Hotel Review: Hotel Country inn Mussoorie

Hotel Review: Country Inn Mussoorie

Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills, is a weekend getaway from Chandigarh and Delhi. It is and was always known as the charming Hill station with beautiful views of Doon Valley and clear blue sky. But now, the ease of transportation and vacationing has turned this place into Hill City rather than Hill station. Mussoorie has become super crowded. In short, the beauty of the Valley has eloped away by construction of tall hotels, and restaurants. I should say there are hardly any spaces left on the sides of mall road from where one can get clear wide views of the valley. Anyways to take the feel of Hill station, to get wide views and feel fresh mountain air, I decided to take an accommodation at a Hotel Country Inn Mussoorie which is on the outskirts, away from Mussoorie’s mall road and city’s hustle bustle.

The Hotel Country Inn and Hotel Country Inn & Suites by Carlson are two separate properties in Mussoorie.

Hotel Country inn Mussoorie
Over Crowded Mussoorie

Hotel Country Inn Mussoorie

The hotel country inn Mussoorie is situated on the Dehradun- Mussorie road, approx 3 km away from the mall road. The hotel is nestled between magnificent lush mountains on sides, Doon Valley view below and tall coniferous trees all over.

Hotel Country inn Mussoorie
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Rooms at Hotel Country Inn Mussoorie

The hotel has 13 total cottages out of which 12 falls into deluxe and 1 into luxury suite category.

Cottages at hotel Country Inn Mussoorie
Cottages at Hotel Country Inn Mussoorie

The cottages are bedded for single to three persons and have complete in-room amenities like Television, Tea/coffee maker, air conditioner, geyser etc. There is a balcony in front of each cottage which offers you the complete the bird’s eye view of the Doon Valley.

Cottage & views from Hotel Country Inn Mussoorie

Early morning the valley views are misty and if there are clouds too, one can see them floating in between blue-sky and tall mountains. During the day when the sun is at its peak, the whole space gets lit up and the houses look like blocks on the slopes of mountains.

Doon Valley View from hotel country inn Mussoorie
Doon Valley View from the Hotel Country Inn

Please Note: Only 2-3 cottages are located adjacent to each other at one step and you need to take a steep climb to reach them. So, it is tough if elderly people are accompanying you.

Slope to reach cottages at Hotel country inn Mussoorie

Food at hotel country inn Mussorie

There is a separate multi-cuisine restaurant which serves Indian, continental and Chinese food in the buffet or a la carte. There is no bar facility.

Multi-cuisine restaurant at Hotel Country Inn Mussoorie
Multi-cuisine restaurant at Hotel Country Inn Mussoorie

My Experience with food: In February which they say it is off season- they have very limited options in cuisine as well as food. But the food quality was really good. The correct term will be finger licking. I enjoyed my food on the terrace with the bright lit valley views.

The timings for Breakfast are between 8:00 am -10:00 am and Dinner between 8:00 – 9:30 pm.


Within the hotel country inn Mussoorie, one can spend time playing Table Tennis, Carrom Board, Chess, Cards, puzzles, Ludo, darting etc. It is a complete fun day for children. Apart from indoor facilities the hotel too organizes some outdoor activities like cycling, river crossing, kayaking, rappelling, trekking, nature walks, bird watching but only on prior request.


There is a good car parking space available within the hotel, just outside the reception area.


I recommend this place only if you are looking for a mid segment range hotel away from the city rush with great views. I spent Rs. 3000/- for one night but didn’t feel it worth at all.

The rooms are spacious but the quality of linen, decor and toiletries doesn’t stand anywhere near 3 or 4 stars. The bed makes so much of noise while turning. The huge windows in rooms offer great views but you cannot keep the blinds or curtains open during the day, as there is a common passage for the adjacent rooms, so no privacy.

Yes! there is something fascinating and epic about the air conditioner installed in the rooms.  I had to click this and really hats off to the person who could replicate the cover and swings.

AC in Hotel Country Inn Mussoorie


I rate (3out of 5). That too, because of the mesmerizing Doon valley views, quietness, and food at the Hotel Country Inn Mussoorie.

