Tourist or Traveler – Don’t know who we are?

Are we confused who we are – Tourist or traveler?

Tourist or traveler; the two debatable words had put us in deep thoughts and left us wondering who exactly are we?

Let’s see if these pointers can really help us decide:


  1. During the beginning of our each journey and trip, we wander endlessly on the roads without knowing where we are heading. Which place will be our final destination being completely unaware of the pleasant and unpleasant events on the way? But in the same trip, at the end of the day when we are tired, the heart & mind juggle among themselves and says it would have been better if you had some fixed itinerary, at least a room booking. So isn’t that self-contradictory?

The saying goes that a tourist has a fixed scheduled plan and a traveler has none. He just follows his heart and the trails. So, who are we? A traveler in the beginning and throughout the trip? but tourist at the end of the trip or when we are tired?

On the way to Gangotri - Tourist or Traveler
On the way to Gangotri
  1. We love traveling and want to be full-time travelers. We too never want to return back from the offbeat (like Tehri Dam, Mana Village, Kinnaur) and conventional places (like Shimla) but our work commitments, time, finances, and family pull us back.  If not after 7 but surely after 10 days. So, what it is?

And the saying goes travelers like to travel slow, stick to places for exploring more. Whereas tourist comes back exploring the fixed trails in a fixed time. So, what are we– Tourist or traveler or a combination of both? 

On the way to Badrinath - Tourist or Traveler
On the way to Badrinath
  1. While traveling we taste traditional cuisines, stay at homestays and camps, mingle with locals, explore their culture and make new friends. But at the same time, we start craving for our staple food after few meals and days. We start missing people back home.

And some say, tourist always look for McDonald, Subway, Pizza Hut whereas traveler loves to munch on local delicacies. So, we are again confused nuts and where should we put ourselves into a tourist or traveler?

Views from Ranikhet Homestay : Tourist or Traveler
Views from Ranikhet Homestay
  1. Before hopping to any of the places, we read the blogs and enquire from locals about the dos & don’ts at the destination. Whereas after reaching and seeing the suggested places, we try to roam around to find the hidden and mysterious gems of the place.

The saying goes that tourists follow the travel guide and fixed trails whereas travelers explore the offbeat place. So, what are we here –  a Tourist or Traveler?

Trails near Kasol: Tourist or Traveler
Trails near Kasol
  1. We always prefer traveling as a couple, with friends, family and also solo when it is the need of an hour.

In 2015 Holidify once illustrated in their post that tourist’s travel in a group whereas traveler travels alone. So in which category do we fall– tourist or traveler? 

Tourist or Traveler

  1. We trek, walk, hitchhike, travel by local transport and take road trips in our own vehicle as well as rented and shared cars/cabs.

The saying goes that tourist prefers taking cars or cabs instead of walking tours and treks. So where should we fit ourselves- a tourist or traveler?

Roadtrips: Tourist or Traveler

  1. We always carry our laptops, tablets, cameras, tripods, and phones on our trips. They are not only an essential component of our work but we use them to capture photographs too.

The saying is tourist carry selfie sticks, laptops, phones & tabs for luxury whereas travelers just carry cameras & tripods. So, where do we stand- A tourist or traveler or both. 

  1. We take pictures of landscapes, mountainscapes, and lakes with people, without people and our own selfies too.

For this many of my fellow friends quote, that tourists take selfies with monuments and landscapes behind whereas travelers just photo shoot landscapes and other people’s portraits. So who are we – a tourist or traveler?

Landscapes: Tourist or traveler

The term tourist and traveler might have different dictionary meanings, but for us, these two terms overlap in every trip. One might be a traveler in his own eyes but the locals always take him/her as a tourist only. We too feel that the one who is a traveler is also a tourist and vice versa. Actually, both of them follows each other’s trail – but then does it really matter and do you care?


I guess, it is just one’s own mindset and reflection of how he/she wants to be called and what they want to be seen as. For us – Travel is all about experiences and it’s an endless fairy land. So, simply wear your shoes, pack your bags and search for the next trail. It doesn’t matter anywhere whether you are a tourist, traveler or both, but more important is to enjoy the journey, destination as well as whole trip.

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Tourist or Traveler: Don't know who we are?



