Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall – in Photos

Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall – in Photos

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is a colorful story in itself.  Any season you travel there you can capture the same location in different colors and hue through your lens.  I recently planned a road trip from Pinjore to Shimla – Kufri – Chail with my family to capture few glimpses of snow white towns.  And, luckily I witnessed snowfall and saw Shimla turning white. The whole scene was like a fairyland.

Here I am sharing what Shimla looks like after snowfall in pictures and videos captured by me and Tashi.

It was early morning, the environment was quite. There was no rain, no lightning only clouds and temperature almost freezing. In minutes the snowflakes started falling and covering everything. Check in the video how tiny and beautiful they are.


In no time, the moto world in Navbahar, Shimla turned so picturesque.

Motor world at Navbahar Shimla - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

The Navbahar roads got painted in the contrast of white, black, green and red.

Navbahar Shimla - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

The Shimla ridge became so bright, clear and beautiful after hours of snowfall.  A happy joyful flock of tourists appeared on the ridge to play with the snow.

Shimla Ridge - Beautiful Shimla after snowfall

In the afternoon we headed towards Kufri and on the way, I captured Sanjauli town. The houses or I should say lego blocks were painted in white by nature.

Sanjauli - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

We couldn’t reach Kufri as the roads were closed that afternoon due to heavy snowfall, so we turned to Mashobra. It had always been on my list but could never visit it.

Mashobra near Shimla - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

On the way to Mashobra, I got excited seeing standing road roller and thought of having some adventure with it.

Road Roller on way to Mashobra - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

Next day, we started our day for Kufri again. The roads were open and the way was drawn in a combination of lush white and green.

Scenic view on the way to kufri - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

Kufri, 18 km from Shimla is just half an hour drive but we reached in 2 hrs because of the scenic views and numerous stoppages on the way admiring nature.

Kufri near Shimla - Beautiful Shimla after Snowfall

Seeing so much snow around, my parents turned to Kids. They were more happy and thrilled than us. Dad was excited and busy playing with snow.

At Kufri -Beautiful Shimla after snowfall

Next was Chail on our list but the roads were again closed. So, we headed to Fagu- Theog and saw how mesmerizing the landscaped looked.

Fagu - Theog - Near Shimla after snowfall

I never felt that lost but I was completely lost in the beauty of nature and its colors.

On the way from Kufri - beautiful Shimla after snowfall

Snowfall in and around Shimla gets exciting and is always welcomed by tourists, travelers, hoteliers, and locals. Initially, it gets smiles to everyone’s faces but it also makes life tough for locals because of water and electricity shortage. Even the local transportation too is impacted. Snowfall in Shimla gets mixed emotions from locals, but tourists and travelers are always happy.

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  • I am dying to be in Shimla when it snows. Somehow, it is not happening for me. How did you manage to be there at the right time is the big question I have. I live in Bangalore and my challenges are – 1) how to time my air tickets to coincide with a snow time 2) how to make sure I will not be stuck if it snows heavily all of a sudden

    • Hi Neha. I went with met departments prediction and it was true. These days they are doing wonders. And of course it is good to be in touch with locals for real time updates. My suggestion to you is – follow the met department for certain days to know the trend. Second you wont get struck with the Snowfall in Shimla and around for more than a day because being capital the snow cutters clear highways asap. .

  • Aww, what brilliant photos ! I live on the Canary Islands where it’s hot all year through. But we are so lucky to have Mount Teide , with 3600mt the highest mountain in Spain. In less than an hour car drive I can enjoy a snowball battle , while it’s around 27 *C at ‘departure’. I love winter wonderland x

  • Keep coming across posts about Himachal Pradesh, and really need to visit. Your photos of snow-covered Shimla are just beautiful, really show off how pretty and serene it is.

  • Wow.. I see what you mean.. I’d be delighted too if i were you! Those colours are indeed so vibrant and wonderful to the eyes.. I’ve always wanted to see snow myself, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be squealing like a little girl when I finally do. hahah.

  • Isn’t it great to be in the right place at the right time? Shimla looks very beautiful in the snow. I live in Southern California where it doesn’t snow at all. Your beautiful pictures made me long for some snow.

  • All of the snow looks so magical! I’m very used to seeing the snow as it’s been a snowy one this winter in Ontario, Canada. Everything there looks picture perfect covered in a layer of the white fluffy stuff.

  • I know exactly what you mean when you describe yourself as feeling lost in nature’s beauty! The snowfall has a way of blanketing any imperfections and showcasing absolutely serene and peaceful views 🙂

  • Oh so beautiful! There’s nothing more picturesque than a town covered in snow! It turns something urban into something magical, in my opinion. I keep forgetting that it can get so cold in India up north. I usually associate the country with hot and humid weather – but I guess that is because I’ve only mainly travelled to the south.

  • Shimla looks like a beautiful part of the world – and wow, I’m sure the colors were even more pronounced on the Shimla ridge after so much snowfall! The views of Sanjauli town are stunning – really do look like lego blocks bound together by white nature. Snowfall in and around Shimla really does seem like an exciting time to be a traveler, I can see how locals would have mixed feelings, but it sounds like it was a fun trip! Your parents are too cute!! I act the same way in snow too lol

  • Oh my goodness, that picture of Sanjauli town on the mountainside covered in snow is stunning! All the bright colors and the white, very picturesque. The landscape in Fagu Theog is gorgeous too! I would love to visit Shimla. How special to watch the area become covered in snow while you were there!

  • Snow clad Shimla and nearby areas look very beautiful in winter. I am reminded of the time when I was there as a kid and enjoyed to my hearts content. After seeing your pics I feel like going again

  • I love seeing a town turn white from snowfall. It’s always so pretty! I can see why the short drive took so long-I would want to keep stopping for those views, too! I always enjoy snow too, but I could see how it could be hard for the locals if it restricts aspects of their day to day life. Looks like a really fun adventure though!

  • Wow Simla looks beautiful with snowfall! I’ve been to Simla (I think it was 10 years ago) and it was during the summer so I did not get to see the snow unfortunately. However, I did love it up there even during the summer. I can see it’s gorgeous during winter too!

  • I had no idea that India could get snow! I suppose this makes sense since the mountains are high up, but my time there has only been spent in pretty hot weather. Shimla looks so magical covered in snow. I bet it made it much quieter too as you drove around and explored.