Ashwem and Arambol beaches of North Goa.

Mandrem Beach North Goa
Sunbeds on the beach at sunset

The beach is quiet and very picturesque. The rustic fishing boats drawn up along the beach, adds more to the atmosphere of peace and serenity. Further, the bamboo bridge that spans the creek looks extensively beautiful and brings you onto the white sands of the beach itself. Also, read chasing rains in Goa- offbeat monsoon destinations of India

How to Reach Mandrem, North Goa

Mandrem Beach can be reached by train, air, bus or private vehicles from New Delhi.

By Train

Direct trains run from New Delhi to Goa almost every day, except the Rajdhani Express. The Rajdhani Express runs only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, New Delhi and it takes around 25 hrs to reach Goa from Delhi as compared to other trains that take an average time of 37-39 hrs to reach Goa. Also, the Rajdhani train costs a bit high other than regular trains.

By Air

It is the easiest and most convenient way to reach Goa and from Delhi flight takes only 2-3 hours to reach.

By Bus

Sadly, there are no direct buses from Delhi to Goa but still once can reach Goa by taking a bus from a nearby city or by breaking the journey.

Mandrem Goa
Mandrem Goa

After Reaching Goa

Further from the airport, bus stand or railway station, you can reach Mandrem Beach by bus or cab. Cab will help you reach quickly but it too is an expensive affair. The other cheaper option is to reach by bus but for it, you might need to change multiple buses.

From Goa Railway Station to Mandrem in Bus

Take a bus till the main bus stand of your respective area of the Railway Station. For ex-: Madgaon Railway station to the respective area of the bus terminal. From outside Madgaon Railway Station, the bus will go to charge Rs. 15 per person and will drop you at the main bus stand from where you can catch a bus to Panaji. Further, the bus will take Rs. 45 per person and drop you at the Panaji bus stand.

From Panaji bus stand to Mapusa bus

There are no direct buses from Panaji to Mandrem. You have to take a bus till Mapusa. The bus will be going to charge Rs. 20 per person.

From Mapusa bus stand to Mandrem bus

Take a bus from Mapusa bus stand till Mandrem. The bus will charge around Rs.20.

Best season to visit Mandrem Goa

The peak season in Goa is in winters i.e. from Nov – March every year because a place like Goa spread its arms from hot and humid summers (April – July) to shower in monsoon (August – October) and gives a pleasant season in winters (Nov – March).

Bungalows at Mandrem North Goa
Bungalows at Mandrem Beach

*Note – If you coming from North India, you will never be going to find this season pleasant because of the temperature ranges between 25 – 30 degrees in the daytime. i.e. It’s pleasant according to the people of the region here.

How to Go around In Mandrem Goa

Mandrem can be explored on foot, scooty or by bus. But sometimes you have to wait for a long time for the bus to arrive.

Where to Rent a Scooty in Mandrem

In Goa, you can find Scooties on rent boards and shops at every corner of the street. Indeed, one doesn’t need to find a place to rent a scooter, because when you start walking on the streets of Goa, the people will themselves come and ask whether you need a scooty or bike on rent.

Before hiring, remember the rental pricing of scooty varies according to the season and type of vehicle. In peak season like Nov. – Feb., one can get a Scooty on rent for at least Rs. 350 – Rs. 400 per day whereas in other seasons, the same is for somewhere around Rs. 250- Rs. 300 per day.

Things to do in Mandrem Beach Goa

Mandrem Beach doesn’t have tour operators on the beach like other beaches of Goa, but still, there are plenty of things to do here.

1. Play Sports

Playing a sport such as a frisbee or a volleyball is the most common beach sport. You can also try footvolley and beach tennis to make things interesting on the beachside. Seeing people play, many would come and ask “Whether they can join too? How cool, isn’t it?

Since Mandrem Beach is not too much occupied by Restaurants and Cafes, i.e. a lot of open space is available as compared to other beaches in Goa. 

2. Practise Yoga

How about yoga on the beachside? Isn’t that interesting and remember it has many benefits too. So, carry your yoga mats and enjoy your time.

3. Surfing

Surfing on the beach is a pretty common thing but very few agree to do this water adventure. You can surf in Mandrem Beach or can walk along the beachside till you reach Arambol Beach.

Mandrem Beach North Goa

Surfing for 1 hr costs around Rs. 500 and likewise these charges depend upon season to season. Also, you can do a basic course of surfing for 2 hrs where you are taught the whole process. The charges for the course are around Rs. 2000/- per person (again, the charges depend upon season to season).

4. Listen to music

Put your ear plugins and let the beats do talking on the beachside. But also remember to consider other people’s preferences, so keep music slow and only to yourself.

5. Dine and wine in sea-side cafes

Mandrem Beach has pretty hut shaped sea-side cafes. Lunching, munching and dining with a sea view, sunset and stars is a delight here. These shacks are known for their seafood delicacies. And they too serve a number of authentic Goan dishes as well as Continental cuisine.

6. Sunset at Mandrem Beach

The majority of beaches in Goa get crowded in the evening during sunset but Mandrem Beach and few other beaches in North Goa, have comparatively less crowd and can give be the perfect option for mesmerizing sunset views.

Sunset at Mandrem
Sunset at Mandrem Beach

7. Shop

Just like South Goa beaches, you can shop the local bracelets, anklets, and other fashion accessories made from shells from the local people who are on a continuous roll.

8. Get clicked on the wooden bridges

On Mandrem Beach there are around 3-4 wooden bridges, which leads to the seashore. The one I found pretty attractive was one which goes ahead from Dunes Village restaurant. These bridges are hardly crowded and only a few tourists use them to surpass. So, you can easily pose for like hours till you get your perfect shot.

Wooden Bridge at Mandrem Beach
Wooden Bridge at Mandrem Beach

9. Interact with Fellow Travelers

Travelers from around the world come in Goa and Mandrem Beach is no exception. Indeed, it is common among foreign tourists. So, you can interact with others and listen to their travel stories for inspiration and life ahead.


If you are someone who prefers peace over-crowd then Mandrem Beach in Goa would be a perfect place for you without any doubt. Whether you are an Indian tourist or foreign tourist you feel like going to Mandrem Beach again and again.

Mandrem Goa

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