Review: Auli Resort – The Royal Village

Rising up to the sun rays hitting snow clad peaks of  barren mountain, sipping hot lemon ginger tea admiring the mother nature; eating delicious breakfast under deep blue sky, the scenic stroll around lush green meadows,non-stop family talks and chairlift journey to the meadows are some of the golden moments which I can recall from my recent trip to Auli and stay at the Auli Resort – The Royal Village.

Views of Auli from the Auli resort- The royal Village
Panoramic View of Auli from Auli Resort

Auli Resort- The Royal Village is a cool environment-friendly holiday resort and is located at one of the most picturesque locations. It lies within the complex of GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam), giving the panoramic view of majestic Himalayan ranges.

After a long drive and trip to Badrinath Dham and the Mythical Mana Village, we thought of rejuvenating our body and soul with the fresh air and serene beauty of Auli.

At Auli Resort

As soon as you reach Auli base, GMVN resort welcomed us. But somehow it didn’t attract us and far away the rowed yellow log huts with the green background were too enticing. That was the Auli resort – the royal village. It’s hardly a 100 meters drive or walk from GMVN.


The reception is simply done with a seating and few Himalayas and trekking books are around, in the shelves. The staffs behind the desk are super friendly and they helpful you while checking in and assist you to your rooms. They too guide you about local sightseeing and how weather changes in Auli. Read here for the different shades of Auli in summers.


Auli Resort

There are 12 luxurious huts in two rows lined one behind another on the mountain slope, each having its own patio facing towards the snow covered mountain peaks. The Auli resort is a perfect place to soak in the mountain atmosphere.

Auli Resort - The Royal Village

Rooms/ Huts

The rooms are designed keeping in mind the extreme winters at Auli and they are comfortable for summers too. The maximum temperature in Auli goes around 16 degree Celsius in summers and in winters the lowest can be up to -8-degree celsius.

The Auli resort huts are colorful, clean and cozy. The hut in which we had put up was painted in purple and white and there was a separate space for bedroom, dressing room, and washroom.

Huts at Auli Resort

The room has all basic amenities like television, chairs, room heater and tea-coffee maker. And yes! The views from the window of the hut were just not Wow but spectacular –Almost half of the Auli was visible.

View from Hut of Auli Resort

Restaurant and Food at Auli Resorts

One cannot stroll or enjoy without food and there is no worry when you are at Auli Resorts – The Royal Village. They have a variety of Indian, Chinese, continental and some local dishes in their menu. We tried Indian, Chinese and Uttarakhand’s local food. Everything was just scrumptious.

Restaurant at Auli resort - the Royal Village

The dining area behind the reception is clean. It has wooden roofs, giving the typical feel of a place in mountains.

Dining Area at Auli resort
Dining Area at Auli Resort

Sightseeing at Auli

  1. The Hanuman Temple: It lies just after a refreshing trek of 15-20 minutes from the royal village Auli Resort.
  2. The Panoramic View of Snow clad Mountain Peaks: From the resort itself complete panorama of majestic Himalayan peaks is visible and the prominent are Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, and Panch Chuli.The view of Himalayan Ranges from Auli Resort
  3. Gurso Bugyal Meadows: The Meadows lies 3kms from Auli resorts and are spread amidst forests of oak and conifers. They turn lush green in summers and are snow covered in winters. So, if you love winters sports you surely cannot miss visiting Auli as a winter destination in Uttarakhand. One can try skiing, ATV rides, and others sports here.
  4. Ride by Chairlift till meadows and highest artificial lake:

Parking at Auli Resort

There are enough parking spaces available around Auli Resorts.



I will say the Auli resort lives up to the name of Auli and is a complete value for money. We paid Rs. 3000/- per night. The colorful huts, delicious food, impeccable services, and beautiful views – everything is perfect here. The place not only relaxes your mind and body but make you feel in the abode of heaven.Review: Auli Resort - The Royal Village

Rating of Auli Resort

I rate it 4.5 out of 5

Some Additional Info 

  1. One can get the huts booked at Auli resort from MakeMyTrip, Tripadvisor or
  2. The Gondola Chairlift is only 100 meters away from the Auli resorts.
  3. The resort arranges day treks, only on prior information.
  4. Auli resort is a good place for families, friends, and couples.