Review: Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

If you are a history freak and looks for a relaxed vacation simultaneously, want to sleep in the private deluxe or seaside cottages with an Olympiad pool around, walk hand in hand watching the sunrise with your loved one on a private beach, then the Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram is the perfect place for you.


Recently, you might have seen our Instagram feed and Facebook feed loaded with lots of beach pictures giving you a perfect clue about our trip to the awesome Chariot property, and the fun we had while doing activities at chariot beach resort, Mahabalipuram. We were invited as guests to the #Chariot Bloggers Retreat.

We, a team of 16 bloggers from Delhi landed at Chennai Airport in the morning and were driven by the Chariot team Chauffer to the Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram. The resort is located at a distance of 60 km from the prime location at the shore. It took around 1:30 hr to reach the resort. As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed by the refreshing traditional South Indian coconut drink and seashell garlands. After a brief introduction and savory filling brunch, we were ushered towards our super deluxe villas.

Welcomed by Coconut Drink and Seashell Garland on arrival at Chariot Beach Resort

About The Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

The Chariot Beach resort is stretched over 42 acres. There are 70 rooms and villas amidst the swaying coconut trees and beach at the end.

Open Lush green areas at Chariot Resort, Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram or earlier known as Mamallapuram is a UNESCO heritage site and has the history dating back to 6th century when Pallavas came from Sri Lanka to rule the place.

The Chariot Beach resort is a perfect destination to soak in the greenness and calm your senses at the beach.

Rooms at Chariot Resort

The resort has in total 70 rooms categorized into standard rooms, deluxe rooms & cottages (24), sea view cottages (4) and sea view suites (4).

The rooms, villas and the suites in the Chariot beach resort are crafted keeping in mind the simple logic Rest & Relaxation (R&R) and the gripping greenery and cold breeze of the ocean are enough to unwind one from its daily chores.

Super Deluxe Cottages at chariot Mahabalipuram
Super Deluxe Cottages

We stayed at Super Deluxe cottages, which is spacious and furnished in a way to house two queen size beds. And the other amenities like working table, Sofa, chairs, LED’s, minibar, coffee maker, weighing scales, washroom, and outdoor shower. The villa is hugged from all sides by tropical gardens and has huge windows for the direct sunlight. The room looks out to the patio which has a perfect sitting arrangement to enjoy some morning and evening filter coffee with the newspaper. The Super Deluxe Villas are apt for the families as well as the couples.

Super Deluxe Cottage Room at Chariot Beach Resort

Amenities in Super Deluxe Cottage of Chariot beach resort

There are few Sea view cottages and suites in the resort too. Everything in these is almost same except that from there patio and rooms, one gets direct views of the sea and its waves. The Sea View Suites too has a separate dining area within their rooms.

Sea View Suites at Chariot Beach Resort
Sea View Suites
Sea View from Sea view Cottages at Chariot Beach Resort
Sea View from Sea View Cottages

Restaurants at Chariot Beach Resort

If you are someone who is the foodie, can go gaga about the food, have strong taste buds and the aroma of the cooked food in restaurants can tease your hunger, then this is the place you should be for your weekend getaways. They offer you a variety of traditional South Indian Cuisine to North Indian food.

There are 3 restaurants and a Bakehouse at Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram.

Kapi serves multi cuisines, a la carte and buffet throughout the day for its guests. There are live counters to try some lip-smacking local delicacies.

Sweet Delicacies at Chariot beach Resort
Sweet Delicacies at Chariot Beach Resort

Panam is a bar to enjoy some good cocktails and mocktails with your family and friends.

Restaurant at Chariot Beach Resort

Coast actually lies on the sea coast with the wonderful sea views and cold breeze. The fresh seafood severed here is palatable and unforgettable. Chariot team too organizes dinner for family, couple and friends on the sea coast.

Coast Restaurant at Chariot Beach Resort

Bake House on the property is enough to keep your sugar and calorie level apt while enjoying the property. The team doesn’t forget to serve you a variety of desserts after every meal.

Apart from this, there are various shakes and juices to enjoy the day.

Activities at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

There are a plethora of activities to choose from and enjoy within the premises of chariot Beach resort. There is a separate 5 acres neighborhood activity zone to rush your adrenaline levels. To name few others there is Zip lining, Burma Bridge, ATV ride, Cricket zone, Table tennis, Olympiad size swimming pool, private beach, Catamaran ride and Ayurvedic Spa zone.  You can read about these in detail here.

