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Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand – a lot more than the entrance to Char Dhams of Uttarakhand

Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand is a holy town located at an altitude of 3800 feet on the banks of sacred River Gangotri. It is the entrance for spiritual Char Dham Yatra (Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri)  and is also known as the Kashi of North India (just like Varanasi). Apart from this, it is a home to multiple Ghats, shrines, ashrams and Nehru Mountaineering Institute. Many people/ tourists/travelers come and stay here in Ashrams and Dharamshalas for several days to learn mountaineering and climbing. Others make it home for exploration, meditation and some in search of Nirvana.

Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand
Source: www.wikimapia.com

The small town Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand is not only picturesque but serene too. It has mountains, lakes, rivers, dense forests, glaciers, green meadows. Did I miss something? So the single sentence for this place will be; it has everything that a traveler or tourist wish to see while traveling. It is painted by Pine and Deodar trees on one side whereas the gushing, clear, greenish blue Ganges flows on the other side.

Ghats of Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand
Source: eUttaranchal

Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand was a well-flourished town till 20122013. But a havoc of one cloudburst after another and floods in the region changed the whole picture. The wreck and destruction were so massive that people of Uttarkashi migrated to the nearby safer locations. But now once again with the prevailing years; conditions in the town have improved and it is flourishing.


Route to Uttarkashi from Delhi: Delhi – Ghaziabad – Meerut – Muzaffarnagar- Roorkee- Haridwar- Rishikesh – Chamba – New Tehri – Dharasu – Uttrakashi

Distance from Delhi to Uttarkashi – 411 km

Time from Delhi: 10-11 hrs

Stops in between – I stopped at Tehri in between, the other options can be Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Chamba

Season– April to October

Offseason (Best time to visit) – November – March

Temperature during wintersMin: 1-5 degree Celsius; Max: 21 degree Celsius and Summers- Min: 15 degree Celsius; Max: 30 degree Celsius

Things to do in & around Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand

Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand is the entrance to famous four Hindu Dhams (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath) but beyond these, there are certain more attractions in and around Uttarkashi which are worth exploring and can rush your adrenaline.

1. Uttarkashi town:

The first and foremost attraction is Uttarkashi town itself. There are more than 30 temples in the town and the must visit one is:

Kashi Vishwanath temple: This is an ancient temple built by Sage Parshuram in 1857. Here, in this temple, there is Syambhu Linga i.e. a self-manifested image and not set up by human hands.  This Shiv Linga is 56 cm in height and 90 cm in circumference and is tilted towards the south.

Kashi Vishawnath Temple at Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand

Shakti Temple: Just opposite to Kashi Vishwanath temple is Shakti temple, dedicated to Goddess Parvati. The main attraction of this temple is a huge metal Trishul which is 1500 years old, 6 meters high, 90 cm in circumference and is made up of metal Iron from top and Copper from the bottom.

Trishul at Shakti temple of Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand
Source: Tripadvisor

The Amazing fact about Trishul- Believe it or not: It doesn’t move when you apply the entire body force but it will vibrate as soon you apply the finger pressure. (Honestly, I failed to understand the logic behind it. It was some Magic for me).

Some other Temples which we didn’t visit but one can visit are: Kandar Devta Temple, Parshuram Temple, Kuteti Devi Temple, Ekadash Rudra Temple etc.

2. Dodital Trek

The Legends believe that Lord Ganesha choose Dodital situated at a height of 3024 meters, as his abode. So, there is a fresh water lake and temple here. To see this Lake one needs to ride by Car/ jeep till Sangamchatti and then trek between pine trees, snow covered slopes and Himalayas for 21 Kms. According to the locals and trekkers, this trek is really a gentle one. This trek is done with one night halt at Agora and Bebra village. At Dodital too, the option for stay is forest rest houses or one can do camping.

Dodital lake from Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand
Source: www.tourmyindia.com

From Dodital, One can continue trek till Dayara Bugyal.

