Sri Lanka South Coast – where the sea sings its own song

South coast of Sri Lanka is undoubtedly beautiful and the most rewarding place to visit. The island is a small world in itself with gorgeous beaches, colonial townscapes, UNESCO heritage buildings, wildlife parks, fishing pyramids, Buddhist Shrines, temples, and lots of good cafes to munch on. There is a never-ending list to do and see things around the south coast Sri Lanka despite the piecemeal development in the area.

South Coast Sri Lanka

The place has maintained its charm and delicacy. There are several comatose villages nested in the shadow of the palm trees. Galle, a Dutch colonial town located on the south cost of Sri Lanka, offers you beautiful resorts and villas for slothful days and evenings.

How to reach?

From Colombo, Galle is about 120 kilometers. There are regular buses, trains and cabs to reach south coast of Sri Lanka.  Trains are bit crowded and buses are slow. Recently they have started with expressway service or you can hire a direct personal cab. There are two main ways to reach Galle by road – using the highway or riding through the small hidden villages. The former is faster and take almost 3 hours, while the latter will take a bit longer but the scenic views of this ride will be always memorable.

South Coast Sri Lanka

Where to stay?

If you want to take long strolls and explore Galle fort on foot then make a stay inside the Galle Fort. Because of the few accommodation spaces within the walled fort and high tourist demand, prices are doubled then outside.

South Coast Sri Lanka Apa Villa Illuketia

To experience bliss and essence, you can stay outside the fort. One of the historical and luxuries villas to stay is Apa Villa Illuketia. It offers you a mix of modernization while retaining the ancient flavor. They also have another beachside property Apa Villa Thalpe which too is a must visit.

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What to do on the south coast of Sri Lanka?

There is a lot to do and experience on the south coast of Sri Lanka.

    • Walk and admire the architectural beauty of colonial buildings, Church, Temples, and Mosque at Galle Fort. Also, check out the picturesque cricket stadium and lighthouse anchoring the Galle city. Read also, how to spend a complete day on the cobbled stone streets of Galle, Sri Lanka.


  • Hire a bike and ride it along the shores to feel the cool and earthy spicy smell of breeze.

South Coast Sri Lanka

    • Drive to the Japanese Peace Pagoda and get fascinated with 360-degree views – the town on one side and eternal ocean on the other


    • Explore the golden sandy beaches and party in the nearby sea towns at Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna


  • Watch corals and sun taking a dip in the sea

South Coast Sri Lanka

    • Do Scuba diving and snorkeling in the fresh turquoise water of the ocean


    • Snack on fresh seafood along with great cocktails and mocktails at shacks


    • Cycle till the nearby sleepy villages


    • Watch magnificent night fire shows at night at the beaches


  • Hop over to the nearby 300 yr old tea factory and delve into the traditional mechanism used for producing green and white tea

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Why the world would end without beauty products?

From the day we are old enough to recognize ourselves in the mirror, we are concerned about our looks. Five years old girl want to dress up like snow white and a pre teenage boy want to have a hair cut like his role model. Why? Because the media, promotions have hypnotized not only our brains but our child’s brain too. We believe that beauty products are our synonyms.

Newsstands in all countries are cluttered with magazines, targeting people of different ages, gender, and sexual preference, counselling their readers on methods to improve their looks. A typical example is the cover page of a lifestyle magazine for women offering advice on “Glow this season with these beauty hacks.” One of its counterparts advertise and counsels men on how to “Get fairer and handsome in five easy steps”.

Why the world would end without beauty products?

Lakme Lip ColorConcealer Palette & brushL’Oreal ShampooW7 CosmeticsLakme SouffleMac ConcealerL’Oreal ShampooFace PowderMakeup BrushesMac MascaraLakme Nail PaintMac Eye shadow PaletteNivea Body Lotion

Beauty products play a very important role in any man / woman life. To look beautiful and attractive, a woman adorns various kinds of cosmetics. They wear different makeup in different situations believing these products enhance their looks, self image and boost confidence level. Women also believe makeup lays their social impression. Women with makeup in corporate are considered to be healthier and suitable for better profiles than women without makeup. Looking at this, it is no wonder why will somebody miss out to beautify himself/herself.

Statistics on Beauty products

Studies have forecasted the beauty product market of US alone will be around 60 billion dollars in 2016. Surveys  have proved that one women on an average spends $15,000 (INR 10, 00,000 – INR 11, 00,000/-) on beauty products in her life time. 4 out of every 5 women, of age group between 16 -65 years, wears make up every day. Not only this, average man/women spends more than 20 -40 minutes per day on makeup, grooming and styling themselves.

Looking at these statistics, now imagine what would happen to the market and more over to our generation without these beauty products. We people are so much addicted to these beauty products, clothes, perfumes etc, that without them, we will have existential crisis.

5 Offbeat Monsoon Weekend Getaways from Delhi

As the sky pours some showers in Delhi, it becomes a nightmare. Humidity soars and roads get packed with traffic jams. But not to worry when the weekend getaways from Delhi are around only. The idyllic monsoons of Himachal invite you to get hypnotized by nature.

So, here are the top 5 monsoon weekend getaways from Delhi, that will make you fall in love with rain showers.


  1. Garli Pragpur (Heritage Village), Himachal Pradesh

Distance form Delhi – 411 Kms

RouteDelhi- Panipat – Karnal – Kurkushetra – Ambala – Kharar –Rupnagar – Anandpur Sahib – Nangal – Amb – Pragpur

Garli Pragpur - weekend getaways from Delhi
Garli Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh (Source

In & Around – Pragpur Taal surrounded by heritage properties, Haripur Guler- The Kangra School of Painting, The Kangra Fort, Dada Siba Temple, The Judges Court,  pilgrimage places – Chintpurni, Jawalji, Chanunda Devi, Orchards of Lemon, Mango

 Not to miss – Narrow gauged train track; Village walk watching cobbled street, Rahat water tank and slate roofed houses; local craft, Kangra style paintings, treks, bird watching.

  1. Chindi, Himachal Pradesh

 Distance form Delhi – 419 Kms

RouteDelhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurkushetra – Ambala – Zirakpur – Pinjore– Dharampur – Arki – Tatapani – Alsindi – Chindi

Chindi - Weekend getaways from Delhi
Chindi, Karsog Valley (Source –

In & Around – Bhima rock, Churag temple, Mamleshwara Mahadev, Kamakshya Mata, Sulphur springs at Tattapani

Not to miss– Eat, sleep, and relax, orchards of apples, dense woods of deodar and pine


  1. Matiana, Himachal Pradesh

 Distance form Delhi – 387 Kms

RouteDelhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurkushetra – Ambala – Zirakpur –Kasauli – Solan – Shimla– Kufri – Matiana

Matiana- Weekend getaways from Delhi
Matiana, Himachal Pradesh (Source:

In & Around – Shiva Temple, Apple Orchards, Flower fields, Day trip to Narkanda, Hatu Peak

Not to miss– Nature walks, trekking, bird watching, from the hill top winding Hindustan Tibet Road

  1. Thanedar, (Birthplace of Himachali Apple) Himachal Pradesh

Distance form Delhi – 418 Kms

RouteDelhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurkushetra – Ambala – Zirakpur – Dharampur – Solan – Shimla – Matiana – Narkand – Thanedar

Thanedar - Weekend Getaway from Delhi
Thanedar, Himachal Pradesh (Source

In & Around – Nag Devta Temple, Tani – Jubbar Lake, Hattu Peak, St. Mary’s Church, Parmjyotir Temple

 Not to miss – Sweet smell of apple orchards, Saroga forest walk, Himalayan walk, treks and adventures

  1. Kangojodi, Himachal Pradesh

 Distance form Delhi – 387 Kms

RouteDelhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurkushetra – Shahbaad –Mullana –Nahan –Camp-Roxx Adventure Camp (Kangojodi)

Kangojodi - Weekend getaways from Delhi
Kangojodi, Himachal Pradesh (Source:

In & AroundThick canopy of pine & Deodar trees, Natural Water Spring, River,  day activities like rope balancing, rappelling, flying fox, river crossing organised by Roxx Adventure Camp, Nahan, Renuka Lake, Suketi Fossil Park

Not to miss – Camping, trekking, relaxing, rejuvenating, bird watching and water splashing

So, which one are you choosing for the coming weekend getaways. Comment and let us know!



Save your marriage using only Travel

You don’t have time for me. You are completely in to your work. You don’t know what is happening around. I can feed myself and work for my own needs. Blah Blah.. Don’t you think these are the common arguments happening after marriage in every house? The number of divorces because of these arguments are increasing. Hindustan times report says that from past five years these numbers are continuously shooting up. Before any decision listen to us and just travel with your spouse. Travel will not only save your marriage but will do wonders to bring you two together.

Save your marriage using only travel

Here we list down some advantages of travelling together as couple.

  1. Partners reveals themselves

    Moving away from comfort zone, gives one a chance to look deeper into their spouse. True discoveries and long talks about his/her past, long term goals, fondness and limitations for stuff happens, when one is travelling. Actually travelling reveals ugly truths too. Challenges to tackle the hurdles and acceptance of these ugly truths not only get you close but will result in much stronger bond.

  2. Learn about each other

    During travel, couples get to know strengths and weakness of each other. They find out ways to complement on those roles to reach common destination. They learn to trust and rely on each other.

  3. See things which you can’t see as solo travele

    Planning trips together is like compromising for each other and working in harmony. For e.g.- Your husband want to see museum and you want to go boating. In such situation both partners need to find a compromise that pleases both of you. It might mean skipping both, choosing the third or doing both the things on different days and different timings.

  4. Naturalize how he/she treats others

    By others I mean waiters, flight attendants, and other staff. Cultural differences and globetrotting can help you discover his inner hidden traits and personality.

  5. Increases Intimacy

    Travelling together cuts down the workload as well as stress, enough to spark romance. Studies have too proved that couples who travel have better sexual relationship.

  6. Gets to know what you need to do alone and what together

    You don’t need to cling to him/her all the time. It gives you a sense that you are together. He / She just needs a space for himself to get enthralled or relax in the nature.

  7. Build long term memories

    Spending this alone time with spouse is like writing a history. The more you enjoy doing activities with each other, the more stronger connection you build. In future, whenever you will look back at them these memories will always cherish you.

Travel helps to build trust, friendship and respect for each other and these are the most important ingredients for happy married life. So, whatever wherever you are. Start creating memories. That is the only thing going to last with you forever. Cheers!