Watching Sunrise on private beach of Chariot Beach Resort
Watching Sunrise on private beach at Chariot Beach Resort


The Chariot beach resort, Mahabalipuram has three Banquet Halls named as Orchid, Marigold, and Frangi Pani. These can house 60 to 400 people during conferences and other events.

Besides, this the Chariot Team organizes personal as well as corporate parties at their Rock garden, pool, and private beach, only on prior request.

Bar in rock garden of Beach Resort
Bar in rock garden at Chariot Beach Resort

Walking/ Cycling at Chariot Beach Resort

Disregard all this, walk or cycle around the whole property in the early morning. There is silence, soothing birds chirping and a whiff of cool fresh ocean air brushing against your skin and soothing your inner soul.

Our Experience at Chariot Beach Resort

So, from all this review you can clearly make out that the Chariot Beach resort has some or other thing for everyone. We could relax and rejuvenate here, away from the mundane city life. The place is a perfect example of peace and tranquillity. One can calm down and detox himself/herself in the perfect environment here.

Sea Views at Chariot Beach Resort

Other must-visit Attractions in Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO heritage site dating back to 6th-7th century, so make sure to dwell yourself on the history of Pallavas dynasty. The Chariot Beach resort organizes a half day walking heritage tour of the Mahabalipuram city on prior request. The places which are must see and included in the tour are – Shore temple, part of submerged shore Temple, Krishna’s Butterball, Arjuna’s Penance, Old and New Lighthouse, 5 Ratha’s, and Seashell Museum. We will be covering all the details about these in our next post.

How to reach here

The Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram is just 60 km from Chennai. It takes around 1hr 30 minutes, maximum to reach.

Address: Five Raths Road, Behind Five Raths Monument, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 603104



AllGudThings was invited as a guest for the Chariot Bloggers Retreat, 2017, but the views expressed here in the post are completely ours. Special Thanks to Mr. Anand Chandershekar, for arranging everything so nicely and taking good care of all the bloggers.

If you are convinced and liked it, please share this weekend getaway with your friends and family.

Chariot Beach Resort

6 Misconceptions about USA & American People

Do you know that people have different misconceptions about American People and their country USA? If you are traveling to the USA for the first time or you’re one of the many who has misconceptions about the USA, then the information below will undoubtedly shed some light and help you clear your doubts.


People in different countries view American people differently. They usually stereotype Americans negatively due to the many written articles about them. But before traveling to the USA and meeting American people there, it would be best to know some of the misconceptions people have. Along with these misconceptions, there is an explanation as to why they are not true.

6 Misconceptions About USA and American People

Top 6 Misconceptions People have about US & American People

 1. All American People Have Guns

With the debate on gun control in the US, people all over the world assume that all the citizens of America carry guns. Some people even think that Americans are always excited about owning a gun. While it is true that they are all interested in firearms, but they always make sure that they have their permits to carry and own them.

6 Misconceptions people have about USA & American People

According to the news, the ownership of people owning a gun is actually falling. So it is a great misconception that all Americans own guns.

2. American People Don’t Use Public Transportations

It is assumed that American people use cars most of the time. But there are states in America where the only means of traveling is by using public transportations. They use buses, subways, trains, and as well as cabs. Moreover, the subway is the fastest way to get to their destinations without getting stuck in horrendous traffic.

6 Misconceptions people have about USA & American People

3. American People are Lazy

The obesity rate is really high in America and is cited as a major health issue, therefore there is a misconception that American people are lazy. The truth is, the percentage of obesity in other countries are high too, and it is considered as a problem of the residents in that particular country too.

In fact, Americans are known to be adventurous and not at all lazy. The reason behind this is because they love the outdoor activities, and camping, wherein they do need to set up a tent using the guides on setting up a tent. They also like bonfires parties to gather and enjoy with their families.

 4. American People are Arrogant/Rude

There is a misconception that American people are arrogant or rude because they think how great their country is. But the truth is, they are one of the friendliest people in the world. They are kind and polite, and they often interact with different people. If you are going to go on a vacation in the US or going to migrate there, you don’t have to worry about anything like this because there are a lot of American people that you’ll meet who are really nice.