Dodital to Dayara Bugyal Trek from Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand
Source: Moderate Trek


3. Nachiketa Tal

Nachiketa Tal situated at an altitude of 2453 meters is just like a lake in fairy land after passing through Rhododendron and dense forests. The lake is elliptical shaped and there is no know-how of its inlet and outlet. This Nachiketa Tal is believed to be named after 10 years old Nachiketa who found the gateway to hell and the truth behind life and death. Nachiketa Tal is around 33 Kms from Uttarkashi, out of which 30 Kms are motorable and 3 km trek from Chaurangi Khal.

Nachiketa Tal from Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand
Source: www.highwaycabs.com

4. Maneri Dam

The Maneri Dam is located at a distance of 8-9 Kms from Uttarkashi on the river Bhagirathi. This is the stage 1 of Maneri Bhali Hydroelectric Project and the unique part is water is fed through 8 kilometers long tunnel to the turbines. The Maneri River around this dam has emerged as a tourists attraction and they host several water sports like boating, kayaking, etc.

Maneri lake near Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand
Source: Tripadvisor

5. Dayara Bugyal Trek

The Dayara Bugyal trek is again considered as easy and one of the breathtaking treks of this regions. It is nestled amidst snow peaked towering mountains. It brings you to widespread lush green meadows spread over 28 km at an altitude of 10,000 -12,000 feet. In winters this diverse grassland turns to wonderful skiing slopes. The Dayara Bugyal trek is 29 Kms and it starts from small village Barsu, which is located 32 km from Uttarkashi.

Dayara Bugyal Trek from Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand

6. Gangnani Hot Water Springs

The Gangnani hot water spring is also known as Rishikund tirth. It lies at a distance of 46 Kms from Uttarkashi and is an ideal retreat for the people who want to meditate or get mesmerized in nature. There are wildflowers, giant rhododendron trees and clinging peaks on the sides and at some point glistening in the Ganges.

The hot water kund at Gangnani near Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand
Source: My Yatra Diary

In the ancient era, when it was tough for devotees to reach Gomukh (the source of origin of River Gangotri), they used to bath here in hot water spring and say Ganga Yahi Nahani hai – So, now its short form is Gangnani.  There are separate Kunds (Bathing areas) for men and women. 12 Kms ahead, to Gangnani, lies another place called Bhatwari, dedicated to sage Parasara, the father of Veda vyas.

Some tips for traveling to Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand 

  • Check weather conditions before leaving for this route.
  • Always carry some woolens with you, as sudden rain can lower down the temperature.
  • Don’t expect to get phone or internet signals everywhere. The only network which works in some areas is BSNL.
  • There will be many people on the way asking for lifts. It is good to help, but be careful.
  • The rooms/ hotels/tents to stay have all basic amenities and don’t expect much.
  • Don’t fall into the traps of fake Sadhus and Saints.
  • Always carry some snacks with you, as on some routes you won’t even find small tea and Maggi stalls.
  • Book your hotels/ homestays/ guest houses beforehand; as in season majority of them are fully occupied and in off season majority of them are closed.
  • In offseason, don’t expect to get a wide variety of food options.


Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand - A lot more than entrance to Char Dhams of India

Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

Imagine how ethereal the place is – the flat grasslands with hues of blue sky on top, erect never-ending mountain slopes with pine trees, 100 feet tall waterfalls singing their own songs, and hot water spring in the midst of all.  Lord Shiva meditated here for 3000 long years. Yes! I am talking about the hike to hot water spring Kheerganga in Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh located at a height of 13,050 feet.

Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

The hike to hot water spring Kheerganga/ Khirganga (as on Google maps) in Parvati Valley, the temporary village is so picturesque that each tough trail gives you spellbound views of nature. The trek lands you away from the city hustle-bustle, into the serene lap of nature, isolated from habitation, and technology too could not mark itself. At Kheerganga, still, everything has retained its original shape and form. With every step, you hear the gushing flow of water; feel the aura and fragrance of woods.

The magic of this beauty force me to say – “I wish this place always remain hidden from the rest of the world”.

Water Stream on Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, himachal pradesh

Best time to Hike

The best time to hike to hot water spring of Kheerganga is between May – November.

When and where to start Kheerganga Hike

Start your hike to hot water spring Kheerganga early, around 7 am from the Village Barshaini. Total hike is 12 kilometers and it takes around 5-6 hrs dangling through mountains to reach the Kheerganga cliff. Barshaini is around 22 kilometers from Kasol and 3 km from Tosh.

