Why we love monsoon road trips to the Hills

Finally, nature is at its best in North India and the first downpour has brought a big relief from the scorching summer heat. The moving clouds, thunderstorm, lightning; the changing skyline from orange, gray to dark makes the whole sky look so mystic. In fact, it seems that nature has finally used its magic wand to bless everyone. The fragrance of wet earth, the rain drops on leaves, cleansing of trees & shrubs, hazy misty weather, a breeze with rain drops caressing your face is what defines the perfect monsoon for us. And if there is a chance for the road trip during the rainy season, then it is exactly like frosting on the cake. Yes! We are talking about the monsoon road trips.

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Monsoon road trips

As the June end’s or first week of July starts, we start thinking when and where to head for the monsoon road trips. Where never gets answered but we start chasing rains in North India, especially toward Hills of Himachal and Uttarakhand. The roads, trails, and nature start smiling with the showers and get a new life.

Here are few of the reasons why we say monsoon road trips are the best ones.

  1. Umbrella Love

The rain is nature’s art and umbrella is my art. When I walk with it in the rains, I walk with a super art. I feel free to jump in the puddles and have some Chapak! Chapak moments!

With Umbrella - The Monsoon road trips to the hillsIt was raining and the car was sailing on the curvy roads to Kasauli from Chandigarh. But who could stop me and my smile from getting clicked with the colorful umbrella?


I never wanted this storm to pass like that, I wanted to get wet, feel the droplets and breeze. The way to Ranikhet in Uttarakhand was becoming so sensational.
  1. Roads and Trails During Monsoon Road trips

The roads get washed and get a make over whereas the trails smell wonderful in the rainy days.

Roads in Uttarakhand- Monsoon road trips to HillsWe would love to walk and drive endlessly on the clean roads in the rains.
Misty Weather - Monsoon Road trip to the hillsThere were light mist & cool air, I opened up my arms for both to fondle.
Trails of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary: monsoon road trips to the HillsHe said follow me as we walked up this trail and I did because he is worthy and the trail looks awesome – take me to the wonderland. This image was taken at Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  1. The valleys and Himalayan Villages look exceptional

The Village Kalpa: Monsoon Road trip to the HillsThe Himalayan Village, Kalpa is a heavenly abode and I think my words can’t do any justice to this image.
On the way to Ranikhet: monsoon road trips to the hillsOver every mountain, there is a path and it passes silently without disturbing the mountains.  The image was clicked on the way back from Valley View Homestay Ranikhet.
  1. Trees get refreshed, flowers bloom and the Fragrance of pine and woods open up your senses.

Flowers: monsoon road trips to the hillsRains only let the flowers bloom.
Lush Green Meadows after rains: monsoon road trips to the hillsThe lush green meadows turn greener and they act as real tranquilizers. The picture is taken near the Mahadev Temple in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  1. Spot a rainbow
    Rainbow along with rains: monsoon road trips to the hillsRainbow is always special but if you see a double rainbow along with the rains, it is astounding. See how it turns adults into kids. The very special moment captured by a fellow blogger Jitaditya Narzary; of  The Travellingslacker at Manali.
  2.  Raindrops and Photography.

    Monsoon Road trips to the HillsThe colors and raindrops make your pictures look different and perfect. Isn’t it?
  3. The rivers start gurgling and sometimes you can spot an amazing sun peaking through the clouds on the banks of rivers, giving sky it’s own shading.

River Paravti in Kasol: monsoon road trips to the HillsRiver Parvati flowing at its best during monsoons in Kasol.
  1. The seasonal waterfalls are equally charming as the all time waterfalls.

.waterfall: monsoon road trips to the hillsDuring rainy days, water is the real boss and landscapes, mountainscapes just have to obey. The picture was taken on the way to Kheerganga

We are sure these wonderful reasons and pictures might have lured you for the monsoon road trips but always remember the monsoon road trips are equally dangerous and need to be done with special cautions. You can also check the related posts  5 offbeat monsoon weekend getaways from Delhi and  5 places not to miss for monsoon road trip.

Do read the monsoon destinations in India, which should top your list.

Some precautions before taking Monsoon Road Trips

  1. The driving person needs to be fully attentive. His focus should be just on the road with both hands on the steering. Clicking photographs while driving should be a real No!
  2. Get your vehicle properly inspected before hitting the roads. If your tires have gone bald, get them replaced. Check for wipers too and get them changed if they have become brittle.
  3. Use headlights and taillights to get a clear view as well as to make your car visible to others.
  4. There are more chances of skidding on wet roads. So, drive slowly and maintain distance from the vehicles in front.
  5. Drive along the center of the road and preferably follow the vehicle going ahead.
  6. Park your vehicle away from trees as there is a chance of electrocution of trees during lightning which in turn can damage your own vehicle.
  7. If the weather condition and storm worsens, don’t try to push yourself and your vehicle. Stop your car on the side.
  8. Flooding can occur on the highways and other streets within minutes of downpour. Don’t try to drive through the flooded areas.
  9. Rainwater moistens the brake drums so the braking efficiency gets lowered. It is advisable to use the brake on and often. Also, keep the brakes well moistened.
  10. Avoid driving at night during rains.

If you like it please share it and let us know where are you heading next.

