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I am a dentist by qualification but a hard core traveler from heart, explored by my husband. I always liked travelling but never this way. He taught me what actually travelling is – what you learn and what you need to explore in each trip, getting out of your comfort zone to see what you have just dreamt about, to get along with the people & accept their traditions and culture. Just in a year’s span my perception about all these things changed – and for good 🙂

Now my simple philosophy of life is:  Live to Travel! Love to Travel! Earn to Travel!! I want to travel and capture the whole world in my memories and photographs.  Photography was always casual activity for me. Things have transformed in a manner that now I enjoy the technical aspects of photography too, and if all this is in loop with Tashi, then what else I should wish more for.

Apart from this, I have a keen eye for the upcoming fashion, beauty products and lifestyle trends. I love attending fashion events and exhibitions. I read, review and experience with materials before putting them creatively into my writings.

In addition, I love to learn and grab new things and update my knowledge, whatever shows me the direction to succeed and move ahead. I see every day as a new challenge and fight with courage to win it.. Carpe Diem!!

My website AllGudThings is a mere presence of me. I try to sum up everything I admire and experience in words. Ultimately the goal is to build a book of memories and experiences to relish.