6 Misconceptions people have about USA & American People

 5. America Is Not Safe

The assumption is that going to the USA is not safe because the crimes happen there every single day. The truth is, crimes happen anywhere and everywhere in the world. But being a popular and regulated country the crimes are reported and it becomes a global news. The same news is watched and heard in different countries, hence rises a misconception that America is not safe.

6 Misconceptions people have about USA & American People

As mentioned above in the point 4, a majority of the American people are friendly so dubbing the country is not safe is quite inappropriate.

6. American People Don’t Speak Other Language

Another common misconception about the USA is that the American people don’t even try to speak any other language. This is because they feel English is the strong language and the only appropriate language that should be used. But the truth is, in every American school, students are required to study at least two years of any foreign language. And some of these foreign language taught are French and Spanish. So saying that they don’t speak or even try to speak other language is a big misconception.

These are the 6 misconceptions people have about the USA and the American People. So, before judging them by these misconceptions, it would be best to get to know the country, their culture, and the people. In this way, you will get to know them and enjoy their country even more.

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I’m Lucy Gomez, the camp editor at I grew up in a suburb of Oklahoma and I have been camping my entire life. Camping in the wild is a way of life for me.


Activities at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

Families, friends, colleagues, and couples indeed everyone close by in the family at times needs to get away from their mundane routines, leave their virtual and social space far away and come together on the same plate; for a better bonding and understanding.  Do you think like us? If yes, then come together and plan for the weekend getaway and these vacations can be more fun if it the chosen destination is around the coastal area. Recently, in September 2017 we were invited with the fellow top bloggers from India and abroad to the Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram for the Chariot Bloggers Retreat, 2017 and the experiences at the property were just spectacular. The Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram; a 42-acre sprawling property not only went out to be the perfect weekend getaway for us but the ideal spot for friendship and strengthening the relations.

Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

We are big time travel freaks but this year only mountain Gods were favoring us till August. Finally, in September, Sea God listened to our heart and showered some blessings on us. So, we landed at the Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram from Delhi. The resort lies 50 km from Chennai right on the coastal belt between the Bay of Bengal and the Great Salt Lake. It caters well to every tourist in every sense. We will be talking about the detailed review of the property, in our next blog post but for the timings let’s move on to the activities you can enjoy at the Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram with your family and friends.


Activities at the Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

  1. Neighbourhood Activity Zone.

The Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram has 5 acres of neighborhood activity village. The zone offers adventurous, team building and adrenaline rushing activities for all age groups, but only under the expert and trained supervisors. To name a few activities, we tried our hands on Burma Bridge, flying fox, Zipline, Dynamic Challenging Course, Swing walk, pottery, fix the bug etc. We don’t say everything was easy but surely they were interesting like their names. Indeed, they made us learn so much and here are some of the benefits, we could think off.Dynamic Challenging Course Zone at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

Benefits of Neighbourhood activities

These adrenaline rush activities enhance one’s capacity to see, hear and feel the things. They act as a stress buster, refresh one’s mood and also helps in burning some calories. Apart from this, these activities also help one to understand his/her fears and most importantly that these fears are not the constraints in ones potential.

Also, when you try these activities together and motivate each other in a team, it makes you realize how much each one cares and wants you to accomplish this task successfully.

  1. Olympic Size Swimming Pool

The Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram has a huge Olympic size pool in the midst of lush green gardens. The setting of the pool is perfect with the cottages just around.

Olympiad Size Swimming Pool at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

The Chariot team organizes pool games, evening snacks, and parties around the pool on prior requests. We spent our evenings at the pool playing volleyball and munching on tea and snacks with the fellow bloggers.

Bloggers Playing pool volleyball at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

  1. Ayurvedic Spa

The resort owns its personal Ayurvedic spa zone exactly on the private beach shore. Ah! Location, it won our heart completely. If you too want to get pampered and relaxed by ayurvedic massages talk to the staff at reception and fix up the appointments for yourself.

Way to Ayurveda Spa Zone at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

Our ayurvedic spa appointment was fixed at 3 pm and we reached the center on our scheduled appointment time. We continued walking ahead; receptionist at the reception standing with folded hands greeted us and directed further towards the narrow path. We crossed the pots laden with water and floating flowers in them and reached the 3 massage rooms facing the beach with swaying coconut trees around it. The dressed smiling therapist standing there further greeted and took us inside the traditional setting massage rooms. She made us change, lie down on the tables and doused us in the herbal oils, practicing the Ayurvedic treatment Abhyangam. The strokes and kneading kept on dozing us and the process continued for long 45-60 minutes leaving us completely relaxed.