Monsoon road trips to the hills

61 thoughts on “Why we love monsoon road trips to the Hills”

  • Only this morning I was thinking of travelling to India in August which is obviously in monsoon season. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do it but these photos really prove to me that I should. It looks amazing

  • ALthough I prefer the sun, in some destinations, having rain and all that brings more drama and effect to the surrounding. Good way to keep people to stay positive. Rain shouldn;t stop you

  • Amazing colours and vistas. I can only imagine the smells! I grew up in Malaysia and we loved monsoon season when I was a kid, though probably because we could play in the rain and stay cool. This just looks stunning

  • I’ve never been in a place during monsoon season. I’m not sure I would enjoy it though. It rains so much where I’m from (Vancouver, Canada), and I’m definitely not a fan of the wet stuff. Might be different where it’s warm though!

  • I can definitely see why you love these roadtrips! I can imagine the smell! And with all that heat I can see how it would be better at that time of the year

  • Great shots! I can see why you love this season. Though we do not have a monsoon season in Panama (I”m in Boquete), we have rain many months of the year, just a Bajareque, which leaves everything beautiful and often double rainbows. 😉

  • I would be freaked out driving in a monsoon but I can totally understand you loving the scenery and the smell after a fresh rain. Love your photos and can see why you enjoy it!

  • Monsoon in India has a charm of its own. I love the monsoon of South India and West India. I am yet to try monsoon road trips in North India. Kalpa sounds great. The valley view homestay in Ranikhet is so serene.

  • Thanks Suruchi for showing the world how lovely India looks during the monsoons. It has been my favorite season of all. And thanks for listing out the precautions as well. It will really help one plan. That look of the majestic mountains with the clouds hovering over them – that is just awesome.

  • The photos look magical! I love waterfalls, and can imagine that they are at their best during monsoon season. I’m not a huge fan of driving in the rain, so I think I’d have to do very short road trips (or very slow ones!).

  • You really have a habit of adding a new destination to my bucket list isn’t it? This post really took my breath away! Kalpa village is a must visit! The sight was unbelievable and the shot was even better! I am glad you captured it so well!

  • Rain in the hills is something to be experienced. Having experienced the mist, low clouds, lush greenery, flowers – you will fall in love with the hills, all over again 🙂
    Great pictures , loved the fun you had

  • As much as I love road trip in monsoon, its a bit scary too, esp in ghat roads and hairpin bends!
    Totally love your rainbow umbrella! Looking to get one since quite sometime now!
    Totally love the shot of the rainbow at Manali!

  • Wow, it all looks so mystical and mysterious! I never traveled around India during the Monsoon but I see that it is totally worth it for the experience and of course photos.

  • I like rains but I am not sure if I will like it when I travel. 😛 🙂
    Lovely photo essay on rains! You got a rainbow too! 🙂

  • I love monsoons and I love road trips…in essence I love road trips in monsoons! The vivid green freshness and the mist are the best part of monsoon road trips. Now you’ve reminded me that Ranikhet is on my agenda.

  • The rain always makes my heart flutter. A lot of people stay indoors when it starts raining but a pluviophile like me rejoices and heads straight outside. The smell, the wetness, and everything else makes being outdoors so calming

  • So true! Monsoon is my favourite time of the year for more mountains and road trips! As uncomfortable as it may get, the thrill of a trio when it pours is a different world altogether!

  • I also love monsoon, I know many people who hate it because it’s such a hassle to travel when it’s raining, but not me. I love it. And I can definitely why you love taking road trips in this weather, just looking at your photos, gives me the warm fuzzy feelings.

  • Monsoon is a time when Nature seems to dance to an exhilarating divine music. Driving through the beautiful landscapes of Northern India in the rains is indeed an experience on an altogether different plane. Loved reading your post and looking at the lovely pictures, the fragrance of the earth mingling with the rain seems to permeate the post.

  • Great post. I love the rains and hills in rains are heavenly. Extra Caution needs to exercised while driving on hills during rains as many unexpected things may happen – like road block due to land slide etc.

  • hmm… Himachal Uttarakhand.. how far is it to Himachal Pradesh? And which one do you prefer? I love road trips too, but only if I have enough time to do that. 🙂 Have fun and happy traveling.

    • Himachal is Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand is another state. These two states are just adjacent to each other. I love both but these days I am inclined more towards uttarakhand.

  • I’m not a big fan of monsoon season and in Florida, we say, it’s a hurricane season! I feel sad to see the number of road accidents increasing drastically during this time of the year. But loved your pictures and the scenery is quite splendid!

  • Himachal Is rea;;y a very nice place. I too love rains and hill stations. Really enjoyed reading it. I am planning to to visit Himachal this year and will refer your post !! Great photos too 🙂

  • Your photos are gorgeous and so enticing. I don’t know that I’d undertake this trip during monsoon season, but I would love to visit someday. I was blown away by the photo of flowers that we can lantana appeared to be growing wild – here I have to buy them in the store.

  • It’s interesting how you prefer the rain! I like this unique way of looking at tracking. But it’s actually pretty dangerous to go up the mountains when they are wet and you might injure yourself! Be safe thou!

  • LOVE the photos, super dreamy looking! I would love to escape the city life and get more into nature! I’ll have to add this to my bucket list (which is getting long !) I better start traveling soon ; )

  • These trips look like they’re so much fun but I think I would be terrified driving on the roads that are THAT small. You guys are some brave souls! <3

  • Sometimes it nice to get out when it’s raining roadtrip or even go for a hike, the surroundings looks fresher and greener great for photography but We needto take a lot of precautions when driving roads get slippery and mote dangerous.

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