Popular Brand Around the World

Popular Brands that you can find around the world

Travel makes you modest, confident, a decision maker, happy, and a storyteller, it also changes your behavior and brain but has ever travel left you confused. Yes! We are serious. It did the same to us in Sri Lanka, when we wanted to have our favorite Choco Chip dessert from Kwality Walls (Unilever) after dinner and we couldn’t find it. We came back to our room with a puppy face at APA Villa Illuketia and later after researching on internet and reading analysis by Data Label, we found; that the brand is known in the country as Magic rather than Kwality Walls. Oh really! It was an eye opener for us and there we realized that some brands are present all around the world but with different brand names.

Magical Evening in Sri Lanka - Brands around the world

So, what is a brand name?

If I go by simple dictionary meaning; Brand Name means the words that identify not only the products but also its manufacturers or producers such as Coca Cola, Sony, Kodak etc. But then why the difference of name here.

And the

Answer we got was

  1. Different countries have different languages, different slangs, different sense of humor and different cultures. The same word may sound like a pride in one country whereas in other it can mean the war or boycott or something else. For example, the Chevrolet Nova might be a good word in English, but for Spanish, the translation of “no va” is “doesn’t go”. So, it isn’t the best option for a new car.
  1. Then is the Language Laws – For example KFC the initials for Kentucky Fried Chicken or the appellation for Finger Licking Food does business all around the world by the name KFC except at Quebec in Canada where they are known as PFK. And the reason for same is that Montreal has super strict Language Laws. If you are a business with English name you need to have a French Equivalent in the country and “Kentucky Fried Chicken” became “Poulet Frit Kentucky”. Hence, PFK was born.

KFC & PFK - Around the world

  1. Already Existing Brand Name and Trademarks – Burger King, the American global hamburger chain operates both nationally and Internationally. But while expanding to Australia they faced a certain issue in their branding. There was already a fast food store named as “Burger King”. So the American Burger King, asked the Australian franchise i.e. Jack Cowin to choose the name form its pre- existing trademarks. He chooses Hungry Jack and to make it more controlling, he added an apostrophe to it. So, the Australian Burger King brand came up as Hungry Jack’s.

Burger King & Hungry Jack - Around the world

  1. International Brand Names –Some brands make no attempts to keep the same name and make changes according to their international audience. For example – Lay’s a famous potato chip brand is known by different names in different countries. It is known as Walkers in UK and Ireland, Smith’s in Australia, chipsy in Brazil, Sabritas in Mexico, Chipsy in Egypt and Elma Chips in Brazil. However, PepsiCo created some unity between all these brands by making their logos appear visually similar.  All these brands logo have a red wavy banner just as that of Lay’s. So, Lays is available all around the world.

Lays - Around the World

  1. Started off as Independent Businesses and later Acquired – In this case, the bigger brands acquire the other reputed brands and keep selling them with the original respective name. For Example – Dove Chocolate Bar available worldwide is not available in UK, India, Ireland and middle east by the same name. Indeed, it is available as Galaxy. The story is both Dove and Galaxy both started off as independent companies. Dove was Chicago-based and Galaxy was a UK firm. Later, the Global confectioner Mars Inc. acquired both these companies and unified their product lines. Although today, the packaging design for both the products is almost identical but still it is sold as Dove in some countries and Galaxy in others.

Dove & Galaxy- Around the World

  1. Previous Connotations – If you are a Diet Coke Lover, you won’t find the same in Europe, Malaysia and Mexico. The reason is that it is available as Coco Cola Light here as the people of these countries associate Light with lesser calories as compared to Diet. But the Branding and Logo is same everywhere making it easier to spot.

These reasons, helped us in understanding why brands are available in different countries by different names. Hopefully they will help you too around the world and next time you can order or buy some of your favorite brands by just looking at their logos or referring to this cool infographic made by Data Label.

Popular Brands Around the World

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