8 Must Visit Camping sites in Thailand

8 Must Visit Camping sites in Thailand

If you are a nature lover and adore sleeping under the open sky, if you love watching the sunrise and sunset; the beautiful moon surrounded by millions of glittering stars then you must opt for the camping trips. And if I say camping in National Parks, mountain top and at beaches. Yes! I am talking about some amazing camping sites in Thailand. Camping and glamping in the Land of Smiles will surely help you know the country’s beauty and landscapes better.

Camping sites in Thailand

Indeed, outdoor camping in Thailand offers one of the most amazing and alluring experiences of life. So, here I am listing the 8 amazing camping sites in Thailand.

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Camping Sites in Thailand

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park is one of the most beautiful and top-visited camping sites in Thailand. The national park is located in Surathani Province and is surrounded by the beautiful views of nature. The biggest attraction of the park is wildlife safari, the world’s biggest flower, waterfall, giant trees, rain forests, elephant trekking and much more. This is the one place where one will also find thousands of beautiful butterflies and birds.

Inside the park, there are Khao Sok Boutique camps which is the apt option for nature lovers and Eco-tourists. The camps lies just 6 kilometers from Khao Sok National Park, amidst the mountains and greenery.

Khao Sok National Park - Camping sites in Thailand
Khao Sok National Park – Camping Sites in Thailand (Source)

Khao Yai National Park

The Khao Yai National Park lies 200 kilometers from Bangkok  and is a famous UNESCO heritage site. The Park is famed for rich diversity of plants and animals and is marked as one of the best places full of fresh air. Campers here can enjoy the unique experiences like sleeping in the open with insects lulling, getting up to the voice of wild chicken fowls and barbecuing at night.

Khao Yai National Park - camping sites in Thailand (Source)
Khao Yai National Park (Source)

There are two main camp grounds Pha Kluai Malai and Lum Ta Klong in the park which provides impressive services and helps in animal spotting.

Erawan National Park

Th Erawan National park is located at a distance of 45 minutes away from Thailand’s historic city Kanchanaburi. This park is well known among the tourists because of its seven-tiered waterfalls. The stunning surroundings, freshness and quietness makes the Erawan National Park  a perfect spot for outdoor day-night camping in Thailand.

Erawan National Park - camping sites in Thailand
Erawan National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park

The Doi Inthanon National Park lies just outside the famous city Chaing Mai. The trail located below Don Inthanon summit (The Roof of Thailand) is considered as one of the most spectacular trails of Thailand. One can see a lot of flowers, and waterfalls on the way.

Doi Inthanon National Park- Camping sites in Thailand
Doi Inthanon National Park (Source)

The Park has official and 2 private campsites to choose from. These campsites, at night makes the valley glitter like stars on the earth.

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Phu Tub Berk

If camping among the cabbage fields on mountain slopes is what you have never done before, then add this to your bucket list. Phu Thub Berg, the tip of Phetchabun province lies at 1768 meters and is a perfect camping site in Thailand. The camp site here offers wonderful panoramic views of the valley sometimes submerged in the puffy sea of mist, with beautiful sunrise, sunset views and twinkling stars at night.

Phu Tub Berk, Phetchabun thailand - camping sites in thailand
Phu Tub Berk, Phetchabun Thailand (Source)

Pang Ung

Pang Ung, or Baan Ruam Thai, is known as the hidden Switzerland of Thailand because of the lush green valleys and serene atmosphere. Here, the large water body surrounded by mountains and  the rows of pine trees make it a perfect camping destinations in Thailand. The site offers the breathtaking morning and evening views, which are highly romantic for the couples.

Pang Ung, Thailand- camping sites in Thailand
Pang Ung, Thailand

Hintok River 

The Hintok River is another magnificent camping site in Thailand. Just there at the gigantic cliff are stunning Hintok River Camps  overlooking the  historic “River Kwai” of Thailand. The camps being at wonderful location  makes it to the great tourist attractions of the region.

The River is absolutely loved by kids and youngsters because of the jungle scenery, pitch dark starry sky, greenery, large mountains, etc. Camping at this location makes one feel more closer to the nature. The deluxe camps, swimming pools, outdoor shower, luxurious furniture are some of the biggest attraction of this place.

Hintok River Camps - Camping Destinations in Thailand
Hintok River Camps (Source)

Similan Island

The Similan Islands not less than a paradise is a group of 9 small islands; which lies 50 miles away from the Phuket Town. It is a place where heaven meets earth. This Island is known to have the best diving sites in the world. Efforts of the Plant Conservation Department, Wildlife, Thai Mueang District, Phang-nga, has made it one of the most popular and perfect camping sites in Thailand.

Similan Islands - Camping Destinations in Thailand
Similan Islands (Source)

The accommodation options at Similan Island are camping or staying in a bungalow. For adventure freaks and budget travelers, we suggest Camping to experience the wild life and nature at its best.

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Apart from these, there are several other camping sites in Thailand like Chiang Dao in Chiang Mai province, Ko Lao Liang in Trang province, Thi Lor Su Waterfall in Umphang wildlife sanctuary, Khao Laem National Park and Huay Mae Kamin Waterfall in Kanchanaburi province etc.

Camping sites in Thailand

Best time to Camp in Thailand

The camping can be done at any time of year. However, November to March is considered as the best time, as the weather is slightly cooler. Avoid camping during monsoons that are from July to October, especially in Southern Thailand, like Phi Phi Islands.  Apart from this, you must follow this 2 week Thailand Itinerary for a perfect holiday.

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  • Well we aren’t much camping people. But I’m pretty sure we could suck it up for a place like Thailand. It looks gorgeous there! Khao Sok National Park would be a beautiful site to wake up to. Would love to walk some of the trails too at Doi Inthanon National Park like walking over the gorgeous bridge with the reflecting pond. Had no idea Thailand had this much to offer for outdoor camping so thanks for sharing this!

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  • Wow.. I didn’t know Thailand have such gorgeous camping sites! I love to go camping in Pang Ung and at the Khao Sok National Park. That view is incredible. I’d love to see the sunset and the sunrise within the area!

  • Love the look of the Khao Sok Boutique Camps, another option for when we revisit. We stayed in some canvas tents that were built on floating platforms in the lake, which we also adored. In Khao Yai, I had narrowed down to two places, a luxury tented camp resort and the place I eventually picked built in a disused stone quarry. Love reading the options you found in each place.

  • I’ve never thought of Thailand as a camping destination. Just about all of these camping spots look beautiful, but I could never camp out in Thailand. Once the sun was starting to set, I had to promptly douse myself in mosquito repellent and cover up head to toe. Even so, those mosquitoes managed to bite me right through my clothes. Thai mosquitoes are mean little %$&^@!

  • I’m not a camper at all but these sites are gorgeous. My family is going to be visiting Thailand later this year and will be in Chiang Mai. I definitely want us to see The Doi Inthanon National Park in person. It looks so beautiful.

  • I wish I’d known you could camp in Erawen! staying in Kanchanaburi and going as a day-trip was exhausting, and Kanchanaburi is kind of lame. Although my favorite Thai camping experience was sleeping on the deck of a fishing boat en route to Koh Tao…

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