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My Travel Tattoo Butterfly and its tale

Shall I get Inked? Will this tattoo look good? Will it stay forever? Won’t I get bored of it seeing every day? Not only these, but many other questions poured up when I had to get myself tattooed. Is that true with you too? The only thing clear to me was that I wanted a travel tattoo. The travel tattoo which could depict my lust and hunger to see the world; the soul which want to be free but equally connected to nature. So it could not be- compass, suitcase, map, globe, the trajectory with a paper plane or passport stamps. But then what it should be? After scrolling on hundred images, I stopped at a gift of nature – Butterfly. Yes, this is what I want but not a regular dark one, something different in a gradient look! And this is how it looks.

My travel Tattoo Butterfly and its tale

According to me, a tattoo is not just an artwork. It is a souvenir which one wants to embed on his or her skin as a special remembrance forever. Tattoos are drawn superficially but they carry a very deep meaning inside. They tell a lot about the self-expression and personality of a wearer.

Travel Tattoo is just one type of all the tattoos. They are mostly adorned by travel lovers. These tattoos depict the desire of one to travel the world, to follow the dreams and some even represent the unforgettable memories of the place or trip.

My Souvenir – Butterfly Travel Tattoo

My travel tattoo might be a simple butterfly to an eye; but to me, it means much more. It depicts me as being feminist, my nature as well as it pushes me to follow my travel dreams.

My travel tattoo butterfly and its tale

It represents me as:

  • A woman who is graceful, delicate and gentle like a butterfly but is independent too.
  • As the soul who has the freedom to spread her own wings with the wind.
  • Who is wanderlust, unstable and wants to see the whole world just like a butterfly that goes from flower to flower collecting food
  • Who can accept the changes and is ready to undergo transformations of any kind
  • One connected to the universe and nature around
  • Who has emerged from the shell and has retained its inner beautyMy travel tattoo butterfly and its tale

I say, getting a tattoo done is purely one’s own decision. Never listen to others for it. Go for the one which you like and which you feel meets your personality. For me, the tattoos are great memorials and self-characters. This one is my unique travel tattoo and its tale. What is yours? I would love to see and hear about yours. Do share and pin it if you like it.

My Travel tattoo butterfly and its tale