We personally liked and favor their old school traditional decor setting. There were wooden tables and big glasses for the light to come in. Getting de-stressed watching the sea waves and breathing fresh coastal air, is the perfect term to describe our experience here.

View from Ayurvedic Spa Room of Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram
View from Ayurvedic Spa Room of Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram
  1. Private Beach & The “Coast” Sea Food Restaurant

The Chariot beach resort Mahabalipuram has its own 2-kilometre long private beach and the delicious seafood serving restaurant named Coast on the beach.

Waiting For Sunrise at Private Beach of Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram
Waiting For Sunrise at Private Beach at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

We just walked for 5 minutes, following the cobbled stone street from our cottage, engulfing the cool ocean breeze. and there we reached the ideal empty just our beach. It is the perfect destination to watch the sunrise together. And also the ideal beach to walk hand in hand with your loved one on the golden sands.

If you wish to do something beyond all this for him/ her, then get a candlelight dinner organized at the beach by Chariot team. They will put up all efforts to make your evening special and memorable.

  1. Catamaran Ride

From the Chariot’s private beach, you can travel to the middle of the Ocean with the local guides in their small boats  Catamaran. The speedboat starts slowly making you completely drenched in the water but the views and feel of riding in this water-land are worth everything. The fisherman stops the boat slowly around a huge stone in the middle of Ocean to show the submerged tip of one of the seven Shore temples, which is a UNESCO heritage site.  Also will narrate that it became visible only when the water receded 1 kilometer back during 2004 Tsunami.

Getting ready for Catamaran Ride at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram
Getting ready for Catamaran Ride, picture clicked by NivedithG of Macrotraveller

The Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram organizes the Catamaran ride only on prior requests.

  1. Cycling and Walking tour of the city.

The resort has some cycles which can be rented for the city ride or within the premises for just Rs 100 per day.

They too organize the heritage city tours on prior requests which include a visit to the Shore Temple, Arjun’s Penance, Five Rathas, Krishna’s Butterball and Lighthouse.

Walking Tour of Mahabalipuram City can be organised by Chariot beach resort Mahabalipuram

So, from these activities, you can easily make out, how wonderful the Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram is, as a weekend getaway. You can get a room, beach side cottage or suite booked for yourself with Chariot Beach Resort from their website.


Also feel free to use the Code “Suru500” to avail a discount of Rs 500 on the mentioned rates.
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Note: We were invited by the Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram as a part of Chariot Bloggers retreat but the views and experiences expressed here are completely our own. You can also check out our social media handles for the pictures using hashtags #funatcbr #chariotbeachresorts and #chariotbloggersretreat. Along with it do take a heritage walk at Mahabalipuram.

Do remember to share it with your friends and family.

Activities at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram


Koh Samui City Guide

Ko Samui or Koh Samui City is a self-sufficient island which means the big source of business in itself. It has been taking care of the tourism infrastructure like a well – oiled machine. Indeed, the Island continues to work tirelessly day and night to earn far more revenues than any other cities or islands of Thailand.

Koh Samui  today has become far more from the tiny fishing village of the 1940’s and is frequented by hippies and backpackers. The powdery white stretches of its amazing beaches are now transformed into premier holiday destinations especially on the entire Western Gulf coast. These retreats cater majorly to a new generation of revelers, with a majority of them being scaled up to the luxury retreats.

Koh Samui City Guide

To take in the sights of the city, which is approximately half the size of Phuket, one just needs the better part of a day to go around the whole island. We say Koh Samui can be best experienced by taking a slow and casual approach, and the Koh Samui city guide given here will clearly explain the character of the different spots. It will help one to find what could be just right for his/her Ko Samui / Koh Samui vacations.


Chez François, Fisherman’s Village, Bophut

There has never been a bad word uttered for this restaurant, and it has earned a lot of universal acclaims. Diners, here are welcomed through a large and beautiful ornate doorway which opens to a street in Fisherman’s Village. The place has a quaint small bar, while the menu keeps changing daily depending on the market availability of a product. Guests are advised to book the table well in advance.


Barracuda, the Wharf, Bophut

Situated inside the 24,000 sq km open-air mall called, The Wharf, the Barracuda lies at the western portion of the popular walking street of Bophut. This is the most noticeable restaurant here and it is run by a German. They serve one of the best Mediterranean food using local ingredients. The food is fresh, simple and the service is just impeccable at all times.

