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Pre-Christmas Celebration Sale by Samant Chauhan, Shahpur Jat Delhi

Located between the narrow lanes and unpaved roads where the vehicles don’t enter and everything fancy and designer can be shopped on foot, this place is no other than Shahpur Jat Village. Oh! I said village. Don’t go by the name, it has the essence of more than a village and less than the city. Here at Shahpur Jat; the top most designers like Monika & Nidhi, Samant Chauhan, Pratik & Priyanka have set up their boutiques and manufacturing units because of the space availability and low price tag of real estate as compared to other markets. This holy place for shoppers is a blessing who want everything fancy and designer.

Shahpur jat delhi
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I have been to Shahpur Jat several times before but this time the things were special. I was invited for “Biggest Samant Chauhan Pre-Christmas Celebration Sale” on 22nd December.  The location for the same was 417, Gora Street, Near Jungi House Lane at Shahpur Jat, New Delhi. This was exciting and thrilling as it was my first event as a Blogger.

The Samant Chauhan boutique is spread over three floors. The entrance has a nice cool Christmas decoration in white with the wood all around.

Samant Chauhan Shahpur Jat Delhi

Throughout all the floors, I could feel the shopping spree. Be it on apparels, accessories like leather pouches, jackets, belts, bags, shoes, jewelry etc.  (There were good discounts from 30% – 70 %)

Leather Belts & wooden wine bottle box at Samant Chauhan Shahpur Jat Delhi

Everything was so creative. Check these bags with the bird’s embroidery in leather. Aren’t they adorable? I simply fell for one of them. And my luck, there was no discount on it.

Leather bags, pouches, Laptop Sleeves at Samant chauhan Shahpur Jat Delhi

I could catch Mr. Samant Chauhan during drinks for a small chit chat to find out what is so exclusive about his collection. And the answer is their costumes are designed on Bhagalpuri Silk or Tussar silk and they mostly use white, cream and beige colors. White at times can be boring but not when they have a unique style and are made colorful with embroidery and other works on it. Check the few intricate designs I could capture.

White & beige couture with intricate designs by Samant chauhan at Shahpur jat Delhi

Check out the bag and trunks collection which were the part of wall decor as well as the selling products.

Hand Bags and Trunks at Samant Chauhan Shahpur Jat delhi

And here are some brand partners associated with Samant Chauhan boutique. The first one is a cute girl Meenakshi, the name behind useme. She collects all type of scrap and makes some beautiful creative art pieces out of it.

Meenakshi, Founder of Use Me at Samant Chauhan Shahpur Jat Delhi
Meenakshi, The founder of Use Me
Pouches made from kits, zips and denims at Samant Chauhan Shahpur Jat Delhi
Pouches made from kits, zips and denim scrap

The second Champ is a girl with splendid knowledge of fragrances and perfumes. She runs her own brand by the name ITC Haute Parfumerie. I was knocked down by their perfume with wood and absinth fragrance, (I don’t know much about the fragrances but she explained me certain things quite well) priced around 12,000/-. And their other fragrances range usually from 4K – 24 K.

ITC Haute Parfumerie at Samant chauhan Shahpur Jat Delhi
ITC Haute Parfumerie

And how can I forget the girl who customizes beautiful footwears? She has her own brand in the name of Flori and supplies to 24 outlets in India. I could capture own of her design and really loved her whole collection for comfort as well as designs. (I wanted to grab these green ones at a very nominal price of Rs 1200 but didn’t get my size)

Footwears by Flori at Samant chauhan Shahpur Jat delhi
Footwear by Flori

No celebration is complete without drinks. So, how can this be? Here was a toast to Samant Chauhan and his success at a small bar within his establishment.

Bar at Samant Chauhan Shahpur Jat Delhi

And at the end of the day, it was a pleasant goodbye with some Christmas goodies as a return gift.