Some Additional Info:

  1. They provide pick and drop facility from the mall road or one can even walk down.
  2. You can avail the discount by getting a room booked from MakeMyTrip or ( I got my room booked from MakeMyTrip and got 1000 Rs cheaper than the actual price.
  3. Enjoy your breakfast on the terrace.
  4. Some of the staff members were really courteous and pleasing whereas other even don’t even have the complete information about the property.

Note: This is not a sponsored post and is completely written on my experience.

There is an another property to check, with awesome views on Camels Back Road – The Pacific Hotel Mussoorie. Click for the review.

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50 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Country Inn Mussoorie”

  1. Country Inn properties are always apt for good experience. We have lived in many of their properties, maybe next time will try this one for Mussoorie excursion too. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Looks pretty relaxing. My partner and I always try and book a place with a terrace or balcony too. It’s the best! Thanks for sharing the tips too on how to book for a discounted rate.

  3. It doesn’t look too bad of a place to stay. I guess it depends on how fancy a place you are looking for but for a simple place it looks fine. Some people are looking for a simple place so this might suit them more than paying more for another place.

  4. Great post, it would seem that the original charms of this resort have mostly been lost to overdevelopment. And it’s good to read an honest review of your accommodation, I don’t think it is one that I would book now having read your post!

  5. The views look stunning and it’s good to know the food was good. I would still consider it, especially if it’s got lots of things for kids to do. Honest reviews are the best – you don’t get any unwelcome surprises that way.

  6. The hotel seems to be a nice choice for a mid segment range hotel. And it has to be said: the view of the Doon valley looks gorgeous. I appreciate much your honest review ! Thanks for being honest !!

  7. What a shame that the valley has been built out so much! I guess it means that accommodation is cheaper because of the competition and you have a lot of choices when deciding where to stay. I just wonder if it’s worth it if the view is marred.

  8. Even if you gave it only 3 stars out of 5, I do like the spacious rooms of this hotel and also the beautiful terrace where you can have dinner. The views are beautiful over the valley and it looks like a peaceful place to spend a relaxed weekend.

  9. Great review! This hotel looks great for a weekend getaway. Though the amenities look similar to any budget standard hotel. But the bird’s view is quite breathtaking and the food looks incredibly delicious!

  10. Sadly as time goes by, the place where we used to consider as a perfect spot to breath some fresh air has become crowded and that usually happens. Anyway, even the place becomes crowded because of newly constructed high rise buildings around it, but I think the view is still great. I like how you write your review, very honest and your photos really rhyme to how you divulge your experience. Thank you so much for sharing!

    LaiAriel R. Samangka

  11. Wow! What a great place to stay! It reminds me of my hometown here in the Philippines (Baguio City) where there is a 360-degree view of the mountains. The hotel has a nice location, too! It oversees the place below. I find it relaxing to stay in these kinds of places because of the crisp cold wind and the warm food that is surely being served!

  12. Wow! I like your word coinage as Hill City! That’s the very reason I still haven’t been to Ooty & Kodaikanal though they’re so close to my place. The rooms look like any other city hotel, but the view is exquisite! I guess the 3000 bucks is worth it when you want to really escape the city!!!

  13. Mussoorie is such an enchanting place and the Country Inn looks like an ideal place to establish camp. The exploration of Mussoorie would definitely become a wonderful experience from this hotel. The food looks promising too. Would love to visit during the winter months.

  14. The views look spectacular. You lost me with no bar service, but regained my attention with finger-licking good. I don’t know what 3000 there translates to American dollars, but it seems like a lot.

  15. Well, one thing that you’d loved in this hotel was the view. It’s truly is mesmerizing. When I stay at hotels, the first thing I consider is the view, won’t fail you! xx

  16. This looks like a comfortable hotel with great views of the surroundings. I was actually looking for some good hotels in mussoorie as we are planning to visit there soon. After your review, I think, I will love to stay here.

  17. I saw the a/c and I was like, wait what, a wooden aircondition? Maybe the original case broke and they did something to fix it using wood. Just my assumption, nevertheless it’s ingenious! Anyway, I appreciate your honest review, you mentioned the pros and the cons, which is what the readers derserve. I say this isn’t that bad at all considering the fact it offers a nice view and they serve good food.

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