Skirts for Hourglass Body Shape

Skirts for Hourglass Body Shape

Characteristics of Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass Body Shape Characteristics
Hourglass Body Shape Characteristics
  1. Narrow waist
  2. Fuller Bust
  3. Big thighs and hips
  4. Evenly distributed Weight

Skirts Shape, Designs, and Patterns for Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass shape is considered as best and dream of every woman. So what if it’s bigger than the normal sizes, still you can enjoy wearing skirts. Look at Kim Kardashian, how she wear and enjoys her dresses.

  • For hourglass shape Pencils skirts with splits are best to accentuate waist area.
  • Other options can be full circle, tulip cut, A – line, gored skirts with high waist bands.
  • Skirts with ruffles, pockets, embellishments around hip area can be avoided as they will add bulk around your hip area.
  • Prefer materials that can stretch and flow through your body.
  • Avoid stiff and thick materials.
  • Peplums can also be good option if chosen correctly. Choose the one which starts at the thinnest part of your waist and ends below your widest point.
  • Hourglass shape can carry both patterned and solid color skirts. They should just check it doesn’t add volume to their fuller body parts and should clinches well at waist giving an hourglass effect.
Hourglass Shaped Celebrity - Kim Kardashian
Hourglass Shaped – Kim Kardashian

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