Christmas Goodies by Samant Chauhan at Shahpur Jat Delhi

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10 Tips for Visiting Wedding Exhibition

Ring on your hand and planning for the big day- But question is where to start shopping from? Simple solution is an upcoming wedding exhibition. Come on brides, bride maids and grooms of Delhi “Wedding Asia – 2016” is in New Delhi for 3 days from 15-17 July at The Hotel Ashok, where you will get to see everything under one roof  – be it dresses, jewellery, decor, wedding planners, cards, sweet boxes or sweets. These days will be full of glamour, dresses, designers and wedding discussions .

Here, are 10 tips for visiting wedding exhibition:

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Most Important enjoy the day, try cakes and sweets, click lots and lots of photographs with the stuff and your besties. Be yourself and explore the wedding exhibition.

Spectrum of colors – VIBGYOR

Colors are refreshing, they cheer me up.

Add charm in my life, uplift my mood and give me a different sense of being.

Even nature wears color with high spirits.

They are what is not black or white. Color make something alive or dead.

VIBGYOR or rainbow colors are known to us since childhood, and still we get happy seeing them.

Do you know they affect us psychologically? Yes! You read it right. These affect our body reactions. Our body perceives each color differently and results in various emotional responses. In the string of seven colors: Red, Orange and Yellow are considered to be warm whereas Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet are cool ones.

Spectrum of Colors - VIBGYOR
Spectrum of Colors – VIBGYOR

They make us look attractive or dull;  affect our perceptions, emotions, stress level and so our behavior. Not always but sometimes we need to be cautious while choosing our apparel color for particular occasions.

Click on the each color to read ahead.

  1. The Red 
  2. The Orange
  3. The Yellow 
  4. The Green
  5. The Blue
  6. The Indigo
  7. The Violet

Who says the plus size cannot wear Skirts?

How many times you have heard don’t wear this (especially  western wear like skirts, shorts, dresses), it doesn’t suit you? Wear something that gives you thinner and taller look.

Come on girls, guys, ladies and everyone. It is your one and only life. Stop listening to this crap and do what your heart and brain wants you to do. Wear what you want to, eat what you feel like, do what you are good at, live as you want to, love as it is the last moment of your life.

Anyways for clothes it’s just breaking the stigma. One needs to choose right and wear it with confidence. First love your body and curves, than style it with the clothes you want to wear it. Clothes just act as an icing over the cake. With this philosophy, you will feel much more confident, happy and vibrant.

In this summer I will be talking about my forever love! for skirts. It is a must dress for the wardrobe and who doesn’t want to wear it. Plus size women can also wear it with a style, comfort to look modern and adorable.

Here are certain points to keep in mind while choosing skirts:

  1. Skirt Shape

    There are various types of skirts. A shape, Straight, Pleated, Tulip, Balloon, Pencil, Wraps, Full circle, Gored etc are few names. Different body shapes can carry different types.

    Different Shapes of skirts
    Types of Skirts
  1. Colors

    Not only black, all dark and pastel colors can be the good choice. Dark especially black do give slimming effect, but one or two colors can be combined in balance. Monotone attires when clubbed with colorful accessories, can give you a great standout in the crowd.

  1. Prints and patterns

    All women should welcome and experiment with horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, bold prints, subtle prints, animal prints etc all to create a fashion statement. Horizontal stripe draws eyes sideways, therefore giving illusion of wide body whereas vertical strips gives you elongated illusion. According to me, we can mix horizontal and vertical stripes in attire. Take horizontal stripes across shoulder and bust; vertical across waist and hips for an hourglass effect.

    Various bold and subtle stripes and patterns of skirts
    Prints, Stripes and Patterns – Skirts

Bold prints and big patterns give striking distinctive and bigger appearance whereas subtle prints and small patterns will give you simple and smaller look. Therefore you can choose between bold and subtle prints, to highlight the beautiful assets you want to flaunt and camouflage the parts you want to hide.

4. Fabric

Choose fabric which is fluid, flows through your body and doesn’t add volume to your curves. Avoid satin, heavy fabrics, shiny materials as they will add extra pounds to your body shape and weight.

Fluid Fabric Skirts
Fluid Fabrics – Skirts

Considering the above factors, you can choose the best skirt for yourself based on your body shape.

  1. Apple shaped body:
  2. Pear Shaped Body:
  3. Hourglass Body:
  4. Busty Inverted Triangle Body: