The 2017 Travel Stories: Flashback

The 2017 Travel Stories: Flashback

The year 2018 has already begun and our travel tales and road trips too. But we can’t start the new tales without reviewing the tales of the year 2017.  So, this post is all about the 2017 travel stories, just as we have the travel book for the year 2016.

We started our travel and lifestyle blog AllGudThings in September 2016 without thinking how the things will move for us and will we actually survive in this blogging race. And look today we are surviving and have come this far, writing 2017 travel stories, and are much positive for the year 2018.

2017 Travel Stories

The year 2017 was like a roller coaster for us. We bought our house, reached our dream destinations, did several trips both personal and professional, learned so much new in blogging and on the other side fought with medical issues and lost our dear ones in between. So, it was a year where we saw both highs and lows. But as Lord Buddha quotes “Without rain, nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms of your life”; so we accepted every up and down graciously and kept on moving.

In the year 2017, we never targeted where we wanted to see ALLGUDTHINGS but now we are clearer. We have set up our targets for 2018 to write more strategically, be more social and learn to monetize the blog in a better way. And the travel stories of 2017 are epic, so let’s have a look at them.

January 2017

Snow Trip with Parents to Shimla

Just after welcoming 2017 and shifting to our own place, we took a break and did a personal road trip to beautiful Shimla. The colonial town was painted in white by nature and we saw our parents living their childhood. The rich heritage & culture of Shimla introduced us to a Himachali scarf known as Dhatu or Rahide. Check about Dhatu here: Shimla Trip in style with Dhatu as a fashion accessory.

February – March 2017

Visit to the Highest Dam in India – Tehri Dam

In the last week of February, we visited Koteshwar and Tehri Dam for professional work. The holiday started after work and it continued until the first week of March. From Tehri, we took a detour to visit Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand, which proved to be a lot more than the entrance to the Char Dhams of India. Further, the trip continued to Harsil, Gangotri and ending at Mussorie.

The whole trip was an experience in itself as we visited one of the Char Dhams, saw second time snowfall in a row, learned about Mani stones and for the first time stayed in the hostel. You must check the Backpackers must carry essentials for a Hostel stay here.

April 2017

An hour of Patriotism at Hussainiwala Border

In April 2017 we visited our home in Punjab and for the first time we, saw the flag retreat ceremony at Hussainiwala Border, Firozpur. It was an hour of Patriotism, filled with deep emotions where just a white line and gate demarcated our country India from Pakistan.

May 2017

Road Trip to Badrinath Dhams and the Last Indian Mana Village

In May 2017, our parents were with us, so we planned another personal road trip to the sacred temple Badrinath Dham. From here itself we further visited the last village near Indo China border Mana Village and checked out the lush green skiing slopes of Auli in summers.

This was another remarkable and memorable trip of the year.

June 2017

June was the one month when we were actually at home and were fiddling with the ups and downs around.

July – August 2017

Dream Trip to Leh Ladakh

After a lot of stress, we really needed a long break. So, we did a 13 day long Leh Ladakh road trip from Delhi. Ladakh is also known as the land of high Passes. We took the circuit road trip at our own pace without rushing to the destinations. We checked the attractions on Srinagar Leh highway, explored hidden Leh Ladakh palaces, walked and talked with the soldier at Kargil War Memorial, got lost in the Leh Palace and tranquilized in the serenity of Hemis Monastery.

We saw Bactrian Camels and reflection of the Himalayas in the Nubra valley, did off-roading and slept in tents near high altitude lakes like Tso Kar, Pangong Tso, and Tso Moriri.

Do remember, you need Inner Line Permit for entering the sensitive zones in Leh Ladakh.

September 2017

Heritage Walk in the Historical Town, Mahabalipuram

After a year of blogging, we did our first FAM trip to Chariot Beach resort and explored Mahabalipuram, in Tamil Nadu to its best. The UNESCO monuments, monolithic structures, and caves, shore temple left us completely stunned with its beauty.

October 2017

October the month of festivals in India, we decided to take a break from travels and celebrate each one of them at our new place, with our parents.

November 2017

Road trip to the colonial town: Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand

In November 2017, we did another FAM trip with Club Ten Pine Lodge to the colonial Mukteshwar town in Uttarakhand. We got lost in the beauty of Himalayan peaks during sunrise and sunsets; & trekked to explore the hidden gem – Bhalu Gaad waterfall.

December 2017

Road Trip to Kasauli & Rajasthan

The last month of the year is always special as it is Tashi‘s birthday and we celebrated it in the hills of Kasauli. The last month also put us into the thoughts of our activities and achievements for the previous year. But simultaneously we also start deciding the place to celebrate the coming New Year. And, this year we decided to end 2017 and welcome 2018, in Rajasthan exploring the Sariska Tiger Reserve and one of the most haunted places in India – Bhangarh Fort. The stories are yet to come, so tuned.

Conclusion: 2017 Travel Stories

That was our 2017 travel stories. It seems like a year was dedicated to the road trips especially to the hills traversing Himachal, Uttarakhand and Leh Ladakh. Overall, we did 9 trips, including personal, professional and FAM trips extending from 4 days to 15 days covering multiple destinations. We are really grateful as we got good health & the opportunity to make these trips and write 2017 travel stories. We wish to travel more and continue the travel stories in 2018.

Thanks for taking out the time to read our travel stories. Have the wonderful year 2018 ahead…
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29 thoughts on “The 2017 Travel Stories: Flashback”

  • Wow, fantastic recap and loving the photos. I have to admit, you guys have also given me some good ideas when I eventually get to India one day. Some of these places look amazing.

  • what an incredible place is India! I’ve only been to Chennai and the places you have visited in your post are so so different! I love the verdant waterfall Bhalu Gaad – it could be anywhere in Europe – and yet not.

  • Sounds like 2017was a rollercoaster for you guys, but I agree about life requiring us to take the highs with the lows. Some wonderful destinations you’ve traveled this past year though, and I’ve enjoyed reading about your stories and trips, especially the Leh Ladakh road trip. Congrats on your first FAM trips and a belated happy birthday to Tashi. Looking forward to following you in 2018!

  • What an amazing year you’ve had, despite the ups and downs. So many adventures while buying a house is an impressive effort. And to explore Ladakh? It’s very high on my list and your pictures have made me even more determined to make it soon. Here’s to 2018 being filled with ups for you.

  • Wow you’ve travelled quite a bit in 2017 and have explored around the country. It’s a pity that I often think of taking a whole month off while visiting my parents in Delhi and exploring India, especially the South and East, but I’ve never actually come around to doing it. There are such amazing places in India, I always tell people to visit for at least a month. Hopefully I can cover a bit more of my country in this year. Wish you all the best for your new adventures in 2018.

  • That’s a beautiful collection of destinations, it’s amazing that they all belong to a same country. India is a really huge in terms of things to see and as a nature lover, I would love to follow your steps in many of these places. I also like the fact that you can do all these with a road trip, instead of buying touristy tours. Your site will definitely be an inspiration source when I make my India itinerary!

  • Life is always full of ups and downs, it makes you appreciate the good times even more. I would love to go horse riding on the beach, that is one of my bucket list items for sure! Shimla looks like an incredible destination as well, so beautiful!

  • Congratulations on a wonderful year. Have watched the journey of your blog and your own travels throughout the year and we must have read each one of your posts tpo. IWe are sure that you have enjoyed all your travel experiences and are looking forward to many more adventures in 2018. Will journey with you in 2018 as well and wishing you happy travels.

  • It looks like you’ve had quite the year! I have to say of all the sites you saw, Bhalu Gaad is the one I’m most jealous of. I’m a serious waterfall-lover. You saw some pretty incredible things and absolutely shown us just how beautiful India is!

  • A snow trip to Simla and a visit to Leh Ladakh are two most incredible trips you did last year. I am happy to see you travelling with your parents, it is something I love doing too but I don’t see enough people doing it. I’m sure it must make them very happy! I always make sure I travel once a year to someplace my parents really want to go. By the way, Bhangar Fort has piqued my interest, I havent heard of it and I love going to haunted places!

  • Here’s to lots of good things coming your way in 2018. Shimla does look beautiful. The colorful buildings really stand out. Loved seeing your photos, so many different areas of India to explore. Have fun at the Tiger Reserve.

  • What a wonderful year of travels. It is amazing that you got to do so much with your parents too, so important to sty connected to loved ones when things are changing so much. Congratulations on getting your first FAM trip (I’m still working on mine lol). Keep up the good work and happy travelling!

  • 2017 was a great year of travels for you. I love the local look at India and places that aren’t the first thought of by outside visitors. Your photos and experiences speak to how diverse the landscape of India is. From snow covered villages to the gorgeous Bhalu Gaad waterfall and the historic Bhangarh Fort, there’s always something new and interesting to see and do. Thanks so much for sharing and I wish you a 2018 filled with even more travel happiness.

  • Sounds like you have an amazing year travelling around in 2017. The photos you showcased clearly show how great the year was. The landscapes are diverse and it is great to see different times of year. I am sure that 2018 will be another great year!

  • Congrats on buying a house! And on your first FAM trip / achieving your blogging goals! I’ve loved following your various road trips this past year, you’ve introduced me to so much of India specifically that I wasn’t aware of before. Your Leh Ladakh road trip from Delhi in particular sounded like it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to more amazing stories in 2018 🙂