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Spectrum of colors – VIBGYOR

Colors are refreshing, they cheer me up.

Add charm in my life, uplift my mood and give me a different sense of being.

Even nature wears color with high spirits.

They are what is not black or white. Color make something alive or dead.

VIBGYOR or rainbow colors are known to us since childhood, and still we get happy seeing them.

Do you know they affect us psychologically? Yes! You read it right. These affect our body reactions. Our body perceives each color differently and results in various emotional responses. In the string of seven colors: Red, Orange and Yellow are considered to be warm whereas Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet are cool ones.

Spectrum of Colors - VIBGYOR
Spectrum of Colors – VIBGYOR

They make us look attractive or dull;  affect our perceptions, emotions, stress level and so our behavior. Not always but sometimes we need to be cautious while choosing our apparel color for particular occasions.

Click on the each color to read ahead.

  1. The Red 
  2. The Orange
  3. The Yellow 
  4. The Green
  5. The Blue
  6. The Indigo
  7. The Violet