Barshaini, Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

Villages on the Way to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga in Parvati Valley

On the way, there are 3-4 small villages with cottages and shacks. You can eat food, snacks and relax in the springs.

  • The Village Pulga – Around 2Kms from the Pulga Dam;
Near Pulga Village, Hike to Hot Water Spring kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh
  • The Village Nakthan– 2 Kms from Pulga
Nakthan Village,Hike to Hot Water Spring Khjeerganga, Himachal Prades
  • Rudra Naag Temple – 2 Kms from Nakthan
Rudra Naag Temple, Hike to Hot Water Spring kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

Beyond Rudra Naag, the woods become dense and the trail becomes much steeper. After crossing the bridge at Rudra Naag, 3 kilometers ahead there are 1-2 more Shacks to munch on Maggie and Snacks.

Trail After Rudra Naag bridge, Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, Himachal; Pradesh

The last part of the trek is a tough strenuous climb before you see an entry point to Kheerganga.

Hike to Hot water spring Kheergnaga, Himachal Pradesh

The amazing landscapes, rock patterns, tree formations, waterfalls, and the alpine meadows bound you to stop everywhere and photoshoots them.

tree formation, Hike to hot water spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh


On the Kheerganga meadows, there were several lodging and food options at pretty reasonable prices. The cafes used to offer to stay in tents and large halls too with inbuilt ‘angithis’. The cost per bed varied from INR 100 to INR 200 depending upon the season. But now, camping and littering at Kheerganga has been banned by the Himachal Government, to avoid trash and ecological disturbances in the sensitive zone.

We stayed at Lotus Valley, which had small private cozy rooms for two, at a reasonable price of INR 300.

Lotus Valley, Hike to hot water spring Kheerganga, himachal Pradesh

Note: Parvati Valley is turning to an Israeli habitat and wonderland for cannabis (weed) users.

Also Read: The guide to weed in India

What to do at Kheerganga

The trek is tough and tiring (I wonder how people grade it in easy category) but the mystical and mesmerizing views, take away all your pains.

After reaching,

  • Head towards spring to get yourself immersed in hot water with mountains all around
  • Sip a wonderful coffee with awesome sandwich, admiring how the sun sets at such an altitude
  • Take photos of glowing peaks at sunset
Hike to hot water spring kheerganga, himachal pradesh
  • Get tranquilized with smoke and trance music in the evening.
  • Wake up next morning to see sun splashing colors on the mountains
Hike to Hot Water Spring Kheerganga, himachal Pradesh
  • Calm yourself and gather your thoughts in the peace

Things to take care of

  1. Hike only during day time (not after 6 pm) and be careful with wildlife
  2. Carry light – Must include a pair of slippers, wind and rain cheater, sun block, an extra pair of t-shirt, lower, a small torch and band aid. Make sure your trekking shoes are not slippery as the weather is completely unpredictable
  3. Keep some dry fruits and energy bars handy – As they act as an instant source of energy
  4. Stay hydrated to avoid muscle cramps
  5. Do not pluck apples on the way – it’s annoying for the locals as well as you will end paying Rs 1000 for a single applewaterfall on hike to hot water spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh
  6. Do not litter here and there. What you carry either dispose it nicely in the bins or bring it back. Hollow Tree barks are used as bins
  7. Avoid Shortcuts unless you are with a guide who knows in and out about the place
  8. Watch your steps at hot water spring as it is very slippery
  9. Never run and be careful with stones – A single wrong step can end up the story so be very cautious while ascent as well as descent.
  10. Landslides – Cross landslides with the help of porters or guides. They can guide you where to place feet and how to cross itlandslide on hike to hot water spring kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh
  11. Do not push yourself – Stop! Take a deep breath and then move ahead calmly.


Do not listen to people for any negative thoughts. You know what is right or wrong for you. If you have a strong will and your goal is clear, you will definitely achieve it with a smile and accomplishment.

This is our view on the hike to hot water spring Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh. Share your thoughts and pictures.