Barracuda Restaurant, Koh Samui City Guide
Source: wanderluxe.theluxenomad

Stacked, Chaweng Beach, Bophut

We advise you not to get fooled by the simple design of Stacked at Chaweng Beach, Boput. Right from their open kitchen to the lighting theme, the place is extremely comfortable and contemporary. The selection of steaks and salads here is wonderful. However, the real challenge at Stacked is eating the famous Stacked Burger. This burger here is out of the world, and if one can finish the monster within 20 minutes, it is free; else you need to pay 1000 bahts for it. Bon appetite!

Stacked Burger at stacked Restaurant, Koh Samui City Guide


9Gems, 141/190 Moo 6, Bophut

Relax by the side of a hill, enjoying fusion food and cocktails overlooking Chaweng. The 9 Gems, an upscale lounge, located in a classy villa, is the perfect place to splash your cash in Koh Samui.

9Gems Lounge Restaurant: Koh Samui City Guide
Source: Kosamui

Air Bar, Moo 3, Taling Ngam

Air Bar is considered to be the only place from where one can view a stunning sunset. The Air Bar lies at the top of Intercontinental Samui Baan Resort. Their stylish bar extends well over the cliffside and offers great views of the ocean. It is advisable to grab the prominent view seats as early as 5 pm. The bar has an excellent cocktail menu, created by a famous mixologist.

Intercontinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort. AirBar, Koh Samui City guide
Source: Samui Intercontinental

Woo Bar, W Retreat, Mae Nam

Have you imagined ever, having a drink at late evenings in the round lounges, set within an infinity pool?  The Woo Bar has a large shaped W at one end reflecting into the water. As dusk falls and the sound of the Dj and the lights come on, guests can marvel at the amazing views of Koh Phang. A free flow of 10 signature cocktails is available for about 1200 bahts to while away the hours.

Woobar, W retreat, Koh SamuiCity Guide
Source: ministryofvillas


Samahita Retreat, Namuang, Taling Ngam

The Samahita, or ‘balanced’ as translated in Sanskrit, is a wellness retreat located in the quieter southern part of Koh Samui. Guests of all levels of abilities are encouraged to partake in the various stress-reducing programmes, through a wide range of yoga and meditation techniques.

Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui City Guide
Source: Theretreatcompany

The Spa Samui Beach Resort, Lamai Beach

This exceptional beachfront resort has been attracting guests for decades, especially those looking for specialized treatment for healing and hypnotherapy. The atmosphere at the resort is very calm and peaceful and it encourages guests to bond and vibe with each other.


The Sanctuary, Koh Phangan

This magical piece of paradise is situated not so distant from Koh Samui, albeit a short boat rides away to the charming isle of Koh Phangan. There are no communication channels here, and the electricity is extremely erratic, which means no ATM’s either. This is incidentally the plus point here as all the action here takes place under the stars.

The Sanctuary, Koh Phangan; Koh Samui City Guide


Amari Koh Samui

Accommodation forms an important part of any holiday. And the Amari beach resort offers the best of both worlds to the guests since it is located by the sea in Chaweng. From Beach King rooms to Family villas this 4-star property is ideal for everyone looking for a luxury vacation in Thailand.

Amari Koh Samui; Koh Samui city guide
Source: Kenwoodtravel


With a location, bang on Chaweng beach, OZO is perfect for those seeking uninterrupted bliss on the golden sands. The plethora of bars and clubs, for which Chaweng has a reputation, allows the guests to party away after sunset.

Ozo, Koh Samui; Koh Samui city guide
Source: Priceline

Banana Fan Sea Resort

The Banana Fan Sea Resort located on the beach has 73 rooms and is situated near the Phetch Buncha Thai Boxing Stadium. The rooms are simple, but lavishly appointed and have all the basic amenities and much more.

Banana Fan Sea Resort, Koh Samui; Koh Samui City Guide
Source: Holidaycheck

It is highly recommended that prior visiting Koh Samui City/ Island, gather as much information as you can, in order to get the best out of your valuable time and money. The short guide compiled here by us is just a small attempt to give you the local information on the island which was once just a tiny coconut plantation and an erstwhile the most famous backpacking destination.


Also do check and share, 3 days at Patong town, Phuket, Thailand.